Rome is a reality. For Rome, more than for most cities, this always has been the central dilemma of city life: how to maintain its priceless heritage while improving the lot of it’s cheerfully inhabitants. Certainly the 2000 year Jubilee inspired efforts of recent years and have made a difference. Transport has been boosted, new museums have been opened and old ones renovated, and the long awaited Auditorium has opened to universal praise. The city hasn’t re-found the heady days of la dolce vita, but it’s looking good and it’s feeling better than it has for a long time.
Pride also informs much of the typical Roman character: Romans are first and foremost Roman and only then Italian.

In a country of unparalleled beauty, both natural and architectural, Rome remains the jewel in the crown. In no other city you can see so much in such a short space of time and yet merely scratch the surface. About 10 feet below ground level exists another world, with traces of other settlements deep still. In Rome every period has left a mark. In fact from the time when it was a caput mundi (center of the world), through the development of Christianity to the present day (a period of more than 2.500 years), Rome has become an unsurpassed anthropological and archaeological archive of Western culture. And it’s enough to wander the streets to see this.

The art of Michelangelo, the sculptures of Bernini, the palaces and the cobbled streets, the perfectly formed piazzas, Rome is all this. Nothing is hidden, it’s all there waiting for you much as it has been for hundreds of years.
Rome is yet the capital of the world: it’s a city of palaces and temples, more glorious than those which any city contains. And it’s also a duty of the Rome hotel owners to keep efficient this immense heritage.

Early Morning Light – Original Music by Darren Claxton @mrbloom

Early Morning Light was written as I came out of the depression that had plagued me for so long.
I opened the curtains one morning and thought to myself, how lucky I really was to have such an amazing support network of people around me, the place we live in and for actually waking up breathing!
If you wake up in the morning, it’s a bonus, you’re lucky to be alive because, someone, somewhere in the world is taking their last breath, so go and breath that air, get that help you need to feel great again, deal with those demons that are driving you crazy!
Like @prc says ‘Music is What Feelings Sound Like’ and these are mine.
Thanks for listening, your comments and kind votes.
They are all very motivational for me and just push me to produce more music for us all to enjoy.


A long time now to know
Wasted all my highs and lows
Pulled apart my head and it shows
Save me now, or go

Poles apart, unkind
Far beyond, my mind
Studied hard to find
Close the door you crossed the line
Where are you now? far behind

Early Morning lights, divine, I know
Safely locked inside, for now, it shows
Think of sometime, when you felt, alone
What you’re feeling now
Is just slow Mo, slow mo

I survived and the battle ends
Soul is safe, caressed
Full of heart, depends
Change your life start again
Win the fight, the battle ends

Early Morning lights, divine, I know
Safely locked inside, for now, it shows
Think of sometime, when you felt, alone
What you’re feeling now
Is just slow Mo, slow mo

Slow motion
Slow motion

The end…!/@mrbloom/20180303t113211592z-early-morning-light-original-music-by-darren-claxton-mrbloom


Roasted fish

I clicked this roasted fish.This fish is growing in fresh water only.

Plunge in Cold Water Relieves Pain


An article in the journal BMJ Case Reports indicate that a plunge in cold water may offer relief from severe pain. They concluded this when a patient whom underwent a surgical procedure which resulted in severe post operative pain. They had prescribed pain killers and they had little to no effect on curbing the pain.

The patient complained that he was unable to do his rehabilitation exercises due to the pain. He said that any movement made his pain worse.

Prior to the patient’s surgery he was a triathlete and had competitively competed in open water swimming. He had a thought that a swim may take his mind off the pain. Since he was finding no relief from the medical options he decided to give it a shot.

He went to the place where he practiced for his previous competitions and took the plunge. He was pleasantly surprised to find when he was in the cold water he lost all sense of pain.

The doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause for the cessation of the patient’s pain. They proposed several explanations but they were not conclusive. Most of the explanations were specific to a person’s psychological make up rather than a physiological process. In other words, it might work for one person but not for another.


Personally, I know of headache cure that works for me. It may seem like a old wives tale but again it works for me. I don’t take aspirin as it upsets my stomach. So I was told that if you take some paper toweling, just a small piece (like a 1/4 inch square). Moisten the piece and stick it to your forehead. When the piece of paper falls off your forehead, the head ache will be gone.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I swear it works (for me). I believe it diverts your attention away from the headache and you think about the piece of paper. While you are distracted, your body is working to correct the problem that is giving you a headache. By the time the paper falls off, your body has corrected the problem.

That’s my opinion and I don’t know if it will work for everyone but give it a try and find out if it works for you. Or you could go take a cold plunge in the lake.

How Not to Gain Respect

Police chief shane flynt was recently suspended once a video was made public of him smoking pot. He is seen commenting that his pipe is full of pot. In Mississippi, it is illegal to engage in pot smoking and while he brags about breaking the law, his underlings are out on the street arresting his constituents for just possessing a pot plant.

On the video, he brags

“I’m only chief of police in Lumberton that likes to smoke weed. If this ain’t no cool S***, Who the coolest here? Me! I’m the coolest here!”.

The video was anonymously leaked to local news agency WDAM. After it went public, the mayor suspended flynt. Shortly after the suspension, flynt posted on facebook

“Please know that one video, one mistake, does not define the person I am, my moral or ethical values. I made a juge mistake, first of all, I trusted the wrong person, welcomed them in my personal home, they recorded me in a vulnerable state and they planned every minute of it. This person being my wife who is obviously very vindictive. I love serving the town of Lumberton, the people there are like family to me. It saddens my heart that I’ve disappointed many as well as myself. Just a thought .. Where would we all be if we all had hidden cameras in our home? What would our neighbors, preachers, co-workers, friends, etc. think of our conversations? There is no excuse. I pray you all find it in your hearts to show me grace and know that I am truly sorry for this incident”.

There is more to this story that seems to indicate that the chief is not the only bad apple. The chief was put on suspension just prior to this video, the police department refused to discuss the reason. After this recent suspension, the city’s board of aldermen put him back on the job. The chief attempted to resign but his resignation was not accepted. The mayor claims he had not seen the video but when shown, he said it was quite disturbing. One board member was willing to comment and he said that he still supports the chief. The board member, jonathan griffith said

“Everyone in life makes mistakes, and, so, it is our intent to make sure we investigate this matter properly. I currently support the police chief, yes I do”.


The Healthy Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a wonderful healthy root plant. It has great benefits that is needful for your body.

Watch this video and discover the immense healthy benefits of ginger.


United Airline Hypocrites

United made it well known that they are ending their alliance with the NRA by stopping discounts to NRA members. This in of itself is their prerogative and I am not criticizing them for their actions. It is any company’s right as it is with any individual, they have the right to their own opinions.

