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⭐️ 1 token = $ 0.073? Total to earn = 280 GE (~$20.44)? Per referral = 70 GE (~$5.11)## Click… read more GEchain Airdrop Worth $8 / Currently Traded At Bitmart Exchange

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Citing, 139,932 ETH ($17,776,997.29) were transferred from an address starting with 0xae25 to an address starting with 0x9997 at… read more Mighty Ethereum Swap

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According to Cointelegraph, with Libra yet to launch, it remains unclear exactly what type of token the project will utilize…. read more Libra Still Deciding

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Larry Cermak, Research Director at The Block, reposted a tweet, confirming that some stolen assets from UPbit are already hitting… read more Upbit Huobi Tragedy

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The Ethereum (ETH) network still experiences random days of congestion. This led to transactions requiring significantly high fees, as much… read more ETH Transaction Fees On Ethereum Soar To $30

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Bitcoin-cautious Germany has seen its first bank demand that ordinary savers pay it to hold their money — even as… read more German Bank Boosts Bitcoin — Negative Interest Rates Hit Every Account

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Bitcoin has been loosely correlated with the S&P 500 and other major stock market indexes. Therefore, JPMorgan’s recent prediction may… read more Bitcoin Won’t Reach New All-Time High Until S&P 500 Does

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Crypto wallet and banking service application Cashaa, has announced the launch of US dollar bank accounts for crypto businesses in partnership… read more Crypto Wallet And Bank App Cashaa Adds Support For USD Accounts

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Twitter and Square chief, Jack Dorsey, is meeting with African tech entrepreneurs as the Bitcoin bull sets sight on the… read more Twitter CEO Sets Sight On African Bitcoin Market

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New York-based crypto custody startup Casa has released a new security protocol and service – “Casa Covenant” – focused on… read more Casa Unveils New Solution To ‘What Happens To My Bitcoin When I Die?

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