Questions arising from beginner steemit

Because I joined steemit, many questions I generate from new members
either directly when gathered with members of steemit or indirectly. From that question then allow me to ask directly in this pistingan. Question as follows: is it a pure steemit platform for social media or business media 100% …?
what percent of the steemian read every post?
How Does Steem Power Affect Reward?
this question often arises from new members, as many new members who generate interesting posts with original images are not getting the appropriate rewards for the award given.

which lets you read posts, whether many I post or I am all affected by the steam power that we have.

There are many things that can be used to support a person, steemit is a free place to be creative and people are free to choose.

About the author: curiesea

I am from Aceh, I love the community. I have two jobs, as a fishery entrepreneur and work in a commodity-based social NGO

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