No neutral ground

Every day people make choices for good or bad. No one takes neutral ground. The scriptures tells us an event which happened between two personalities in which a choice must be made. During the Crucifixion of Jesus,Pilate ask them whom they want to be released to them: Jesus on the one hand representing God almighty and Barabbas on the other hand representing the devil.

The Jews made a choice for Barabbas, the robber representing the devil. They soon forgot the scripture in John 10:10 that says <q>the thief commeth not, but to steal kill and destroy, i have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly</q>

The implication of this action is that when you reject Jesus, you automatically ask for the thief to come in different ways. The truth is that many have rejected Jesus. No one stands on a neutral ground because Jesus died for the whole world. Rejecting Jesus is voting for Barabbas which  is embracing a thief. Consequently, you become a child of a thief or a friend of a thief and eventually will become  thief.

You cannot be neutral, you must make a choice between Jesus and the devil, the thief. Your  choice goes a long way in determining whether you will enjoy salvation and Gods belessing or you recieve condemnation and curses.

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