It was bad enough that the president spoke in an international event where other nationalities were present, It was bad that President would speak so of younger Nigerians who put their lives on the line to install buhari goverment I am not surprised to see that kind of statement coming out from the mouth of so called President, because the government does not believe in the Nigerian youths from inception.

“If you look at the arrangement, the appointment, and how the government relates with the youths of this country, you will see that they do not have respect for the Nigerian youths despite the contributions of the youths. We put our lives on the line to fight against the previous government but when it comes to sharing the goodies of government, the youths are nowhere to be found.
“We are completely disappointed in Buhari
Nigerians its time we fight for our rights, let vote right let vote for the right person,
President buhari is not worthy of our vote
Let us show him we are not lazy.
Despite the hard working of the youth !

This is the picture of the jobless people hawking on the street yet our president says we are LAZY!!
2019 is another oppourtunity Lets vote out Buhari and Vote in the the right person
NOTE; Our vote is our power

About the author: Julicomster

My name is Oladokun Julius , Under graduate of university of Ilorin , am studying agricultural science, I love surfing the net.

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8 months ago

i agree w ur comment

8 months ago