Rule Proposed to Limit Title X Funds


The Department of Health and Human Services proposed to change a rule the gives federal funds through Title X to abortion providers. The change would severely affect Planned Parenthood as they are the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Each year they receive between $50 to $60 million of Title X funds. With this rule change, they would be required to prove that their operation of providing abortions is separate from their other services. They would also lose funding for referring patients to abortion clinics but it would not banned them from promoting abortions.

Dawn Laguens, a vice president of the group thinks that this rule will prevent people from getting health care that is needed. Perhaps she is not aware of Obamacare.

This bill was original implemented under the Reagan administration only to be repealed under the Clinton administration.

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binkley I figure this would get your attention. Planned Parenthood is not good. IMO

6 months ago