Monsanto Goes to Trial


A groundskeeper claims that he developed terminal cancer due to exposure to the herbicide Roundup for the past 2 decades.  Dewayne Johnson was a groundskeeper for the Benicia Unified School District.

His is accusing Monsanto of hiding evidence about glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup.  About 4,000 other people have made claims that Roundup made them sick and the majority of them are planning to take Monsanto to court.

Johnson’s attorney said in his opening statement that a mountain of data has been complied since 2000 showing how glyphosate can cause genetic damage that may lead to non Hodgkin lymphoma.  He alleged that Monsanto ignored that data and published information ‘ghost written’ by staffers which denied the toxicity of the chemical.

Monsanto’s attorney cites more than 800 scientific studies that show that glyphosate is safe for use and does not cause cancer.  Their defense also relies on the EPA’s decision not to impose regulations on the chemical.

The decision resulting from this case will hopefully end a long fought battle between Monsanto and farmers in the US.  Most eastern countries have already limited or banned the use of glyphosate.

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It could also be a leading cause in Autism along with GMO's and Vaccine Changes. Something is causing all of these kids to be damaged. I thought GMO seeds was crazy. Did you know some company is even GMO all of your taters. Total BS

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I remember on 60 minutes I think they did a special about wood flooring and drywall being contaminated. It was making people sick in their own homes. Like whole neighborhoods had to be remodeled in Florida and you could by houses for dirt cheap just before the housing collapse. Something that worries me is that almost all of the Apple juice is from China also. So much of the fish and other foods are from overseas. Who knows what they are feeding people. If they would cheat the rules and poising

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5 months ago