Researchers Reveal Danger List When Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Abused

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming the hottest topic in the technology world.

The giants in the technology world is still not one vote on the development of AI. One of them is Elon Musk who thinks AI can endanger mankind.

Discussion about the ethics of AI began to be intensified so that the robots made by humans do not even become disadvantageous.

A report entitled The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation lists potential dangers of AI in the areas of digital, physical, and political security.

The report was compiled by a mix of experts from various institutions, such as OpenAI who developed a good AI, as well as experts from world-renowned universities, among them the Universities of Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge, and Louisville.

Written, AI can expand on existing threats, introduce new threats, and change the typical character of a threat, for example an attack will be more effective and more difficult to avoid.

Here is a list of potential AI hazards that were launched from the report on Sunday (25/2/2018).

AI Threats in Digital Security

  1. Automatic social engineering attacks: Cyber criminals can easily create malicious sites, emails, or links using stolen identities, even a victim-writing style can be imitated.

The abused AI is potentially used as a chatbot pretending to be a human being in order to have a dialogue with the

  1. Search for automatic weakness: The weakness of a code will be more quickly searched with the help of AI.

  2. More sophisticated and automated hacking: By exploiting AI, cyber criminals will be more efficient and difficult to trace when committing a criminal act such as stealing information of potential victims to be abused.


AI Threats in Physical Security

  1. Terrorism Using AI: Systems that rely on AI for commercial purposes can be exploited by terrorists for the benefit of evil. Terrorists can launch attacks from afar, and let the AI robot act.

Take for example the use of drones or cars that can drive themselves used to perform attacks.

  1. Terrorists Do not Need to Hassle Giving Training: With the power of AI, an individual who is not expert on high-level actions can be supported using AI capabilities.
  2. Increased Attack Scale: By using AI, one person can launch a large scale attack, for example through drones.

  3. Surveys are more creepy: Network surveillance systems that rely on robotic systems can control large audiences and monitor large areas, but the side effects are that terrorists can misuse to execute attacks quickly and co-ordinated.


AI Threats in Political Security


  1. AI may be misused by the authorities: The power of AI in the field of information and communication can be misused by the authorities to gather information on a large scale that is vulnerable, it is alleged to be able to corner people who criticize the authorities.
  2. False news is more convincing: Fake news or hoaxes can be made better with the help of AI. The creation of videos containing malicious acts committed by others may also be forged even if the person has never committed a malicious action.

  3. Manipulation of information: By manipulating the algorithm, people can be led to certain information or driven away from certain information.



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