Noise Canceling Windows


The answer to people whom live by busy streets or airports. These windows unlike the ones many homes have actively cancel out the noise. They are an improvement as they don’t rely on the thickness of the panes to reduce the noise.

The noise canceling features of these windows are based on the same technology that noise canceling headphones use. The technology has been successfully employed in ear plugs, motorbike helmets, cars and anti snoring devices. The window unit will be a little more elaborate as it will consist of many sensors or microphones so that they can monitor several spots instead of the small area around a person’s ear.

They have a sensor or microphone that monitor the noise, the noise is analyzed to determine its waveform. An inverted waveform is created and transmitted through speakers, this inverted waveform combines with the noise waveform and effectively cancels the noise.

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I need a noise cancelling house. My neighbors are so loud sometimes.

7 months ago

Yes a sad future.

6 months ago