Oregon Legislature Ok’s Starving Mentally Ill

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First off I just want to express that this post is not meant to be political, it’s more of a moral issue.

The state of Oregon is on the slide down the slippery slope, first they legalized assisted suicides to active euthanasia of people without their consent. Now they approved the starving (to death) the mentally ill. Makes you wonder whom they will approve to be eliminated next.

On Feb. 27, 2018, Oregon’s senate passed HB 4135. This bill pave the way for healthcare representatives to remove access to food and water for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s whom are not dying. The bottom line is that they approved starving them to death.

The chief sponsors of the bill are all democrats and one (tina kotek) openly professes to be a lesbian. I am not insinuating that lesbians are morally corrupt but it does hold true in this case.

A 4135 supporter, bill harris testified that he supports the bill because under the current law he can’s starve his wife.

Now that it’s been approved the bill will be forwarded to kate brown, Oregon’s (openly bisexual) governor. She is not pro life, so you can probably assume that the bill will be enacted.

Source: fellowshipof theminds.com

IMO; whether you’re religious on not.  People must realize something very wicked is blanketing the world.  We are creating a society not fit to live.  It makes me think of the REM song, have a listen.  What do you think?

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