Organizing a donation: gathering 300 USD to buy Blood Glucose Monitoring Set for my daughter

This is an idea brought by wittywheat who said that I should organize a donation in order to quicker acquire the funds necessary to buy this device set for my ten year old daughter who is diagnosed with type 1 auto-immune diabetes.

This item is not available in my country, and the price is pretty much the same everywhere. I will submit a proof when I buy these.
The device in question is available on the Ebay and includes one reader and two sensors. The picture is below together with a link to the product.

[Freestyle Libre 2 Reader mg/dL +2x Sensors Blood Glucose Monitoring Set]


I think you noticed that I am not much around this place, and there is a reason behind it. I have a tight schedule at home, I have to follow my daughter and constantly monitor her, even at school or during the night, so I am tired – in fact I am exhausted both physically and emotionally, and I am working online on various different things, but that is not a reason for my absence.

A few last days were quite horrendous as I fell dysfunctional myself, I started to suffer circulatory issues, my arms and my legs would fell asleep without the reason, my temperature would drop dangerously even down to 35 Celsius… I don’t need to tell you what this is, my heart simply fell tired of all the bs.

So this was rolling silently until finally the whole thing exploded in a form of ocular headache with blindness. I mentioned that one, usually it happens after a prolonged stress. It hurts like a bitch (but… LOL! thank God that I have this magical helmet arpitrax that I stole from one horrible alien asshole who wanted to abuse it against human kind, so I just lost the sight but didn’t felt much pain).

I wasn’t online because I was unable to see the screen or anything on it. Because of this I am disoriented and the whole experience feels as a near stroke condition.
I am wobbling around as a semi-blind octopus trying to get all the things right, luckily I didn’t make any catastrophic mistakes and my vision is more or less ok now. Well, I still have to kind of guess what I am writing, so I apologize for any mistakes.

All my online earning methods and website blogging is now focused on acquiring this device.
She has all the basic equipment given for free but glucose sensor and reader would make her life much easier. It would cut the poking for frequent blood glucose tests in half.

Currently I can’t limit the test stripes given by our gov which are free but limited per user because she she has the frequent drops, variations and sudden swings of the blood glucose.

I am not a long sleeper and I have to monitor her even during the night and make tests while she sleeps to prevent the night hypoglycemia. So far I am doing a proper job but finger blood test on a sleeping child is a pretty clumsy thing to do.

These things cost around 300 dollars total, and one sensor lasts only 14 days, so per month she would need two sensors.

You can find all the proper information about this device online with much better description than mine. There are other devices but they are very high in price and with gov support program she could maybe get these in two years, so I will be making every possible effort to afford her this as soon as possible.

I know that many of us have no means to cover even the basic life expenses so any amount of any crypto would help me to exchange and fund my Paypal in order to buy these things.

Beside accepting wls donations I will leave a few basic crypto addresses if you wish to help out and you can also drop me any you can spare aside of these in a list below, I will add up a wallet for it.

I know there are some other, specialized websites, for the matters of this nature, I will try my luck to scrap a few dollars on these as well. Any recommendation is welcome, positive energy, even the virtual hugs are accepted. I never forget the favor, you can be sure of it ( unless I am dead, then you will need to sms me some place beyond in another realm lol).

I don’t wish to be a leech to any system, I work online as much my obligations let me and I will continue working, but at this moment we are dry like the Mummy reloaded, and that is some serious level of dehydration.

Besides catering my daughter 24/7 I also work on some things double-time ( yes I know I will probably kill myself, my systems are not falling down just because, I can see that) and I believe I will be able to fund 2 sensors or in bad periods at least 1 per month to ease my child’s existence. At this point it is very obvious that her condition is irreversible so the insane amount of working online hours for me will be a constant, unless a miracle happens.

Thank you in advance.

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