I understand that the issue of school shootings have gotten way out of hand and it needs to be addressed. I am critical of the proposed methods being touted. If guns were the problem, why don’t all the politicians whom advocate against gun ownership follow their own advice. Is it that they are actually of the belief that guns should only be owned by them and not the public? Why is it that they need protection such as secret service agents and why is it that the tax payer has to foot the bill? Why do law enforcement officers require guns if the public doesn’t have the same right?

Back to United, they dropped their support of the NRA but they are continuing their support of planned parenthood. This is again a hot potato issue. It had been addressed that planned parenthood allegedly is in the business of selling body parts. There has also been indications that they are connected with the nefarious child slave trade.

United has shown that they are willing to support such an organization but they distance themselves with gun owners. It is, in my opinion, an odd stance. But again it is their right to support whom they wish. It is also the public’s right to support which businesses they chose. Here’s how one person on twitter feels.


Hey @united, I’m an extremely loyal 1k customer. You’ve now severed ties w/ the NRA at the urging of an online mob, yet you maintain ties with Planned Parenthood, the most prolific ender of children’s lives in America, by far. Are you actively trying to chase away my business? …

11:20 AM – Feb 24, 2018

Vodafone and Nokia will Install 4G Network on The Moon by 2019

San Francisco – The moon will get a 4G mobile phone network next year, 50 years after the first NASA astronaut landed on the lunar surface, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

Vodafone Germany, Nokia and Audi say they work together to support missions that allow rover (moonlight) to communicate with each other.

If it continues, it will also allow high definition live streaming of the Moon landscape to Earth. This is part of a project that aims to travel to the moon commercially.

Vodafone says it has appointed Nokia as its technology partner to develop a space-class network, which is a small piece of hardware weighing less than a bag of sugar.

The plan is to connect two Audi month rovers to the base station in the Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module (ALINA).

The 4G network will allow the Audi moon rover to transfer HD scientific and video data as they study the NASA Apollo 17 moon explorer used by the last astronaut to run on the Moon.

The researchers said the two rovers will also send HD images directly to Earth as they travel within 200 meters (656 feet) of the rover.

The companies are working with the Berlin-based PTScientists company on the project, with a scheduled launch in 2019 from Cape Canaveral with SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, Vodafone said.

“This project involves a radical innovative approach to the development of mobile network infrastructure,” said Vodafone German Chief Executive Hannes Ametsreiter.

An executive involved said the decision to build a 4G network, not a sophisticated 5G network, was taken because the next generation network was still in the testing and testing stages. This means it may not be stable enough to work from the lunar surface.

Development of Infrastructure Outside The Planet

PTScientists, a Berlin-based company, announced that the moon will have its own 4G network next year. This network was developed as part of Mission to the Moon, a project that aspires to land the first private mission on the moon.

“In order for humans to leave the earth, we need to develop infrastructure outside our home planet,” said Robert Bohme, CEO and founder of PTScientists.

To do so, PTScientists collaborated with Vodafone Germany and Audi to develop a tool called Ultra Compact Network.

Vodafone also announced that it has demonstrated Nokia as a technology partner to make the Ultra Compact Network small enough and no heavier than a kilogram. The plan, the network will be used to support communication between two Audi robots with the earth when exploring NASA’s Apollo17 moon vehicle.

This communication can be either high resolution video or data. When running smoothly, PTScientists predict that the project will be launched in 2019 along with SpaceX’s Falcon9 rocket. “With the Mission to the Moon, we have determined and tested the first element of the communication network on the moon,” Bohme said.

He continued, the interesting thing about this LTE solution is that it uses less power, and the less energy we use to send data, then we will have more opportunities to do science.


Oakland Mayor Warns Illegals

Oakland California is a professed sanctuary city and the mayor, schaaf, is doing her best to live up to its reputation. ICE was planning an operation to seek out illegal aliens and schaaf tipped the illegal aliens off.

Since this, she and her family have received death threats from disgruntled Oaklandians. Even the Acting ICE Director criticized her saying

“What she did is no better than a gang lookout yelling police when a police cruiser comes to the neighborhood except she did it to entire community of the (sic) this is beyond the pale”.


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Threatens The Future of Humans?

Oxford – Technology experts call the future of the Earth is in the threat of artificial intelligence, where the risk of taking over nearly 10 percent of human activity within the next 50 years.

Launched from on Thursday (22/2/2018), a new report prepared by 26 leading experts painted a gruesome picture of the world in the next 10 years.

In the future, the utilization of artificial intelligence tends to empower all people, including ‘naughty’ governments, criminals, and terrorists, the report warns.

If people, including policy makers and researchers do not work together, then the threats can penetrate some of the most basic parts of human life.

The associated threats can come from drone attacks, to robots used to manipulate news agendas and electoral processes.

The Report on the Use of Dangerous Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation cite some of the worst possible threats that are hard to imagine.

The form of artificial intelligence that is most likely to threaten is the technology of synthetic speech-makers. This technology can be exploited in the making of hidden video propaganda by irresponsible elements.

Global Synergy is Required

The report on the threat of artificial intelligence has been compiled by experts from many of the world’s leading institutions.

By some of the intelligence agencies involved, the cross-related discussion meeting was the first in history.

Not only beneficial, the development of artificial intelligence also began to realize has some serious threats that damage the order of human life.

The report includes input from representatives of OpenAI, a research group founded by Elon Musk; Oxford University Humanitarian Institution; and the Center for Study of External Risk Studies at Cambridge University.

“Artificial intelligence is one of the determinants of the future, and this report has implied the worst possible in the next five to ten years,” said Dr. Sean O Heigeartaigh, scientist and executive director of the Center for External Risk Studies at Cambridge University.

According to Dr. Heigeartaigh, the related report suggests a broader approach that might help, such as how to design software and hardware to avoid hacking, to review relevant international laws and regulations, and so on.

Danger, Cyber ​​Criminals Can Abuse Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robot who is good at playing chess show ability in Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017 exhibition in Las Vegas, USA (8/1). This robot is equipped with artificial intelligence “intelligent vision system” that can work with precision.

The researchers assessed criminals can take advantage of the progress of artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence).

Cyber ​​criminals are thought to be able to exploit the technology to create hacking attacks, cause autonomous cars to crash, and convert unmanned aircraft into weapons.

This was stated in a study published Wednesday by 25 technicians and public policy researchers from Cambridge, Oxford and Yale Universities, along with military and security experts.

This study is considered to be a reminder of the possible potential abuses of artificial intelligence by “naughty” states, criminals and single criminals (lone-wolf attackers).

Researchers believe the misuse of artificial intelligence can pose an imminent threat in digital, physical and political security, with a highly efficient targeted large-scale attack.

