Russians Turning US Bonds Into Gold


The saying is that money moves from weak hands to strong hands, this may sound like a old wives tale until you take the time to look at the movement of value.  As you may know, the US dollar is hardly worth the paper it is printed on.  The value is being shored up by manipulation, this is also true of the stock prices.

One ploy that is employed to shore up the dollar is to hammer the price of precious metals to unsustainable lows.  This practice is being exploited by the Russians, they are using their stockpile of deprecated US bonds to parley them into gold.  They are depositing the bonds in US banks and using their deposits as collateral to purchase physical gold.

If you have been following, the major holders of the US debt are working to divest their holdings but they are divesting in a way that won’t cause the US to implode.  Implosion of the US economy would result in losses that the BRICS wish to avoid until they divest their holdings.

As a follower of the, I can appreciate some being put off by Willie’s brash demeanor but he imparts with what I believe it insightful analysis.  He doesn’t pull punches and although his predictions may not be accurate if judged by a timetable, they are fairly accurate based on trends.  Between Willie and Celente, I get some valuable insight as they both have a good grasp on reading between the lines.  Both are somewhat brash but the main reason I follow them are for the acumen not their personality, I honestly appreciate their fervor and their off the cuff presentations.

It seems that the BRICS are working to stockpile physical assets while the western countries insist on playing with monopoly money.  I’m just PATIENTLY waiting for the Russia or China to play the trump card (no pun intended but the pun is valid).

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