I remember the days when the spirit wouldn’t hunger
When I crashed with the waves and I spoke like thunder
I remember feathers and wings; a part of my soul
Then passions consumed me and swallowed me whole
I remember my plummet from the heavens to the seas
and that there was a time without you or me
I remember creation and the fruit of its seed
When there was just truth, no need for a creed
I remember the time when darkness reigned
When the seeds of jealousy were fed in the rain
Now heaven cries almost every day
As it witnesses children become predator and prey
Yet through these sun-kissed trees, bleeds a holy light
There is still a tomorrow and a will to fight
Could it be that the apple was taken from the tree
So I’d be reminded that without you, there could be no me?

Author: Appear_MIssing

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