“We all agree there are many positive applications of artificial intelligence, but there are loopholes in the literature regarding the issue of harmful use,” said researcher from Future of Human Institute Oxford, Miles Brundage.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that uses computers to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as making decisions or recognizing text, speech, and visual images.

Artificial intelligence is regarded as a technology that can solve technical problems, but on the other hand also raises the debate over whether its automatic functioning can lead to widespread unemployment or other social change.

Compact Overcome Concerned Risk of Artificial Intelligence

Furthermore, the researchers also discussed the development of academic research on artificial intelligence security risks, and called on governments, technical experts, and policies, to collaborate on this issue.

They also detail the power of artificial intelligence to create images, text, and audio that can imitate the identity of others online, or can influence public opinion. The authoritarian regime is judged to use such technology.

The study also contains a number of recommendations including regulating artificial intelligence as a dual use technology, namely military and commercial.

In addition, the researchers also questioned whether academics and others should control what they publish or reveal new developments of artificial intelligence, until other experts in the field have the opportunity to learn and react to potential dangers they may encounter.

“Eventually we ended up with more statements than answers,” Brundage said.

The researchers speculate, artificial intelligence can be used to make fake audio and video public officials look very realistic for propaganda.

In the past year, pornographic videos “deepfake” appeared in the online realm that featured the faces of celebrities on different bodies.

“This happens in pornography rather than propaganda, but there is nothing in ‘deepfakes’ that can not be implemented for propaganda,” said Head of Policy OpenAI, Jack Clark.

OpenAI is a group founded by CEO Tesla Elon Musk and Silicon Valley investor Sam Altman, focusing on developing a friendly artificial intelligence that benefits humanity. Similarly, as quoted by Reuters on Thursday (22/2/2018).

Parkland: Who’s At Fault Part II

This is a follow up on a post uploaded the other day.

Over the past few years, I’ve come to realize that when the news first breaks, it’s not the full story.  In fact, it is usually a false narrative for the majority of the public to fall for.  When you follow a story you’ll find that the initial story was close to 90% wrong.  I don’t know if this is intentional or it is a hidden agenda of the MSN.  Most people don’t follow a story past the initial report, this is why the breaking story usually sets the narrative and the ‘talking points’.

Due to the repetition of the MSN to employ this ruse, they have more and more people seeing that they are the source of ‘fake news’.  This is the reason that people are beginning to rely on alternate media to source their news.  But still many are still falling prey to the ruse.

This is also why TPTB are pushing to shut down alternate media and mainstays like google, twitter and youtube are working hard to censor anyone whom posts news items that don’t fit the approved agenda.  This is beginning to backfire as more platforms are appearing that doesn’t censor it’s users, platforms that come to mind are SteemThat, Steemit and Dtube.

In regards to the update, a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school – Stacey Lippel, was on GMA and said that she saw the shooter.  She identified the shooter as a police officer whom was dressed in bulletproof armor and was shooting a gun she could not identify.  In addition to her eyewitness account, there has been reports that there was a ‘stand down’ order for the police not to enter the school unless their body video camera was on.  It would explain why the 4 Broward sheriffs were waiting outside the school as reported by the assisting Palm Beach sheriffs.  Reports say that EMT were stopped from entering the school and police communications were down.

This leads one to ask if sheriff israel was the one to issue the ‘stand down’ order?  It is hard to speculate as I mentioned prior, the whole story is not yet known.

Pump Stocks to Keep Pensions Solvent


Over the past years, pension fund managers have had to resort to increasing their holding of riskier assets to maintain the ROI. Currently state pensions have increased their stock holdings to around 40 to 50%, historically their stock holdings were about 25 to 35%.

As the ROI on bond, especially the higher rated bonds, are falling funds were forced to seek high risk investments for the higher returns. Most pension funds have rules that limit the fund managers from investing in lower grades of assets. Typically in the past, they invested the bulk of their money in real estate and high rated bonds.

With the majority of pension funds invested more than 50% in stocks, the Fed has increased their SOMA holdings by $11 billion. When the rules of fractional lending are applied, this translates into $100 billion in liquidity. It is apparent that the Fed will pump this into the stock market to prop up the prices keeping the stock market bubble inflated.

The problem with growing bubbles is once the bubble can no longer be inflated by slight of hand, they burst. The better case would be to deflate the bubble in a controlled fashion but that is easier said than done. Examples of bubble bursting are the tulip debacle and more recently is the bitcoin value losing about 50% of its value. I believe that the roller coaster in bitcoin is not finished.

In a way to reduce the overall risk, pension managers are shifting the holding from active to indexes. The index is more an instrument that trails the market as it is an average of how a group of stocks move rather than a specific stock.

Since the Fed can’t manipulate the interest rates by a more direct method, such as lowering the interest rate. With the interest rate just a few points above zero, there is not much room for manipulation. They can and have discussed NIRP but I think they are realizing that people have woken up to the folly of such a policy. They are gambling on the manipulation of the stock market. The stocks have been manipulate for several years now and has kept market valuation at record highs. The ace in the hole is a tax payer bailout or QE.

The hope is the market manipulation plan will keep the pensions from failing long enough for them to devise another slight of hand plan. The market is not in the best of financial shape as it is. One familiar just needs to examine the stock prices versus the company’s EPS to realize that the stocks are very over priced. The method they have been using over the past several years is by companies borrowing low interest money and using the money to buy their own company’s shares.


10 Signs That Warn You That Your Liver is Full Of Toxin

Hey there guys.

You need to know how to take care of your liver.

Basically,what you eat and drinks goes a long to show how healthy your liver is.So,watch this video to discover 10 warning signs that shows you liver is unhealthy.


ERC20 vs ERC223 Is It Complex? The Answer Is Yes

Why does it have to be so complex? We at are trying to simplify things somewhat. The answer is that we are working in a complex space. Ultimately we do want the end user experience to be as smooth as silk. Over the last few months you have noticed many changes. During our Token Event Phase And Beyond, This Or A Similar Design will be used to help manage the flow of data from users and members to the world.

Some have raised concern about the ERC-20 Protocol used to create Stish which is the most recognized protocol and a trade-able protocol verses ERC-223 that our exchange partner Radex uses for their ZERO fee exchange. Their article goes into great detail and does a great job of explaining this even better than I can. Read Their ERC223 Guide here. One thing to keep in mind is that Stish is an ERC-20 token. Radex and the ERC-223 protocol adds an additional layer of security to the exchange process while trading on the Exchange. Once you withdraw your Stish from the Radex Exchange they will still be ERC-20 Stish Tokens. The Stish Token contract cannot change unless we were to do a hard fork and actually change the contract and then do an airdrop to all existing token holders to replace their tokens.


