My First 6 mile Run (10k) and a Hearty Winter Warmer!

My First 6 mile Run (10k) and a Hearty Winter Warmer!


As many of you that follow me know, I started running on the 28th December and soon after, gave up drinking alcohol on the 31st December.


My Strava Screenshot

It’s been an epic task, but every time I go out for a run, I push myself that little bit further! And today, in – 1 Degree centigrade, I managed 6.2 miles in an hour! That’s 10k, a popular distance here in the UK.


I was trying out a few different pairs of running shoes like the Asics Gel and Kalenji Kiprun, but these were no match for my £34.99 Skechers (that I bought on a sale a few years ago, when I thought about taking up running)


My old faithful runners!

So, I love to cook and always make my children and lady a nice Sunday dinner.
I prepared it all before I went out on my epic adventure (well, it was to me) and cooked it all when I got home.



Sausages, Broccoli, Green Beans, Savoy Cabbage, Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy!

Thanks for checking out my blog post today! Have a safe and happy week.

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