The previous week was rather hectic to me. I had stuff done at home and also some of them were about my kid’s school and also some less happy health issues with my folks. I hope all of that will settle down, so we can all resume doing what we love, and not what we have to.

Strange, isn’t it, I don’t even bother talking like this to anyone around me, because some people age and remain the idiots – telling others that we have literary to destroy our health, metal state and everything we are in order to achieve something. It isn’t so and don’t you ever believe such a nuisance. That is a dwarf mentality screaming under the yolk, so leave it.

There are a few changes to my schedule, the first one is that I ‘retired’ my server members, discontinued the trail and joined multiple other websites to maximize my performance and invest my time better.

What websites I joined? Well, pretty much everything others already heard of, doe I have more faith in ones and lesser in others within a reason of course.

I hate to say when something is really itchy and what about it is, but I avoid drama in any form, so I will just write and enjoy the ride.

I also have many things on my plate, so it is impossible to shove anything into that schedule, but I will do my best to be as much present on Discord and crypto pages as possible.



Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people.
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I am publicly anonymous networker with fat record and rotten attitude towards any form of system slavery and similar artificial means of extortion. I also like donuts and coffee. And cats. My favorite color is pink. I hate long walks and have an extreme allergic reaction to bullshit.

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