Plato Rejected Platonic Love

Platonic love stands for love without sex. We have known that for 2500 years. But science historian Jay Kennedy now disqualifies centuries from Plato interpretation. According to Kennedy, Plato was far from prudish. Now there is a book published by him, The Musical Structure or Plato’s Dialogues . ‘You could call that a decoder’s manual , decipher a handbook. In it I discuss texts by Plato and I show: here is the symbol, here is the meaning. ‘

Platonic love is a love affair that does not involve sexual acts or covets. According to Plato – so we thought until recently! – Platonic love was the highest step of love, in contrast to physical desire, which he regarded as a first step. ‘Hence man could reach a higher level through the love for the right life institutions, for science and for good thoughts, the Platonic love was the highest step.’

But for Plato , as it turns out, erotic passion was a spiritual force that helps us find our true self in the deepest human bond. Eros, or love, is a creative force that inspired art, literature and the sciences.

How rediscovered Kennedy Plato? According to him, Greek music was decisive for the interpretation of the writings of the Athenian philosopher and mathematician. Plato hid his own philosophy with the aid of a system of musical symbols.

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