Readeaded HaowStory Writing Contest

This competition is for both Fiction and Non-Fiction Writers. Contest & Manuscript Submissions have started today and end on Oct. 25th, 2020 allowing for a one week for community judges to read and vote on your stories!


All Rights to your work remain yours. AnyThing4u Studios, RobinHood Press, or any other affiliated Department Companies may not reproduce, sell, distribute, reprint and/or publish your submissions without written permission from the Author/Writer of this Competition.

Visit: Contes Site (this link helps to raise funds for our Charity “Writers in Need”) for the full contest information & Rules!


1st Place will win 50% of the Cash Pool from Tickets & Donations Purchased, 25% will be used to cover the reading fee per Story submitted (a Contestant can submit up to 3 Stories for this Competition), and the remaining 25% will be donated to the Charity mentioned above! Both Fiction and Non-Fiction are separate contests. There is a 1st Place Winner for Fiction and a 1st Place for Non-Fiction Writers in this Competition.

Happy Halloween 2020 – Be Blessed, So mote-it-be!

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