National Biometric ID

The Securing America’s Future Act of 2018 is an insidious bill wrapped up in the flag. Authored by bob goodlatte it requires a biometric National ID card. Without this ID a person will not be allowed to work and the likely extension of this bill a person will need this to open a bank account and board a plane.

They are saying this bill will provide a legislative solution for the current beneficiaries of the DACA program. Ron Paul points out “this bill would give DACA recipients a 3 year renewable legal status while forcing a biometric National ID card on virtually everyone else”. This reminds me of the so called “mark of the beast”. And for those whom haven’t noticed, this has all the earmarks of a Hegelian dialectic.


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India has a large bio metric database, ID, card etc for 1 billion of its citizens. The way I look at this, the companies who implemented this will take the system and install it in USA and its an excellent profit making scheme! ie you don't have to re-implement the completely insecure and insane system for a complete police state. Just re-deploy, get the cash and walk away.

10 months ago

  1. People are asked to link bank accounts, Tax details, Land details, Phone numbers, Gas Purchases, Opening bank account, mobile phone numbers, land phone numbers, vehicles etc (so far) to the biometric ID and this linking has become national sports now

  2. As per the popular joke, the only thing which is not linked to one's biometric ID is one's under garments.

  3. Its extremely buggy and there are tons of issues
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10 months ago

Hopefully we will all have enough funds we can move if needed.

10 months ago