Pool Hall Food

In your neighborhood pool hall you’d expect the typical food fare. Things like frozen sandwiches, pizza, nachos and other fried foods. Little would you expect a tasty menu of several Vietnamese entrees.

Billiard Hoang has a pleasant surprise in store for you. The top on the list is the lemongrass chicken vermicelli bowl along with some pickled vegetables. Their menu includes noodle soups, rice and meat plates and 16 different banh mi sandwiches. Side dishes include fresh and fried spring rolls, congee, vermicelli bowls and Chinese doughnuts. They also serve unique shakes from avocado and durian. Last but not unexpected, they also serve beer.

To be honest, the pool hall has a small restaurant separate from the pool hall / sports bar. But you can order from the restaurant and have it served in the pool and bar area.

Source: seattletimes.com
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Surprizing food for a pool hall.

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ye kaisay banati ha

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tariqa btaen

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