Ocean of knowledge

Ocean Of Knowledge

Hi folks! Hope we all are having a good time here 🙂


Have you wondered what the world would be like without books? No history, no records , nothing.. That would be scary, right.. We are grateful for this wonderful gift to us and will always be. 

My poem is dedicated to this precious gift to us.





             Ocean Of Knowledge


I am an ocean of knowledge,
Very important in scholar’s places
I am made up of pages in a beautiful binding,
Certainly, I am important for mankind.

I am the brother of a tree,
He gives you all things for free.
You are all betraying Nature,
And also betraying me.

Laptops have come in place of me,
Then came the tablets.
Slowly, you are forgetting me,
Remember, Shakespeare wrote on me Hamlet ?

If I were not there,
Great ideas would have vanished,
Human civilisation would have perished.
But now I am going extinct and about to die.
Save me, humans,
You know me well, who am I?


Thank you guys and have a good time 🙂

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Author: razeiv
Singer/Songwriter and a part of LFC Family

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