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Several Hundred People Woke Up To Bonus Stish Crypto

In our original white paper we laid out a plan that gave us 6 months to raise funding and complete some development milestones. We asked the community to be active and grow the micro crypto economy. We announced a solid plan for early adopters and people we considered honorary founders for their actions in promoting the community. Many took it upon themselves to launch or start growing a base on other social networks such as our Telegram and Discord channels.  Many others have helped with youtube, facebook, twitter, bitcoin talk and reddit 

The Amazing Community Support and Welcoming Of The Members Of The Micro Crypto Economy On Is Priceless!

August 2018, was the time in which we promised to distribute founders and early adopters Stish crypto currency. With that time of the year upon us we are happy to announce that we distributed 900,000 Stish. Now each early adopter and founder have even more incentive to promote the platform and community. The currency will only be as strong as the community and those trading the currency Stish.

Many people have messaged me surprised at receiving so much Stish crypto!

The difficulty of growing a social network and community online is beyond imagination. People’s time is valuable and to get a fledgling startup like off the ground takes hundreds of people getting the word out. One thing about that can help move people is the strong stance we have on freedom of Speech. We have people who consider themselves to be both liberal and conservative on the platform. Often I have seen friendly discussions about some weird random topics and some super serious discussions about life.

When people have the freedom to express themselves and build a social network around that, whether others agree or disagree, is epic in today’s social media climate. is committed to freedom of speech and will not suppress content. We do have laws to abide by and the community can vote to decide that a post should be removed but the platform will not make unilateral decisions to censor content accept where it violates the law. We do have a family platform and request that users not publish nude or pornographic material in our terms of use. We really do not wish to ever become moral police or promote one groups agenda over another. is a concept community showing the potential for a crypto currency rewards based micro crypto economy that we hope to one day compete with websites that were born because of the freedoms they now try to destroy!


Early Adopters Received 2000 Stish Crypto For Being The first 1000 Members to join!

Never before has social media rewarded people with a crypto currency in this way.  Stish crypto can be traded on the decentralized exchange that protects peoples trades through a special erc223 contract. It is so much fun trading crypto this way and we have seen an above average trading price on the exchange thus far. With limited amount of trading volume the average price of the crypto has not been established yet through website such as coin market cap. The founders expect to see Stish listed in 2019 as we continue to make technological advancements and raise more funding through our TOKEN EVENT COMING SOON!

Thank you all for helping grow a micro crypto economy around the Stish currency. May all of your days be blessed!


Author: binkley
The Famous Founder of Stish crypto and Eric has worked on many projects over the last few years but none as aggressively as He is one man on a mission to revolutionize social media by integrating crypto currency and allow users to retain the value they bring to the network. Stish crypto is now traded on

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