NFL Cancels Final Sunday Night Game

Sunday night’s game was cancelled because it is New Years Eve, so they spin their excuse.  As viewership has cratered over the past year, the NFL spins that viewership is likely to be low due to it being New Years Eve.  Using this criteria, they should cancel all games as viewership is tanking.

So far they spun the reason for the dwindling viewership on everything except the fact that they are overpaid mindless gladiators whom don’t understand that their fan base pays their over priced paychecks.  They thought that their opinions had validity because the are devoid of common sense.  Similar to celebrities, they are under the impression that because they are in the limelight (or so they believe) they have the right to opine on issues they have no knowledge.

Fortunately the public is (at long last) beginning to wake up and are mounting a resistance.  As movie goers and sports nuts continue their opposition we may actually move to a more realistic world.  Entertainment is necessary but not when the entertainers become deluded in their own hype.

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