simple guide on creating an avatar for profile picture

Hey, I just try to share something I do online creating avatar for profile picture online which I think more better than using the real photo. Sometimes without notice some of our photo been used by other internet user to disguise and doing something inappropriate this is one of the way to keep yourself safe from those unresponsible person. I keep it short here… I’m take a challenge from @isteemithard to design a profile photo for the contest entry and I have done it and post it on my steemit.. If you want to see more details please visit one of my post on steemit…comments are really apppreciated to improve my work.

Thats it hope you enjoy it..Thanks.



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I still struggling on how this platform work and want to learn more

8 months ago

i like this post very much thanks for sharing

8 months ago

I hope its future will be nice

7 months ago