Resident Evil 2 Remake

Do you play resident evil 2(RE2) on Playstation 1(PS1) around 20 years ago and you want to play again now but with better graphics?


Or maybe you want to try to play RE2, but you can’t stand the pixelated graphics?


Capcom answered those questions with this game.


Resident Evil 2 Remake has the same story like the original game on PS1.


Leon Scott Kennedy is a main character in this game. He is a rookie police officer in the middle of his first day of the job. He arrived in Raccoon City at night to do this job. But the moment he arrived, he found a dead body on the road.


After examined the body, he realized he got surrounded by many zombies.


He try to escape through the bar and he meet Claire Redfield. Claire on the way to find her brother in this town. Two of them found a police car and they escape with that car.


After driving for a while, a zombie show up inside that car, they panicked and lost control of car. The car crashed and suddenly a truck coming their way. They jump out of the car and the game begins.


This is the announcement trailer :


And this is an example of the gameplay :


The camera is not a fixed style like the PS1 anymore now, the camera looks like modern RE games like RE4(third person with shoulder look).


This game will be release on January 25, 2019 for PS4, XBox One, PC(Steam).


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