Natural beauty hidden on a sheet of lingzhi mushrooms.

Natural beauty hidden on a sheet of lingzhi mushrooms. Why do I give the title of a post like that, while the discussion here is 12 exciting sex positions. I think it scares the parable of the female genitals with Lingzi mushrooms to be more suitable so as not to impress porn in the strongest title.
The following discussion about 12 interesting sex positions.
Conclusion after reading this post you better consider how according to health science a more recommended position.


General supine position, also called the position of “flower picking bees”. This position of the woman on her back while the man must support on both elbows and knees. The woman then pulls both legs up to the knees and approaches her ears. This position will develop vulna and provide a deep step, so that it will reach the peak of enjoyment.


Practice this position, the woman must dance both legs, so that her thighs are in a corner, perpendicular to her body. While the man position is on the sideways exactly back on the woman. Variations in this position will give a relaxed impression with light movements. If a man is on the left side of a woman, the woman’s left foot is placed on top of the man’s feet. This position is mostly done for relationships after orgasm.


This position is easier to do, because couples who will copulate just squat to face each other. The squatting position must be such that their genitals meet each other. With a regular and directed movement, the man then slips his “giant missile” into his partner’s intercourse.


This position is most relaxed, because the man’s head is above the woman’s feet. Couples can see each other’s partner’s intimate organs. The opposite direction is carried out by men by tightening and loosening their backs, giving women a flexible up and down motion that encourages extraordinary enjoyment. To achieve more enjoyment, the woman must lower her body slowly so that she lies between the legs of the man.


Women sit on the edge of the bed swinging their legs, while the man stands in front of him. This position can be adjusted according to taste. Excess of this position, when a woman rests on both hands and pushes her vital part will feel a delicious stimulation. Unfortunately in this position does not benefit men, the article to experience orgasm in a standing position is generally not liked by men.


This position the man must stand in his hands. He must know when pressing. With repetitive motion will produce pro. But this variation will provide pressure on the male abdomen and pelvic muscles. To reach the peak of pleasure plus, the position of the woman’s feet can be lowered by crossing her legs through the waist of the man, until the woman can lock, tightening her arms using her leg muscles. In this position can also prolong sex.


Sex variations eliminate boredom

This game should be done in front of a mirror, the article will be reflected that produces a new dimension to sex stimulation. The way a man sits on an armless chair, while a woman sits on his lap facing. To regulate his movements, a delicate woman hugged his body tightly while simultaneously regulating his movements. While the task of men only caress and kiss the intimate partner. One of the advantages of this position is that both of them can see their reactions in the mirror.


A man sits on the floor facing a woman by sticking his feet under the chair where the woman is sitting. Then he stretches his hand to pull the woman from his seat slowly, so that it falls in such a way. The woman can lean on a chair and support herself on both hands and elbows. women can also enhance and lower their position on orgasms that are mutually reciprocating.


Men and women sit facing each other and hug each other on their feet. The movement is done very slowly and rhythmically, swinging forward and backward, resulting in pleasure. This position is somewhat humorous and the couple must be really serious to hold back laughter before this position lasts five minutes. When during orgasm in this position, the man should pull the woman closer, so that his body sticks together.


The man folded his legs together on his knees, but the two ends of his legs still stepped on the bed, while the woman placed her body on the male thighs and had to support her body on both hands and knees. After that the woman lay face down on the body of a man. In this position it is more romantic, because women can caress and kiss their partner.


variation in sex positions

In this position the copulating couple sits together in bed. Women sit on men’s feet. Their legs are stretched so that the man’s feet are below the woman’s feet. Then the woman’s feet are pressed into the man’s stomach so that the “heirloom key finds a gate hole”. With a movement back and forth the inheritance lock can enter the gate of the palace of pleasure.

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