New York Estate Caught on Fire

This is fairly breaking news so there is not many details but the clinton’s New York home was on fire.  Initial reports state that the fire originated from a bedroom

Although it has not been reported but rumors are growing as to what was destroyed by the fire.  As the recent news is reporting about all the sealed indictments surfacing and the odd bootie that hillary has been sporting.  Supposedly she broke her toe in a fall but medical experts are saying that a broken toe should heal in a few weeks and she has been sporting the bootie for a longer period.  Some reports are suggesting that the bootie is concealing something.  Similar sources are citing the odd bootie that john mccain is sporting as well as huma’s recent accessories.  It is hard to draw a conclusion at this point but I anticipate 2018 will bring forth some revelations.

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This will be interesting to keep up with for sure. Please follow up on this one.

11 months ago