Never too late

If you have ever felt like it’s too late to follow your dreams, that it’s too late to discover and live a life of purpose, then you might be setting your own limitations and creating your own mental prision.

There is this story I was told a long time ago, that I like to tell when explaining this perspective, at the end of the day we seem to learn better with stories and in my case this has been no different.

The story talks about a young man who was studying to be a doctor in a prestigious university. He was one of those young minds full of thirst, but at the same time full of fears and insecurity.

On his first day of class as he walked to the first hour, he kept on thinking to himself how he had to ace all his classes, how he had no time to waste, how he had to be a doctor in less than 7 years, because he did not want to waste his youth just studying.


As he walked to the first class he noticed an old man standing by the door who started to walk into the classroom as well, he look at the old man and said “Good Morning professor”without much hesitation the old man replied “Ohhh no young man, I’m a new student just like you”.

“But how old are you?” replied the young man almost in shock, but without hesitation and with a smile on his face the older gentleman replied “I’ve just turned 73 this month…. “The young man of the story could not believe his eyes and ears so he asked, just to confirm “Are you studying medicine too? and again with a smile the old man replied “Yes of course, I always wanted to be a Doctor and now It’s time to follow that dream”.

After a few seconds of akward silence the young man just had to open his mouth one more time “But… you will be 80 by the time you become a Doctor, it takes seven years at least”. The old man one again with a gentle tone and gesture said “In seven years I’ll be 80 regardless if I follow my dream or if I don’t… 

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