Doing this is not out of the question would would take a consensus vote of holders and advisors to do so or technology advanced and a major security issue arised at which point we would do as little as possible to change the token structure but address the security concern without broadcasting the issue util after the correction was made to protect the interest of the holders of Stish.

Why Zero Decimals? My original thoughts on this though possibly Naive was that someone maliciously could buy a ton of small amounts of Stish on the exchange and cause us to incur a ton of fees to transfer those funds. With each transaction there are minimum fees and as a new start-up learning some of the nuances like many others in the space we opted to go with zero decimals during the Token Event Phase at least and possibly through out the life cycle. Part of the value of Stish is ease of use and store of value and the things it can purchase.  Were we wrong? Time will tell on this. When we first started I envision using Radex the secure Zero fee exchange for all of the Token event. What seemed easy to me, wasn’t so easy to many others so we have adjusted our Token Event Strategy To Go More Main Stream.

To help people buy Stish and delay a ton of trading activity while the Token Event transpires, we have built a way to be KYC compliant and also make it easier to purchase Stish. The plan is to sell the Stish in 4 Phases. We have experienced some pre-ICO sales and have decided to distribute the Stish at the close of the Event. At which time Radex will still be the preferred exchange of Choice as they have Zero exchange fees and the ERC223 The translator cleverly delegates all the operations that deal with balances and transfers to the existing ERC20 token and makes interacting with it more secure. Additionally we will include a small amount of Stish on the Radex Exchange for sell during the Token event so the anonymous buyers can still participate at a comparable level of pricing. 

Some tokens are created purely ERC223 Tokens such as the Saturn Token and many others. This protocol is more secure than ERC223 though it is not widely accepted and there are few exchanges that currently support the protocol. believes in fair open exchanges and our support of Radex is just one way we can advance that cause. Fair Open Exchanges Like Radex Reduce Fees And Centralized Control Of Ethereum and Ethereum Based Tokens.

Is It Super Complicated? Yes. How does it impact the end user? It adds greater security and the ability to trade P2P without a central authority holding hostage your funds.(This happens a lot with centralized exchanges) Is it worth it? Yes, long term it is worth it to advance the security protocols of tokens built on top of the Ethererum Block Chain. If you are just getting into crypto currency security should be your biggest concern and knowing that and Stish are looking out for you should be reassuring. We care about our Token’s success and are making attempts to even secure that future.

Chicken Pot Pie Turnover

I’ve had many chicken pot pies but I never had a chicken pot pie turnover. I found this very intriguing. I’ve always had a warm spot for turnovers.

When I lived in Hawaii, there is this chain of fast (local) food restaurants called Zippy’s. Some of these restaurants have a separate kiosk called Napoleon’s. They sold this apple turnover to die for. Ever since then, I’ve had a thing for turnovers.

As I perused today’s news, I came across this recipe for chicken pot pie. To my surprise, they were in a flaky turnover shape. I was hooked. It’s been awhile since I had a turnover or a chicken pot pie.

There was no recipe but it is fairly self explanatory looking at the photos and knowing what a pot pie consists of, so I put together my own recipe. I will not be making it today as I have a pot of split pea soup on already.

For the crust, I will be using filo dough. You can make it but it is hard to get it thin enough. Using store bought dough, you need to let it thaw so it is pliable. Lay a single sheet down and coat it with butter. Add another layer and repeat. You’ll need to make it around 8 or so layers. FYI, the more layers make the result flakier. The butter is important as it keeps the layers from bonding together.

Now for the filling. Start with boiling some chicken, whether you use breasts or thighs is up to you. I don’t recommend wings or legs because the have less meat. Once the chicken is cooked, let cool and pull the meat from the bones. Dice the meat, more or less bite sized. In a pan, add the chicken along with anything you’d like. For me, I would add peas, onions, celery, mushrooms and carrots. Cook the mixture till the vegetables are soft (not mushy). To make the gravy / sauce, I would have fried the chicken before boiling and use the drippings. But you can also make broth from bullion and add flour, corn starch or potato starch. To avoid lumps, take the flour or starch and make a slurry. Take the dry flour / starch and add it to some room temperature water and stir it till it is combined. You don’t need much, a quarter cup of water and about a teaspoon of flour / starch should be fine. Put the broth in a sauce pan and heat. Once hot, drizzle in the slurry and bring to close to boiling. Reduce heat and stir. Soon you’ll see the mixture thicken.

Add the gravy to the vegetables and mix. You should have to cook for long as everything was already hot. Let the mixture cool so it will be easier to make the turnovers. The mixture shouldn’t have to much liquid as this will make the turnover soggy.

Put some of the mixture in the dough and fold the dough into a triangle. Dampen the edges where the dough meets the dough to help it seal. Some like to make an egg wash and use this to seal the edges. If you use egg wash, you can spread the egg wash on the outside of the dough and it will make the outside brown better.

Bake the turnovers in a 350 degree F oven till the dough gets browned. You don’t need to worry about the chicken because it was already cooked.

Can’t wait till tomorrow so I can check this dish out.




Parkland: Who’s At Fault

Reviewing all the available news coming out on the Florida shooting all the main players are slinging mud. Starting with the FBI, they received a tip in January that cruz owned a gun and had talked about carrying a school shooting. The FBI did nothing. In September, a tip was called in by a bail bondsman regarding a suspicious comment on his youtube channel by cruz professing his desire to be a professional school shooter. The FBI again did nothing. So to summary, the FBI did nothing.

The next player is the Sheriff Department. They received several calls also and did nothing. Specifically, on November 29, Rocxanne Deschamps called advising she feared that cruz was going to get his guns. Ms. Deschamps is the family friend that took cruz in after his mother died. She added that cruz own several guns and they were kept at his friend’s house. He was thrown out of that house after he threw a tantrum and busted up the house. She said that he had tons of ammunition which she took away from him. He was obsessed with firearms. The next day, November 30, the Broward County Sheriffs Office got a call from an unidentified caller from Massachusetts advising that cruz was collecting guns and knives and he is a school shooter in the making. In January just prior to calling the FBI, a tipster called the sheriff’s office to advise of cruz’s social media accounts where he displayed the gun he had obtained as well as animals he had mutilated. The tipster’s name was withheld by the sheriff’s report. She said that cruz had a mental capacity of a 12 to 14 year old. He purchased the store of guns using the proceeds of a life insurance policy from his mother’s death. The sheriff’s department did nothing.

On the day of the shooting, a Broward sheriff assigned to the school was later identified as scot peterson was labelled a coward by scott israel when security cameras showed peterson stayed outside the school while the shooting was in progress. He resigned after his actions went public. He has since made statements that he is not a coward. He said that he thought the gun shots were coming from outside the building.

