PALNET: Thank you for tokens, I STAKED EVERYTHING

I received the invitation from ~rival to check up some token thing – unless is something nice, I do not use the venue, but as this was something connected directly to the STEEM and PAL I did.
PAL Discord was my first Discord server, and a reason I decided to check the app itself, which proved to be a really good personal choice for me because Discord became my main online environmental and I learn a lot about it since then.
The fact is that I liked what I saw – not because it is free cash, I never consider the tokens to be – “my cash” and I never consider something like that to be sold.
INSTEAD of the common action I saw on the market this morning, I staked everything and I will continue to do it, so I can reward other participants.
I do not really know what are the rules for the Pal tokens, what is allowed to do, how did I received them, or for what, or how they are distributed, but they send them, I like the idea and I intend to use them in good purpose.
My next milestone is 10 000 PAL.
I hope to have a party when I reach that vertigo number and reward a lot of people while going on my way up there. My priority will be all the people from the 3th world economies such as who staked PAL and consider supporting this project.

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How to claim PALCOIN??

Loging into the STEEM-ENGINE.
Go to Wallet, in case you received PAL, you will see a blue button in the top left side of a page banner, click on it and claim your PALcoins with your active STEEM key.
From now on you can either sell PALcoins on the market for STEEM, or you can stake them on the website.
Login in PALNET with your STEEM posting key, check your balance, stake coins.



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