No Honor Among Thieves


Before I begin, I must state that I found nothing to verify if Rep. Jim Jordan is culpable for the alleged failure to report the abuse of Ohio State athletes by Dr. Richard Strauss.

Rod Rosenstein was lambasted by Jim Jordan during the House Judiciary Committee hearing.  Jordan was pressing Rosenstein on turning over political sensitive documents from the Mueller investigation, Rosenstein refused.


It was obvious that Rosenstein was upset by the exchange.  Now a former Ohio State wrestler comes forth to reopen the accusations against Jordan.  Allegedly Jordan who was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State from 1986 to 1994, was privy to the abusive crimes perpetrated on athletes by Strauss.  Strauss was the team’s physician from the mid 1970s to the late 1990s.

Jordan has denies the accusations and he contends that he had no knowledge of the abuse to the students.

The timing of this is too coincidental to ignore, it is apparent that Rosenstein’s hand was involved in this.  He is pulling out all the stops to sway the committee’s opinion as he must be aware that he is being exposed.  Regarding the title of this post, although it is not evident that Jordan is guilty, there is compelling statements from 3 former wrestlers that point to his complicity.  It is becoming evident that as more politicians get fingered, they have no compulsion to keep secrets if they believe selling others out might save their own skins.  If one plays in the swamp, they will get dirty.

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The timing is certainly odd. Politics is so dirty. It is like a soap opera on tv.

5 months ago