Regarding sheriff israel, after going public with his disappointment with peterson he is now being excoriated by news outlets. It has come to light that in addition to peterson, three other Broward sheriffs did not go inside the building and assisting Palm Beach sheriffs lambasted them on their inaction. It seems that the entire department is crippled by inept leadership at the very least. I attached a video of israel making a plea for the public to say something if they see something. I wonder how many people will now think that it will make a difference considering how many times they warned the sheriffs about cruz and nothing was done.

Report indicate that cruz was visited by social services. At this time there is no reports on what actions were taken by them. I anticipate reports will be make public in short order as this farce of agencies is exposed.

The government is pushing their agenda to use this sad case for disarming the public. The NRA is being abandoned by many companies whom rescinded their rewards programs to NRA members. Be advised that I am not 100% advocating that guns should be able to be purchased by everyone but to issue a blanket ban is absurd.

More posts to follow as this debacle unfolds.


Apple Will Release Headphones with Better Capabilities from AirPods?

Apple is rumored to be adding an array of audio accessories its made. This time, the company is reportedly wanting to launch headphones with capable capabilities.

According to AppleInsider report, this news first glide from KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, which is often provide leaked around the latest Apple devices. Not only that, the leak is usually also fairly accurate.

Quoted from The Verge, Tuesday (27/2/2018) this headphone will certainly have a better ability than AirPods. Nevertheless, Apple plans to offer an equally good experience with these earphones.

These headphones, according to Kuo, will carry a completely different look from other models. Unfortunately, he reveals further the differences as to what this product offers.

Given the capabilities offered, Apple will certainly membanderolnya with a higher price than AirPods. Just for information, wireless earphones are currently sold at a price of US $ 159 or approximately USD 2.1 million.

The plan, Apple will introduce these headphones towards the end of 2018. Along with these headphones, the company also plans to bring the latest version of AirPods.

Reportedly, this latest generation AirPods will support voice commands via Siri. Not only that, Apple also called will present AirPods are waterproof in 2019.

AirPods are very salable

To note, Apple’s decision to develop their own headphones is actually not a strange thing, because the company already has the Beats brand, which is focused on audio accessories.

However, with this brand-new product, Apple is rumored to want to answer the needs of users who need more qualified accessories from AirPods.

Just for information, AirPods that go on sale late 2016 is indeed reported to get a positive response. After several months of release, sales of AirPods even reportedly sold well.

Based on a survey of Ben Bajarin and Experian analysts published in Business Insider in May 2017, 82 percent of the 942 consumers who bought AirPods, were satisfied with the white earphones that were identical to the white ones.

Overall, 98 percent of respondents admitted very satisfied with the performance and functionality of these earphones.

In fact, the level of customer satisfaction with AirPods has in common with the level of satisfaction when first generation iPhone was released. At that time, the level of satisfaction with the iPhone skyrocketed up to 92 percent.

When described in more detail, 98 percent of consumers admitted satisfied with AirPods content performance, 97 percent like AirPods casing design and pairing process AirPods with iPhone via Bluetooth.

Meanwhile, 95 percent are very satisfied with the performance of power and comfort when AirPods are used. And, 93 percent also claim to be safe because AirPods are not slippery and not easy to fall when used exercise.

AirPods Shipment is Predicted to Break 28 Million Units 2018

Given the market’s response, AirPods shipment is also predicted to be higher this year. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that AirPods shipment will reach approximately 26-28 million units by 2018.

If proven, then sales of AirPods will increase twofold year over year. However, the journey of these accessories is not without a hitch.

There are a number of people who deplore the decision Apple is no longer using headphone jack, but on the other hand the presence of AirPods also get a lot of praise from consumers.

At the start of its launch, AirPods experienced several delays until mid-December 2016. Not only that, Apple also still have to struggle to meet the demand due to the limited supply of products.


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Researchers Reveal Danger List When Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Abused

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming the hottest topic in the technology world.

The giants in the technology world is still not one vote on the development of AI. One of them is Elon Musk who thinks AI can endanger mankind.

Discussion about the ethics of AI began to be intensified so that the robots made by humans do not even become disadvantageous.

A report entitled The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation lists potential dangers of AI in the areas of digital, physical, and political security.

The report was compiled by a mix of experts from various institutions, such as OpenAI who developed a good AI, as well as experts from world-renowned universities, among them the Universities of Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge, and Louisville.

Written, AI can expand on existing threats, introduce new threats, and change the typical character of a threat, for example an attack will be more effective and more difficult to avoid.

Here is a list of potential AI hazards that were launched from the report on Sunday (25/2/2018).

AI Threats in Digital Security

  1. Automatic social engineering attacks: Cyber criminals can easily create malicious sites, emails, or links using stolen identities, even a victim-writing style can be imitated.

The abused AI is potentially used as a chatbot pretending to be a human being in order to have a dialogue with the

  1. Search for automatic weakness: The weakness of a code will be more quickly searched with the help of AI.

  2. More sophisticated and automated hacking: By exploiting AI, cyber criminals will be more efficient and difficult to trace when committing a criminal act such as stealing information of potential victims to be abused.


AI Threats in Physical Security

  1. Terrorism Using AI: Systems that rely on AI for commercial purposes can be exploited by terrorists for the benefit of evil. Terrorists can launch attacks from afar, and let the AI robot act.

Take for example the use of drones or cars that can drive themselves used to perform attacks.

  1. Terrorists Do not Need to Hassle Giving Training: With the power of AI, an individual who is not expert on high-level actions can be supported using AI capabilities.
  2. Increased Attack Scale: By using AI, one person can launch a large scale attack, for example through drones.

  3. Surveys are more creepy: Network surveillance systems that rely on robotic systems can control large audiences and monitor large areas, but the side effects are that terrorists can misuse to execute attacks quickly and co-ordinated.


AI Threats in Political Security


  1. AI may be misused by the authorities: The power of AI in the field of information and communication can be misused by the authorities to gather information on a large scale that is vulnerable, it is alleged to be able to corner people who criticize the authorities.
  2. False news is more convincing: Fake news or hoaxes can be made better with the help of AI. The creation of videos containing malicious acts committed by others may also be forged even if the person has never committed a malicious action.

  3. Manipulation of information: By manipulating the algorithm, people can be led to certain information or driven away from certain information.



Insurance Tax Penalty

Under the Trump tax reform people were lead to believe that the penalty for not having health insurance was done away with. You might want to check with a tax professional before mailing off your tax filing.

Upon review of the changes, the tax penalty is set to be eliminated in 2019. It still applies for 2017 and 2018. If you had plans to drop your health insurance policy to save the premiums, you could incur the tax penalty.

It still may behoove you, financially, to drop the insurance plan. Latest reports are that the premiums are set to increase as they have for the past years.

