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I was taking a break from my SQL class and doing some ‘out of the box’ surfing. I ran across this language for quantum computing. I haven’t done much research on it so I am lacking on any details. I have a link to a free down load.

I didn’t download it because I run linux so I don’t know if it will be compatible. I am in the process of searching for a linux compatible version. My computer is set up to run both linux and windows but I can’t remember the last time I used windows. I’m afraid that when I boot windows up it will take a few hours to get all the updates.

I am not dissing windows because I learned computers for the old days when you still had to use, or at least know some DOS. Some of you might recall when you turned on the computer and all you saw on the screen was a blinking cursor. For those of you whom are younger, the term ‘booting up’ came from these old computers. You have to turn on the computer and put the OS (operating system) disk in and boot the disk before you could do anything.

From my curiosity, I ventured into the world of machine language. This was at first very confusing, but with some persistence I got to be somewhat proficient. Since then, I have taken some classes on many languages starting with BASIC. What I discovered is that the hard thing to learn is not the language itself but the logic. It is true that each language has its own nomenclature and syntax but to learn that is primarily rote memory and practice. Underlying all languages is the logic. Okay, enough of my reminiscing.

Now I run across quantum computing. It is not only confusing but mind boggling, due to ‘fuzzy logic’. How can a number be a ‘0’ or ‘1’ or both, at the same time? But what is truly intriguing is the power to computer using cubits instead of bits. This is why I want to explore quantum computing.

As a primer, to get your mind in the right state of ‘unbalance’. I recommend you read an article on Schrodinger’s Cat. Once you understand that you will be in the right state of mind to further pursue the world of quantum computing. Another good exercise is to study ‘tensors’.

Back to quantum computing, I will do some research on a developer’s kit for linux and do some post as I try to learn this new language. For you in the “Do It Yourself” group and are interested in programming, I appeal to you to assist me in my quest to learn this language. I believe that it will be the new standard for all computing. I will finish the SQL course by next week and do a post.

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Once quantum computing is mainstream and a few of the kinks and bugs and glitches are solved. Maybe 2 years from now then blockchain tech of today is outdated.

11 months ago