Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Devastated Fire


Nobody knows how the fire that demolished a cathedral in Monday 15th April, started besides it was a freak accident. Well, I personally do not believe in accidental coincidences.


Try to realize that a fire couldn’t be extinguished even when a cathedral itself is situated on the (eye shaped) island on the river crossing, with numerous division of firefighters doing all they can and everything happening in the very center of Paris. With the whole world looking in it’s direction, the church was demolished by the infuriating pyre. The fire in an eye, gets a completely new meaning…

I am not trying to freak you out.

It is said that a mentioned building was a symbol of the Christianity through out the history, but little it is known about the other side of a coin. What kind of a symbol? What kind of a history?

I am just thinking out laud.

Undoubtedly that building is a symbol of the hope, but it is also a symbol of the suffering that led to its creation.

Ask me… ( why?)

The building was created in the time when most of the population of France was immersed into the poverty, illnesses and misery, still the reign of that time done so little to change it but instead the means of power and assets of the control were focused to much material and, well, completely unjustified actions. Well, tell me something new, not much different than today, but still, there are many improvements.
The world in which that building was created was so much different that the one we see today. It is pitiful yet to see how much meaning we put into the objects of the worship, and not to the matters of the importance or priority.

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