Pope Moves to Make Church Welcoming to LGBTQ

Source: nowtheendbegins.com

The pope has instructed the Vatican to embrace the LGBTQ community and welcome them as members of the church.  Currently the church is experiencing a decrease in its membership as well as the number of people seeking to join the clergy.  This is move is likely in response to the growing number of younger Catholics whom are confronting the church on topics from female priests and abortion to sexuality.  It is also meant to assuage the declining membership.

The topic is set to be discussed at the upcoming bishops’ synod and the World Meeting of Families.

Since the position of the Holy See was occupied by Pope Benedict, there has been a visible change in the direction being taken by the church.  The changes have alienated a large section of the older church members and it is still in doubt if the church’s changing dogma will attract the younger generation.

The actions of Pope Francis are to say the least nontraditional, many of his dictates are being questioned by older parishioners as sacrilegious and not in compliance with the teachings set forth in the Bible.

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