Satoshi Nakamoto to Reveal His True Identity Part 2

Satoshi Nakamoto supposedly was about to Reveal His True Identity on 18th August 2019 4PM Eastern time, but the things went completely other way. No, he did not give up, he just postpone it. We will have to wait three days to get to know who this is while in advance many call this a meticulously absurd fraud.

Faketoshi did not study the source material, and I agree – it takes months to study an item of interest, to put facts, ideas and ingeniously place all the misleading variables to make one stunt efficient. If fraud, this was a complete debacle, if real, well we will see, won’t we.

The latest claim to Satoshi Nakamoto is the stupidest one yet, basically because many things do not fit in.

Now, I will not say that too many people are disappointed by this three part spaghetti drama, many really hope this might be him – but the whole mystery would be solved much faster IF he just !! Sign a message with the genesis key!!

Also, if you were the Bitcoin god you would go down on us mortals with the thunder, not with the whistle though some PR.
It was weird and kind of sad enough when his so called official website croaked in the very start of the event.

I want to believe, but this is a poorly planned execution.

… we are all dust and bone dus “flawn”.


I abused a little word game (Flawn is an occupational surname for a maker of pancakes or custard from an old French word ″flaon″) as Satoshi Nakamoto name is double number 5 in Chaldean numerology. It is a power number, but the problem is that this person is possibly trying to convey the east and west numerology through one the same prism, which suggest we might be dealing
with somebody from the west trying to make the appeal of a person originating from the east.

(?) I am not the one who came with this conclusion, I am just passing on the possible explanation.

He will also reveal why the August 18th is important date to him and something about a project called Tabula Rasa (“his clean-slate vision for Bitcoin’s transformational rebirth.”)

Also, about the paranoia – why would a person be paranoid, when Bitcoin was worth nothing in the start. It doesn’t make any sense at all. The same as it doesn’t make any sense at all, to restart from a clean slate, when we already have so many things done and accomplished.

From the point of logic, this makes no sense whatsoever.

Satoshi Nakamoto will reveal his real name, why he is hodling 980k BTC, country, background and his future plans.

Here are the links necessary to follow this:

and some insight here:

Part I August 18 at 4 p.m. Eastern time.
Part II August 19 at 4 p.m. EDT.
Part III August 20 at 4 p.m. Eastern time.

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