Steemit Open Mic entry for Week 79

Here’s a brand new song I wrote for Steemit’s Open Mic contest this week!


I’ve decided to take things up a notch this week.
The music and songs we write deserve the very best sound quality possible so for that reason alone, I’ve used my trusty old Zoom 1608 Porta-Studio to capture my guitar and vocal. I use this recorder that I bought back in 2005, for everything I create musically! My new EP was produced with this old machine too, so I put my trust in it.

My Open Mic entry for week 79 is this brand new song that I wrote just this afternoon.
It’s just me, the camera, my gorgeous Crafter TAO50 guitar and voice, oh and an old scrap of paper with some lyrics, that I managed to drag from the depths of my very soul!!

Reflected In Your Eyes

This weekend has also seen the release of my new EP ‘Never Grow Old’

Exciting Times!! My Brand New 5 Track EP is out now! ‘Never Grow Old’ on Bandcamp and Available Here with SBD or STEEM

I hope you like my new song, and as ever, a huge thanks to the @openmicteam and @luzcypher @pfunk for their continuous support for us independent musicians here on @steemit















<a href=""></a>Darren Claxton is a Songwriter, Musician, Producer and now BBC Radio artist, from Derbyshire UK. The music he writes is often heartfelt acoustic indie folk with a sprinkling of rock and country influences, with an occasional world music flavour as heard on his track ‘Dragonfly’ . But most of all, it's his passive emotive thoughts and feelings that are delivered through that soothing vocal, and intricate guitar playing of his.

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