Must Try !!, This 7 Tricks to Raise Follower in Instagram

Instagram is now one of the king of social media. According to research, millenial generation has moved from Facebook, to applications such as Snapchat and Instagram.

Many who want to exist in Instagram not because looking for fans, but want to be influencers to promote something.

Because many who want to exist in Instagram, finally started a lot of services to buy follower or bot services to spread the popularity of an account.

But using fake follower will not be effective, because more important is engagement, not just the number of followers. The use of bots can potentially punish someone from Instagram.

So how to improve the right follower in Instagram? Here is the summary as quoted from the Prague Post, Tuesday (20/2/2018).

1.Find a Specific Target

Do not be eager to find followers as much as possible. Especially do not seek the sensation in a negative way to get the attention of citizens.

Try slowly looking for a more specific target, looking for a group of people who have interest or interest in you. Examples of soccer, tennis, jazz, K-Pop, French films, and so on.

Begin to search for a network in a specific audience first, after being steady then towards a larger community.

2.Show Strong Impression

A good impression starts from the profile picture. Then, after what profile picture? Is sending a large selfie?

Do not be mostly selfie. Try writing down other things that reflect your personality or content. For example, write something interesting and creative in the bio, or maybe also in the caption column to describe your content with interesting.

The goal is that the follower can get to know the content you have. Consistency is also important. Do not suddenly change the theme of the content because it can make the follower away.

3.use Hashtags Cleverly

Do not just use stale hashtag like #likeforlike, try to be more creative in using hashtags.
Think about what the prospective followers find in your Instagram content.

For example, if your content is about a novel, write a hashtag in the name of the novelist, the title of the book, the publisher, or the character’s name. When your content is about music, write down the hash tag of the instrument you are playing or your favorite genre.

Do not forget to pay attention to the hashtag being discussed in the social or political field. Using hashtags correctly can keep you relevant and prevent stagnant situations.

4.Promote someone’s Content

There are so many talented people on Instagram, and they are also looking for an audience. Try sharing other people’s created content to promote each other.

This can be done through a kind of contest by asking other users to post a photo with certain tags for you to promote.

If you want to share the cool content of other Instagram users, do not forget to ask permission first.

5.Building Communication with Followers

Do not just want to be commented on and given like, you try to give the same thing to the people who become follower.

Try giving supportive words to their content, and do not just reply with stale words. No need also stingy to reply to comments, especially if the follower is still a little.

6.Cooperating with Influencers with Fewer Followers

Often there are people who can not wait to be famous and do social climbing by seeking the attention of influencer accounts that are well known.

Then try to communicate with influencers whose follower is still a little to grow together.

It’s better than spending the money and time to get in touch with the well-known influencers.

7.Give Shout-Out

Help spread the other influencers by doing a shout-out aka promotion of other accounts.

Do it in turn so that you can also be shout-out so that they can expose each other to their own follower

The result? Your content reach will be wider.

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Very good suggestions. I think your suggestions would apply to other platforms such as stishit as well as steemit.

10 months ago