Running too thin on too many web places – time to reflect

OK, let’s stop for a moment and reflect a little bit. I know I have been all over the place for the last three years, but it doesn’t mean that a collection of websites and online profiles are a measurement of ones true happiness.
So, I got into a little bit of thinking for the few last days. I mean I definitely know what I don’t want to work on, and what I have no interest whatsoever. I want to learn as much as possible about the blockchain and cryptocurrency, but it is more than obvious that I am wasting too much time daily on some things that are not that much interesting or efficient.
I have to cut down on crypto blogging and definitely do some order to my creative work.

This is a list of current websites I am interested in:

Steemit – self-explanatory.
Whaleshares – Will ride this for a while and see if anything changes.
Weku – Ok, it is new, let’s support this.
Golos – I used to post in here more often, then I gave up and now returned again.
Cent – To earn a few cents is pretty easy.
Publish0x – Any topic but crypto will earn you almost nothing.
Jamaa – I still have no idea what is this all about, but maybe it turns good. Website is simple and NUVO token still young.
Trybe – I need educational topics to get published. They do not allow any other but dry tech posts. All right.
Murmur – This is based on EOS token and still flying law.
Karma – Same with Karma, but Karma has the mobile app only. It doesn’t have any web interface.
Uptrennd – I will run this for a month, and see where it goes.
Stish – Same with this website.

I am interested in many other things, so all these websites and interaction with all of them should be put under 1 hour of activity, which means pretty much technical content around 300-400 words, few comments and some new follows.

I plan to work 4 days per 4 hours because I have 3 other venues to fulfill, and the fifth day I shall use to plan and visit other places. I will definitely need to ‘learn’ to communicate under 400-500 words of content.

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I am publicly anonymous networker with fat record and rotten attitude towards any form of system slavery and similar artificial means of extortion. I also like donuts and coffee. And cats. My favorite color is pink. I hate long walks and have an extreme allergic reaction to bullshit.

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