The penalty for 2017 is $695 per adult to a maximum of $2,085 or 2.5% of household income whichever is greater. The penalty for children is half the adult rate.


China Unveils Plans for Hypersonic Jet


Plans for a jet that could get passengers anywhere in the world in under 3 hours. It is planned to reach speeds of up to 3,800 MPH, six times the speed of a typical commercial jet and twice as fast as a supersonic jet.

It was meant to be used as a military jet but it could also be used for a passenger jet. Researchers have tested a scaled down model in a wind tunnel and it reached a top speed of 5,343 MPH.

The jet will have 2 sets of wings. This will reduce turbulence and drag.

Boeing and Lockheed Martin are also working on a hypersonic plane but there are no details available for their project.


Trump Says US May Rejoin TPP

Trump hinted that the US may rejoin the TPP free trade agreement but it is contingent on a ‘much better deal’ for the US. The initial agreement would cost a ‘tremendous’ number of jobs being lost in the US and Trump deems that a very bad deal.

This announcement took place a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday. Trump discussed the trade relationship between the US and China. He emphasized his personal relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping although he did criticize China’s policies as unfair on the US workers. He cited China’s overproduction of steel and the violations of intellectual property.

China indicated that it may retaliate against any penalties levied against them.


Orange / Lemon Chicken

Time for a ‘Do It Yourself’ cooking post.

How about some chicken, my favorite protein.


1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast
2 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp dry sherry
1 tsp corn starch
2 tbsp orange zest
1 tbsp lemon zest
2 tsp sesame oil
3 tbsp cilantro
oil for shallow frying


Cut the chicken into bite sized cubes. Combine the chicken with the soy sauce, sherry and the corn starch. Let marinate for 10 to 15 minutes.

Cook the chicken at a high heat, I would suggest a wok but a fry pan with high sides will work. Cook until the chicken is browned. Add the orange zest, lemon zest and the sesame oil once the chicken has started to brown. Salt and pepper to taste. Add the cilantro as a garnish.

While your marinating the chicken, prepare the rice. I prefer short grain rice but it’s a matter of your tastes. To make rice the ratio is 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice. For this dish 2 cups of rice should be fine. I wash the rice before cooking. To wash the rice, add water to the rice and hand mix it till the water turns cloudy. Pour out the water and repeat. I usual do this about 3 times, it is to remove the starch coating on the rice.

To cook the rice, I use a rice cooker. If you don’t have one, use a sauce pot with the measured rice and water on high heat. Wait for the water to boil and when the water has boiled off, lower the heat to low and cover the pot. Let it cook on low for about 10 to 15 minutes. Check the rice by trying a few grains to make sure it is not hard in the center. Let rice rest for about 5 minutes before serving.


How To Make MyEtherWallet Display Stish

How To Setup A ERC-20 Compatible Wallet.

If you need an ERC20 or ERC223 Compatible wallet this is the easiest to get set up by visiting and here is a video that shows you how to setup your wallet for New TOKENS like Stish.

Things You Will Need To Set Up Your Wallet:
You will need to send a small amount of ethereum to your wallet address if you do not have any. $20 bucks of Ethereum will help you make trades down the road. Your New Ethereum Wallet Address Will Start With 0X. You can send Ethereum or ERC 20 tokens built on Ethereum to this new address. You can use Changelly located at the bottom of most pages on or search the website for Coinbase or your favorite place to purchase crypto.

Ethereum is not required but highly recommended to have some in your wallet. Ethereum does require you to pay fees to transfer the funds between members. These fees are referred to as gas fees as if their miners use gas fuel to do the mining or verification of the tokens!

To set-up your wallet for Any ERC20 You Will Need A Few Things For The Custom Tokens Area:

Stish Contract Address From Etherscan: 0xb472C71365eF9ed14226bB0AA4C9a3Fa45EcE510

You will need the name of the Crypto: Stish

You Will Need The Decimals: 4

Update: MetaMask browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Brave browser has become our preferred method to work with Ethereum based tokens. Saturn Wallet is also a great wallet for working with Stish and their Saturn Exchange. With these tools you can easily create wallet addresses and NOW send and receive ETH, ETC, ETH ERC20 and ERC223 Tokens and Much Much more. is a great place to start learning about how to use Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens.

Rainbow in a Glass


This is a fun experiment you can do with your kids. It just takes some water, sugar and some food coloring.

Fill a glass about 1/4 high with some water and add sugar to the water. Start with about a tablespoon and mix until the sugar dissolves. You may need to add more sugar until the water gets saturated with sugar. Once it has reached saturation, add a few drops of food coloring.

Next trickle water along the side of the glass filling it another 1/4 full. Add sugar to this next layer, being careful not to mix it will the bottom 1/4 with the food color. On this layer, mix in less sugar then the amount you added to the bottom layer. Once the sugar is dissolved add another color to the mixture.

To complete, repeat the process adding less sugar to each layer and using a different food color.

How it works. When you saturate water with sugar, it makes the solution denser. The denser solution will sink lower in the glass. The food coloring will mix with the solution in which it was added but some of the color will migrate at the junction where the different layers meet.

Hints – heating the water will help the sugar dissolve but don’t heat the water too much. I found that if I mix the next layer in a separate glass it is easier to stir in the sugar and the coloring without disturbing the lower layer.


Source: (Title photo)

Gold to Silver Ratio

The gold to silver ratio went up to 82, that’s crazy. As of this post, silver is around $16.50 and gold is about $1325 bring the GSR to about 80. The GSR has only been this high on two occasions since 1915. Today both gold and sliver were hammered, as usual.

The open interest has come quite a bit most likely due to EFP. Many metals contracts were transferred to the London market. With the Chinese market being closed since last Wednesday for the Lunar New Year, the manipulators had plenty of time to monkey hammer the precious metals and they took advantage.

When the eastern markets open, the metals will most likely rise as once again the metals will move to the east.


Source: (GSR chart)


Eco Friendly Battery


Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT) has developed an eco-friendly battery. They claim the battery can be disposed of in soil without harming the environment.

Conventional batteries contain zinc alloy, rare metals and other materials which are harmful to the environment. The eco-friendly battery contains fertilizer and natural elements which will not harm the soil.

To test if the battery is environmentally friendly, they smashed the battery into small pieces and buried the pieces in the soil next to a vegetable plant. The plant showed no adverse effects from the battery.

There is still a problem with the battery because it has limited capacity. They will continue to research to find ways to increase the capacity.

Source: (Title photo)

Pool Hall Food

In your neighborhood pool hall you’d expect the typical food fare. Things like frozen sandwiches, pizza, nachos and other fried foods. Little would you expect a tasty menu of several Vietnamese entrees.

