One Problem With Wearing Rose Colored Glasses


It is well meaning and an honorable pursuit for people to be optimistic but in this case it wasn’t realistic. The world we currently live in is a harsh place and all people are not of like mind even on the basic rights we believe that all people hold.

The idealistic couple made a decision to prove some misconceptions on what they believed were misconceptions being trumpeted by all media. They believed that the world is far from being a scary place and people are not bad or evil, they felt that evil is a make believe concept that was invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values, beliefs and perspectives which are different than our own.

After years of working, Jay Austin was previously employed by HUD and his traveling mate, Lauren Geoghegan was employed at Georgetown University. The both decided to quit their jobs and create a documentary to support their beliefs that by and large, humans are generous, wonderful and kind. They planned on a world wide cycling trip and they were documenting their trip on Instagram with a joint blog.

They were unable to complete their documentary. They were biking in Tajikistan when a car rammed them. Five men exited the car and stabbed the couple to death. Tajikistan has a known terrorist presence.

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