Smartphone Batteries Spy on User


Researchers have discovered a method to track information users enter on their smart phones.  The method involves monitoring the battery level, they attached a micro controller into the battery to record the levels.

The information is extracted by analyzing the recorded levels and matching it against the amount of power used when pressing individual keys.  They claim that this technique allows hackers to record passwords, identify what sites you visit, when the camera is used and when you make calls.  It doesn’t claim the ability to log the contents of the calls but that is already recorded by other government agencies.

The technique is dangerous to user because it can record passwords and banking account information.  This makes one whom conducts transactions on their phone to be exposed to financial loss.

One way to prevent this is by using the phone when it is connected to the charger.  The power draw will come from the charger and the battery is by passed so the chip that records the battery level will not be able to record the fluctuations in the power usage.

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