Parkland: Who’s At Fault

Reviewing all the available news coming out on the Florida shooting all the main players are slinging mud. Starting with the FBI, they received a tip in January that cruz owned a gun and had talked about carrying a school shooting. The FBI did nothing. In September, a tip was called in by a bail bondsman regarding a suspicious comment on his youtube channel by cruz professing his desire to be a professional school shooter. The FBI again did nothing. So to summary, the FBI did nothing.

The next player is the Sheriff Department. They received several calls also and did nothing. Specifically, on November 29, Rocxanne Deschamps called advising she feared that cruz was going to get his guns. Ms. Deschamps is the family friend that took cruz in after his mother died. She added that cruz own several guns and they were kept at his friend’s house. He was thrown out of that house after he threw a tantrum and busted up the house. She said that he had tons of ammunition which she took away from him. He was obsessed with firearms. The next day, November 30, the Broward County Sheriffs Office got a call from an unidentified caller from Massachusetts advising that cruz was collecting guns and knives and he is a school shooter in the making. In January just prior to calling the FBI, a tipster called the sheriff’s office to advise of cruz’s social media accounts where he displayed the gun he had obtained as well as animals he had mutilated. The tipster’s name was withheld by the sheriff’s report. She said that cruz had a mental capacity of a 12 to 14 year old. He purchased the store of guns using the proceeds of a life insurance policy from his mother’s death. The sheriff’s department did nothing.

On the day of the shooting, a Broward sheriff assigned to the school was later identified as scot peterson was labelled a coward by scott israel when security cameras showed peterson stayed outside the school while the shooting was in progress. He resigned after his actions went public. He has since made statements that he is not a coward. He said that he thought the gun shots were coming from outside the building.

Regarding sheriff israel, after going public with his disappointment with peterson he is now being excoriated by news outlets. It has come to light that in addition to peterson, three other Broward sheriffs did not go inside the building and assisting Palm Beach sheriffs lambasted them on their inaction. It seems that the entire department is crippled by inept leadership at the very least. I attached a video of israel making a plea for the public to say something if they see something. I wonder how many people will now think that it will make a difference considering how many times they warned the sheriffs about cruz and nothing was done.

Report indicate that cruz was visited by social services. At this time there is no reports on what actions were taken by them. I anticipate reports will be make public in short order as this farce of agencies is exposed.

The government is pushing their agenda to use this sad case for disarming the public. The NRA is being abandoned by many companies whom rescinded their rewards programs to NRA members. Be advised that I am not 100% advocating that guns should be able to be purchased by everyone but to issue a blanket ban is absurd.

More posts to follow as this debacle unfolds.


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This is just bad news. There is really only one person at fault and that is the person that killed and injured all of these people. He had decisions to make and choices. The sad thing is that either due to mental disease or societal disease his best option in his life was to kill all of the people and injure so many.

Most people his age are looking forward to a life on their own with dreams and goals. It is sad that so many kids now have no dreams, no hope for a better tomorrow.

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9 months ago

Very astute reply.

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