School Shooting Insurance


The definitive answer to ‘what is this world coming to’, now that school shooting have become ubiquitous our greed to make a dollar has evolved insurance covering school shootings. Insurance companies like McGowan Program Administrators has already written over 300 policies.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal,

“It at least gives us some peace of mind that, in the event of horrible tragedy, we can begin to put things in place,” said Lance Erlwein, treasurer of Belpre City Schools, a district of 1,000 students in southeastern Ohio, which purchased a plan last year that includes a $25,000 death benefit per victim and trauma counseling. “Fifteen years ago who would have ever thought you would need something like this. It’s awful that schools have become the target.”

It has come down to schools / state governments are buying the insurance to limit their liability. After the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, 15 survivors filed a lawsuit in US District Court against the school district’s superintendent, law enforcement officials and Broward County among others. The insurance would cover costs arising from the shootings like funerals and counseling but most importantly liability from lawsuits.

As with most insurance policies, they are rooted in the protection of the loss of money. This makes sense when it applies to certain events that are unavoidable but when it comes to events like school shooting, it crosses a line. It is hard to determine what failed: was it the school system; was it the law enforcement; was it the government or was it the parents. To solve the problem by insuring it will not solve the fundamental problem, it will only prolong it.

But what should we expect from a government that is obviously dysfunctional. Our elected officials have proven over and over that their only interest is to line their own pockets, not solve a problem. Not to blame only the elected, every public or private company or institution is profit motivated and the end goal seems to be decimation of any one whom has money other than the members of the club.

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