Running too thin on too many web places – time to reflect

OK, let’s stop for a moment and reflect a little bit. I know I have been all over the place for the last three years, but it doesn’t mean that a collection of websites and online profiles are a measurement of ones true happiness.
So, I got into a little bit of thinking for the few last days. I mean I definitely know what I don’t want to work on, and what I have no interest whatsoever. I want to learn as much as possible about the blockchain and cryptocurrency, but it is more than obvious that I am wasting too much time daily on some things that are not that much interesting or efficient.
I have to cut down on crypto blogging and definitely do some order to my creative work.

This is a list of current websites I am interested in:

Steemit – self-explanatory.
Whaleshares – Will ride this for a while and see if anything changes.
Weku – Ok, it is new, let’s support this.
Golos – I used to post in here more often, then I gave up and now returned again.
Cent – To earn a few cents is pretty easy.
Publish0x – Any topic but crypto will earn you almost nothing.
Jamaa – I still have no idea what is this all about, but maybe it turns good. Website is simple and NUVO token still young.
Trybe – I need educational topics to get published. They do not allow any other but dry tech posts. All right.
Murmur – This is based on EOS token and still flying law.
Karma – Same with Karma, but Karma has the mobile app only. It doesn’t have any web interface.
Uptrennd – I will run this for a month, and see where it goes.
Stish – Same with this website.

I am interested in many other things, so all these websites and interaction with all of them should be put under 1 hour of activity, which means pretty much technical content around 300-400 words, few comments and some new follows.

I plan to work 4 days per 4 hours because I have 3 other venues to fulfill, and the fifth day I shall use to plan and visit other places. I will definitely need to ‘learn’ to communicate under 400-500 words of content.

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Thanks for sharing. Many will greatly appreciate the list.

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@peepso_user_4(binkley) I can feel your analysis
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@peepso_user_4(binkley) I believe you miscalculate something , I have 2400 points and eth wallet shows cc $1.8 depend. on eth which makes 0.0007 per one token, plus crypto is not based on user number, but trade volume, value and hype. Tokens even more, most of them deem worthless and bleed out really fast. I am here from May 2018, passed pretty much every iteration of your project, including an episode with monero miner - yes that one too, now ... motion is not visible. If you have an idea to
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@peepso_user_1409(aschatria) please continue to share your thoughts and ideas. That is how we get better. The community is built for those using it and we have to have the feedback to make improvements. Thank you very much for being here so long and helping us grow.