Billiard Hoang has a pleasant surprise in store for you. The top on the list is the lemongrass chicken vermicelli bowl along with some pickled vegetables. Their menu includes noodle soups, rice and meat plates and 16 different banh mi sandwiches. Side dishes include fresh and fried spring rolls, congee, vermicelli bowls and Chinese doughnuts. They also serve unique shakes from avocado and durian. Last but not unexpected, they also serve beer.

To be honest, the pool hall has a small restaurant separate from the pool hall / sports bar. But you can order from the restaurant and have it served in the pool and bar area.


Must Try !!, This 7 Tricks to Raise Follower in Instagram

Instagram is now one of the king of social media. According to research, millenial generation has moved from Facebook, to applications such as Snapchat and Instagram.

Many who want to exist in Instagram not because looking for fans, but want to be influencers to promote something.

Because many who want to exist in Instagram, finally started a lot of services to buy follower or bot services to spread the popularity of an account.

But using fake follower will not be effective, because more important is engagement, not just the number of followers. The use of bots can potentially punish someone from Instagram.

So how to improve the right follower in Instagram? Here is the summary as quoted from the Prague Post, Tuesday (20/2/2018).

1.Find a Specific Target

Do not be eager to find followers as much as possible. Especially do not seek the sensation in a negative way to get the attention of citizens.

Try slowly looking for a more specific target, looking for a group of people who have interest or interest in you. Examples of soccer, tennis, jazz, K-Pop, French films, and so on.

Begin to search for a network in a specific audience first, after being steady then towards a larger community.

2.Show Strong Impression

A good impression starts from the profile picture. Then, after what profile picture? Is sending a large selfie?

Do not be mostly selfie. Try writing down other things that reflect your personality or content. For example, write something interesting and creative in the bio, or maybe also in the caption column to describe your content with interesting.

The goal is that the follower can get to know the content you have. Consistency is also important. Do not suddenly change the theme of the content because it can make the follower away.

3.use Hashtags Cleverly

Do not just use stale hashtag like #likeforlike, try to be more creative in using hashtags.
Think about what the prospective followers find in your Instagram content.

For example, if your content is about a novel, write a hashtag in the name of the novelist, the title of the book, the publisher, or the character’s name. When your content is about music, write down the hash tag of the instrument you are playing or your favorite genre.

Do not forget to pay attention to the hashtag being discussed in the social or political field. Using hashtags correctly can keep you relevant and prevent stagnant situations.

4.Promote someone’s Content

There are so many talented people on Instagram, and they are also looking for an audience. Try sharing other people’s created content to promote each other.

This can be done through a kind of contest by asking other users to post a photo with certain tags for you to promote.

If you want to share the cool content of other Instagram users, do not forget to ask permission first.

5.Building Communication with Followers

Do not just want to be commented on and given like, you try to give the same thing to the people who become follower.

Try giving supportive words to their content, and do not just reply with stale words. No need also stingy to reply to comments, especially if the follower is still a little.

6.Cooperating with Influencers with Fewer Followers

Often there are people who can not wait to be famous and do social climbing by seeking the attention of influencer accounts that are well known.

Then try to communicate with influencers whose follower is still a little to grow together.

It’s better than spending the money and time to get in touch with the well-known influencers.

7.Give Shout-Out

Help spread the other influencers by doing a shout-out aka promotion of other accounts.

Do it in turn so that you can also be shout-out so that they can expose each other to their own follower

The result? Your content reach will be wider.

Philippines Purple Sky

People in the Philippines were terrified at the sky turning a deep purple, some were say it was the end of the world. The witnesses said the light grew brighter as the clouds moved.

Responding to some whom said it was caused by a beam of light coming from the ground, viewers said it was definitely coming from the clouds and not a light from below.

Some went with the thought that the light was caused by a portal opening from another dimension and others believed it was coming from a giant UFO mothership.

As of now, there is no definitive reason. So let your imagination run wild.


Britain’s Gold Boom

The gold mine located in the village of Tyndrum is almost set to be green lighted for opening. A Scottish mining company believes that there is about 200,000 ounces of gold in the Cononish Mine.

New plans which will improve the mining operations to be more environmentally friendly may have won over officials. Scotgold Resources Ltd. says that opening the mine will create 63 new jobs as well as increase the business for local suppliers.

In addition to gold, Scotgold expects to be extracting silver as well. So far the company has raised 3 million pounds from their shareholders. It is still trying to get commitments from investors for an additional 7 million pounds.

Next week the planning committee at Loch Lomond and the National Park Authority are visiting the site and it is rumored that after this visit, Scotgold will receive the final approval.



SteemThat Stish Plane





While reviewing the Earthquake, Mexican Ministers’ Chopper Crashed and Killed 13 People

AMILTEPEC – The magnitude 7.2 earthquake on Friday (16/2/2018) local time that rocked Mexico, it triggered another tragedy, although no casualties were reported by the quake caused by the incident.

However, ministry-owned helicopters traveling to the epicenter landed violently, killing 13 people and wounding 15.

UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopter crashed in the town of Pinotepa de Don Luis, Santiago Jamiltepec, Oaxaca state, about 37 km from the epicenter. The helicopter crashed to the ground and destroyed the van that was carrying earthquake victims.

In the event of an accident, the power goes off and the day is dark. The helicopter brought Home Minister Alfonso Navarrete and the Governor of the State of Oaxaca Aljandro Murat. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said the two officials were not injured.

“Unfortunately, some people on the ground lost their lives and others were injured,” he wrote on Twitter on Friday night.

Meanwhile, the Oaxaca prosecutor’s office has confirmed the death toll of five women, four men and three children, while another died on the way to the hospital.

Rescue teams quickly arrived at the crash site to evacuate survivors. However, it is unclear as to the possibility of a dead helicopter passenger.

According to Navarrete, helicopter pilots lost control about 40 meters above the ground when they were about to land. He added that several passengers of the helicopter also suffered injuries.

About 50 houses in the nearby town of Santiago Jamiltepec were damaged, as did the town hall and church. However, there were no casualties in the earthquake.

Oaxaca state authorities have opened shelters for earthquake-affected communities. Nearly 6/000 soldiers and police are assigned to assist emergency response.

Mexico’s Magnitude 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

A number of employees rushed out of offices and buildings after being rocked by an earthquake in Veracruz, Mexico, February 16, 2018. The epicenter was reported at 33 miles (53 kilometers) east of Pinotepa de Don Luis in the state of Oaxaca at a depth of 24 km.

A number of employees rushed out of offices and buildings after being rocked by an earthquake in Veracruz, Mexico, February 16, 2018. The epicenter was reported at 33 miles (53 kilometers) east of Pinotepa de Don Luis in the state of Oaxaca at a depth of 24 km.

