Rose; a Miracle of God

The botanical name of Rose is ***Rosa indica***. Its propagation is through roots and mostly by stumps. It is a so beautiful and has high class asthetic value. Its an integral part of beautiful park, garden and house lawns. Its stumps or roots were planted at the start of spring season (february). Its heavily pruned at the end of summer season because rose is heavily sprouted during spring and bears enormous flowers then looks so beautiful. It has enormous health benefits. It is used to make “Gulkand” which is helpful to cure fever and also helps in stomach problems. Rose water is used for skin care and also used for eye treatment specially in “ashob e chashm”. Its oil is also used to cure constipation. It has a lot of benefits for stomach. Rose flowers are used in marriages and also in funerals. It generates a sufficient income for rose growers.
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