Must Learning Always Be Fun?

Teacher Joshua made a list of ten myths about teaching. One of them is: “Good teachers make learning fun.” He continues: “Fun is distracting, amusing. Clowns are fun. Jokes can be fun. Learning can be engaging, engrossing, amazing, disorienting, involving, and often deeply pleasurable. If it’s fun, fine. But it doesn’t need to be fun.” He adds: “Teaching requires a vast range of knowledge, ability, skill, judgment, and understanding—and it requires a thoughtful, caring person at its center.”—To Teach—The Journey of a Teacher.
Lucky, of Nagoya City, Japan, finds this problem among his students: “Many high school students have no interest in anything but having fun and doing what doesn’t call for any effort.”
Rosaline, a student counselor from Brooklyn, New York, said: “The general attitude of the students is that learning is boring. The teacher is boring. They think that everything should be fun. They fail to realize that you get out of learning what you put into it.”
The fun fixation makes it harder for young people to make an effort and sacrifices. Lucky, quoted above, said: “The bottom line is that they can’t think of things in the long term. There are very few high school students who think that if they work hard for something now, it will be worth the effort in the future.”

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