Problems Installing Metamask

It feels like I spent most of the day down a rabbit hole. I wanted to vote for steemish on the ballot, simple enough. I went to the website and joined, so far so good. When I got on to the site, you need to go to your e-mail to confirm you are not a robot (I guess) and click the link to initially sign on.

Once I was logged in, I started to navigate through the tabs and on the ‘exchange’ tab I got status note saying the application requires ‘Metamask’ extension and now comes the rabbit hole.

I am running linux with a Brave browser. I have been using the browser for almost a year and I never had to mod it. I discovered it was problematic to install an extension (firefox is easy), I guess it is due to Brave being somewhat newer. For those whom have never tried Brave, I recommend it overall.

I found out that the newer release is suppose to come with Metamask installed so I went hunting for an ‘upgrade’ button, none was found. I haven’t found any information on why, it is suppose to be listed on the drop down menu for the ‘about’ tab. Having no luck with that, I figured I could update / upgrade using the terminal. I still need the extension’s script. I went to github to search for the extension and again with Brave being newer, I found that you need to use a ‘chrome’ extension.

I also thought that I could find a PPA to add to the repository and install the newest Brave file. Then I assume I could got to the terminal and do an upgrade. I wasn’t able to find a PPA.
I guess I could just install this on the firefox browser but I would like to use the Brave browser. This where I needed a break. I should be able to find the correct extension TOMORROW.  If anyone has done this or has any ideas, I would appreciate the input.

The good news is that I was able to vote.

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Brave is a new generation internet browser that's focused on privacy. Out of the box it helps you browse the internet faster by blocking ads, online trackers, and other ad malware that's omnipresent in modern day internet. By blocking the tracking scripts from ever being downloaded Brave also helps you save money on metered internet, as much as $23 a month according to their marketing materials.
10 months ago

I forgot you were linux only... These should get you there. For windows or android users Meta Mask on Chrome is super easy once you get the hang of it. Once Steemish Is Listed And We Can Get Included As A Token Without Having To Manually Add Steemish vie Etherscan that will help also... If only Steemit would release their code for SMT that were already supposed to be out. Only a few insiders I think have access to this code and structure for creating.

10 months ago

Yes please do sir. Maybe even write one any way and share your step by step process to setting up to give people a heads up. What we are building will be stronger than any other platform when we get to where we are going... Think about it...A platform that has built their on whales by collectively purchasing Steemish tokens and now the members earn everyday from the curation specialists plus at some point we do charge a membership fee because we can't be free forever or the value of the

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10 months ago