Precious Metal Monkey Hammer


Over the last week, I have watched the prices of metals smashed.  My problem is I do not have an inkling as to why, there has been no apparent reason, the prospects of an imminent world war breaking out is not any higher, no country is in imminent danger of defaulting (although Italy is teetering) and other than Venezuela, Argentina and Italy there are no currencies on the verge of implosion.  So what is the cause behind them hammering down the metals.

I have been noticing that the cryptos are also being smashed.  The only thing I can point to is an unseen ‘black swan’ on the horizon.  The time is certainly ripe as we are in the summer doldrums (for the US).  This is the opportune time for them to put their plan in motion because most of us are in a lull and not really paying attention to the ways of the world.  Historically they act when we are most oblivious, now days most of us are oblivious all the time.

There has been an uptick on the political division causing a huge crevice between the right and the left, in fact it seems that it is pushing people to start the next civil war.  History shows that when the economy is failing the best way to boost the numbers it to perpetrate a war whether a world war or a national war.  They have been and still are inciting a world war in Syria and other parts of the middle east, but so far they have not been successful.  Now their impetus seems to have moved to inciting a national war by pushing the immigration issue and calling for civil uprising against members of the current administration.

Another facet is the ongoing investigation for the ‘Russian collusion’ is failing, the number of political members having sealed indictment levied against them and the number of incumbent politicians resigning.  It should be an interesting upcoming election.  The democrat’s belief they would be recovering control of the senate and the house is definitely in question but the republicans are resigning en masse.  Maybe the illegal migrants will be voted in and the US will once again be the property of Mexico, just a musing but anything seems possible in our dystopic nation.

I also thought it might be related to the Brexit, now assured.  I was not able to tie the two together.  But there may be some connection as over the last year London has been the recipients of large amounts of liabilities for EFPs from the COMEX.  The UK’s ability to cover the metal short contracts with physical is just as doubtful as the US’s ability.  This is solely based on my assumption that there is a minimal amount of actual physical gold remaining in the US’s or the UK’s vaults.  I believe that the physical metals were already shipped to the BRICS countries and the US and UK are left with paper.

I believe this will be one summer that will go down in the history book as the downfall of the western supremacy or should I say hegemony.


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