Pfizer VP States Gardasil is Deadly


Dr. Peter Rost is a former VP of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, Pfizer.  He has come out exposing the dangers of vaccines, in particular, gardasil which he referred to as deadly.

He stated that mandatory vaccinations are like a form of child abuse and he adamantly said that he would not vaccinate his children.  He was interviewed for a documentary ‘One More Girl’ where he said the the main objective for vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs is to keep the public in a constant state of disease.

Considering this man was a VP of a big pharma company, his views should be given more credence than just mere opinion.  He authored a book ‘The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman’.  A synopsis of the book taken from the Amazon site follows:

“A number of books critical of the pharmaceutical industry have recently been published, but none has been an expose written by a senior executive of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.The Whistleblower is at once an unmasking of how corporations take care of malcontents and a gripping story of one man’s fight to maintain his family and his sanity. Starting in 2003, the book details the illegal, even criminal business practices the author witnessed at his corporation, as well as his crusade to legalize the reimportation of drugs. It also explains how in this post-Enron world whistle-blowers can’t simply be fired, and what the author’s corporation did to coerce and silence him. A story of abattle that continues today, one which any American who takes or will take prescription drugs has a stake in,The Whistleblower is a powerful testimony.”


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Why this isn't more widely understood is beyond me.

5 months ago

wow this is almost to real to believe. We have speculated something was up with the vaccines when friends of ours who are Doctors refused to vaccinate their children. We didnt think much about it until our oldest son had major side effects and now has some learning disabilities. He was advances for his age and then after the vaccines he stopped speaking, and became like a year behind. He does speech therapy every week now and is doing better but he isnt the same. We have been doing alot of

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5 months ago

People forget about all of these instances. There is no one millions of people are lying about it world wide. I wish there was a website where all of thw vaccine victims could share their story.

5 months ago