Mexico City – A massive earthquake rocked central and southern Mexico with a force of about 7.2 magnitude on Friday, February 16, 2018 local time. So far, no casualties or buildings have collapsed due to this earthquake.

The epicenter was located off the Pacific coast close to the state of Oaxaca and has a depth of approximately 24.6 kilometers. This is based on data released by the United States Geological Survey. This vibration feels far south to Guatemala.

Residents scattered outside the house after the earthquake shook in Mexico, February 16, 2018. Reportedly, the quake did not trigger a Tsunami

Residents scattered outside the house after the earthquake shook in Mexico, February 16, 2018. Reportedly, the quake did not trigger a Tsunami

Currently, the southern and Mexican capitals are still trying to rise from the impact of the earthquake that occurred in September 2017.

“Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete said the quake caused minor damage to several buildings in Oaxaca but no casualties were killed,” it was quoted by Reuters on Saturday, February 17, 2018.

A number of images, circulating in social media, show bricks and broken buildings scattered and food products falling off the shelves in supermarkets.

In the capital city of Mexico city, the multi-story building rocked for about a minute as the earthquake alarm sounded. Some of the older buildings in the posh area of ​​Condesa clashed and some cracks were visible on the wall.

Patricia Gutierrez, a 66-year-old English teacher, said she was sleeping with her 11-year-old granddaughter, Juliet, when an earthquake alarm was heard.

A number of rescue teams from Israel and Mexico are searching for victims who are still buried in buildings destroyed by the earthquake in Mexico City, Mexico, September 21, 2017. The death toll from the devastating earthquake that rocked Mexico continues to grow to reach 273 casualties.

A number of rescue teams from Israel and Mexico are searching for victims who are still buried in buildings destroyed by the earthquake in Mexico City, Mexico, September 21, 2017. The death toll from the devastating earthquake that rocked Mexico continues to grow to reach 273 casualties.

“My grandson heard the alarm. When I woke up, I saw her eyes terrified. He did not say anything, “said Gutierrez, who came straight out of his apartment at the bottom before a big shock. “I leave all but the shoes and the baby,” he said.

Guadalupe Martinez, a 64-year-old retiree, said he was still surprised by the quake. However, this shock is much different from the shaking that occurred in Mexico in September 2017. “This time the earthquake shock was strong but not up and down,” he said.

Sale of Chicago Stock Exchange Blocked

Thursday the potential sale of the Chicago Stock Exchange to a Chinese group of investors was blocked. Regulators said that a lack of information of the potential buyers would hamper the regulators to properly monitor the exchange.

Exchange commission staff initially approved the sale of the privately owned exchange but the approval was put on hold for further review. Jay Clayton, a Trump appointee was a main factor of the decision. During the Trump’s campaign, he referenced the Chicago exchange on two occasions citing that it was an example of how jobs and wealth are leaving the US. One could surmise that this action to block the sale was steered by the Trump administration. The commission conducted an investigation regarding the potential owners. The buyers were not able to provide key information the commission requested and they were not willing to provide access to the owner’s books.

Lawmakers on both side of the aisle criticized the sale on the grounds that it would provide the Chinese government with access to the American financial markets. Also they had concerns over the ability of the commission’s ability to regulate and monitor the exchange with foreign owners.

The potential buyers were led by Chongging Casin Enterprise Group. The offered about $25 million in 2016. The group is a privately held company that invests in real estate development and financial holdings. They deny any affiliation with the Chinese government. The Casin group had long term plans of listing Chinese companies in the US and it had plans of building an exchange in China based on Chicago exchange’s technology.


Fraud Charges Against Crypto Trader

As the crypto market grows from its nascent beginnings to a mature exchange, the regulators are starting to apply the rules. For about 10 years the crypto market has been more or less an enigma to the SEC because it was a new technology and the traditional rules had to be altered to address it. New terms like blockchain and distributed ledger were not defined in the old code book.

Now the SEC has grown some teeth and is starting to bite. US prosecutors filed the first civil fraud case against an ICO founder whom allegedly stole money from clients, now they are filing the first case of criminal fraud in blockchain history.

Joseph Kim was hired as a trader in 2016 by Consolidated Trading LLC based in Chicago. Prosecutors allege that from September 2017 to November 2017, Kim transferred more than $2 million of the companies bitcoins and litecoins to his personal account. Kim referred to himself as a ‘DEGEN’ (degenerative gambler) and the alleged theft was to cover his gambling losses. Federal investigators said that he considered himself ‘invincible’.

At one point, he lied about the transfers and tried to cover up the trades by repaying some of the funds.

Kim sent an email to his bosses were he allegedly admitted to the scheme,

“I can’t believe I did not stop myself when I had the money to give back, and I will live with that for the rest of my life”.


FBI and CIA Banning US Citizens Using Huawei and ZTE Smartphones

WASHINGTON – US Intelligence Agency (US) has issued a stern warning. The warning appealed to local residents not to buy smartphones made by Huawei or ZTE.

High officials from the CIA, the NSA, the FBI and the Defense Intelligence Agency testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that the Chinese smartphone maker posed a threat to consumers in America.

FBI Director Chris Wray explained the reason for the warning against the ban on the use of Huawei and ZTE smartphones. He said there was a risk that would let the company submit to foreign governments within the US telecommunications infrastructure.

To note, Huawei also has a network equipment business that he marketed in various countries. But the US government has blocked it.

“It provides the ability to cunningly modify or steal information. And this provides the capacity for undetected espionage, “Wray said.

Huawei itself has not been much pitch in the US market due to concerns of local authorities. Although accused of being suspected, Huawei said that the claim for him in the US was “unfounded”.

Last January, Huawei and AT & T failed to make a deal to market their homemade smartphone. Wray then praised AT & T’s efforts to increase awareness of the Chinese vendor’s problems.

Related to the ban warned by the US Intelligence Service, Huawei declined to comment. Even so, it admits to continue to monitor developments in Congress.

In a statement, Huawei highlighted the various countries that allowed it to operate.

“We operate in 170 countries where there is trust with governments and customers that we do not pose a greater risk of cybersecurity than other vendors,” Huawei said.

Huawei insists it has never been asked to grant access to its technology or provide data or information related to citizens or organizations to the government or its agencies.

Meanwhile, ZTE in a statement said that mobile phones and devices combine chipsets and other components produced in the US.

“As a public company, we are committed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the United States, working with operators to bypass rigorous testing protocols, and adhere to the highest business standards,” said ZTE representative in an email.

If in the end this ban applies, then Huawei and ZTE will add to the row of foreign companies that are blocked in the US after Kaspersky. Similarly, as reported by CNN, Friday (16/2/2018).

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