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Another Political Plant



The rising star among the democratic party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whom won a primary election of entrenched Joe Crowley.  She touts herself as a ‘girl from the Bronx’ and is laying out the image that she is one of the working class.  This image has launched her successful win as the voters are seeking a change in the power structure.

She claimed that “I wasn’t born to a wealthy or powerful family.  I was born in a place where your zip code determines your destiny”.

Breitbart’s Josh Caplan just penned a fact check article which tells a different story.  It maybe true that she was born in a place where the zip code determines ones destiny but she moved at 5 years old to one of the richest area in New York.  She was born in Parkchester, NY and moved to Yorktown Heights, a wealthy suburb in Westchester County.  Westchester ranks #8 in the nation for the counties with the highest average incomes.

We are well aware of the aphorism about knowing when a politician is lying, especially when they are campaigning.  How many campaign promises are kept?  This maybe the reason that the public’s faith / approval rating in politicians overall is dismally low.

It is clear that the democrats need some new blood to replace the aging frontrunners.  It is not a crime to grow up in a wealthy neighborhood but a campaigner should be up front and not spin the issue to sway voters.  She comment on the Late Show “Well, you know, the president is from Queens, and with all due respect – half of my district is from Queens.  I don’t think he knows how to deal with a girl from the Bronx”.

It appears that she is trying to create a division between her and the president that she is one of the poor, financial struggling commoners and the president is one of the ‘1%ers’.  If New Yorkers are getting spin when it comes to her upbringing, how can they believe they will get honest answers on other more poignant issues.  It may behoove NY voters to do some research prior to selecting their candidates.


DOJ Files Charges for Medical Fraud



The DOJ’s Sessions said “This year we are charging 601 people, including 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists, 19 nurses, and other medical personnel with more than $2 billion in medical fraud.  In this latest operation, with the help of our fabulous partners at HHS, we have charged another 162 people – including 32 doctors – with the illegal distribution of opioids.  This is the most doctors, the most medical personnel, and the most fraud that the DOJ has ever taken on in any single law enforcement action”.

He added “We are sending a clear message to criminals across the country.  We will find you.  We will bring you to justice.  And you will pay a very high price for what you have done”.

Sessions’ speech is all well and good but surely the public is awaiting concrete results.  He has back peddled on his commitment to prosecute politicians and has gone so far as to taking a recusal from the Russia probe.  It is hard to put faith in someone whom has failed to live up to his promises in the past, no matter how tough he his words sound.

Is this another case of political rhetoric or will this result in the prosecution of these medical fraudsters.  Hopefully right will prevail and the DOJ can move to the prosecution of those whom have ‘sealed indictments’ pending.


Just Cause 4

This game is an open world action adventure.

The main character name is Rico Rodriguez.

He is a main character since Just Cause 1.

His objective in this game is to destroy a private millitary organization which called “Black Hand”

You can do many crazy things inside this game. This time, the location for Rico playground is in South American.

You can do normal things like drive a car, drive a motorcycle, fly a plane, etc.


Or you can do crazy things like using a rocket launcher to destroy helicopters, fly with your suit, climb a mountain with just a grapple and many more.



The new feature in this series is extreme weather conditions.

You will meet many tornadoes, lightning storms when fighting against your enemies.


Get ready to experience all of those things near christmas this year.

This game will be release on December 4, 2018.

All images from :


Fighting EX Layer

Fighting EX Layer is a new fighting game from the developer of Street Fighter EX(3D Street Fighter) in the past.

The beta was available in november 2017 for 2 weeks on PS4, then in april 2018 new characters(Shadowgeist, Nanase, Hayate) was announced.

If you played Street Fighter EX series in the past, I bet you’re familiar with these characters :

  1. Skullomania

  2. Shirase

  3. Garuda

All characters above and many more will show up in Fighting EX Layer.

This is the controls of the game(PS4 controller) :

And this is the game system :
game system.jpg

This game was developed with Unreal Engine 4, so let’s hope the update system is not like Street Fighter V(every time there’s a new update, we need to download all files of the game).

This game is PS4 exclusive for now.

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My Introduction Post… Better Late Than Never!

Let Me Introduce Myself  To Stishit.

Tomaligues Samar Philippines.jpg
I found my Philippines paradise!
I always wanted to live on a tropical island. I’m not sure why but it could have all began while growing up watching the well-known American television series “Gilligan’s Island” which was a comedy about 7 people who took a small boat cruise out of California, becoming shipwrecked on a small deserted island in the Pacific. This show captured my imagination as a boy with all the beautiful beaches and the coconut trees, and the turquoise blue lagoons. It was every episode and re-run that Gilligan threw at me that drove my fascination with discovering and living in my own tropical paradise, wherever it may be. I knew early on that I needed to get one of those sailor caps that Gilligan wore.


The cast of Gilligan’s Island (Gilligan in red)

After graduating high school, me and my best friend immediately migrated southward from Illinois until we found our first palm tree… it was in Orlando, Florida. After pitching a tent there (metaphorically speaking), it wasn’t long before I ventued out even further and found myself in Key West, where I discovered the famous “Cheeseburger in Paradise” culture of relaxation and peacefulness, all the while listening to the sounds of Jimmy Buffet. Ah, the life in “Margaritaville” and the tropics. I quickly learned however, that without money and some form of sustenance, I was destined to return home to reality – the now even more dreaded snow-belt of North-central Illinois, where I just knew I would live the rest of my life growing up living between a bean field and a corn-stalk. I needed a plan and it wasn’t long before I placed my bet…I would take my chances and join the U.S. Navy. At least I knew that is where I could start with the Gilligan hat!

Gilligan hat.jpeg

After returning home to Illinois, it wasn’t long until I was on the bus heading for Navy Boot Camp in Chicago. The Navy guaranteed me an assignment to “Weather Observing” school (Lakehurst N.J.) after boot camp and I was going to become an Aerographer! How prophetic this was, as I can remember during my late teen years, my father quite regularly accused me of walking around with my head in the clouds. And this was the result of my armed forces aptitude test??? Okay I thought, it was a good fit. Whether it was prophecy or irony, I was resigned to a career of watching the clouds AND getting paid to do it. It was more than a good fit, it was perfect! I can remember the strangest looks on my friends faces when I told them I was going to get paid for staring at the sky. And, it just kept getting better as my living-in-the-tropics destiny would have it – my first set of orders after graduating from “Weather” school took me to Guam, U.S.A., where “America’s Day Begins!” Not only was it lush and tropical, but It was also in the Domain of the Golden Dragon.

Guam tumon bay.JPG
Guam – My alternate paradise!

Nice beaches, coral reefs, coconut trees, and the Asian fiesta. Many, many fiestas! Did I mention the tropics? I figured life couldn’t get any better than that. Once I landed there (at the ripe old age of 19) I found myself working a great job in the the largest computer center in the Eastern Hemisphere at the Navy’s Fleet Weather Center, all the while getting paid to live in paradise. Eight of the next twelve years found me living, working, or visiting somewhere between the 180th meridian and the Indian Ocean, mostly under the tropical sun. It seemed to always follow me…from Guam to the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong, to Diego Garcia, and back to the Philippines, where I met my match… and my Filipina bride, in 1984.

Romance It's more fun.jpg

I spent over 20 years with the U.S. Navy (staring at the sky) and, after returning to the mainland, went to work for the National Weather Service for several years. When I retired from the business of Weather, I landed myself in the Real Estate community for the next 13 years. After spending nearly 30 years of our working life on the U.S. mainland, we decided on an early retirement and decided to liquidate our assets and move to the Philippines (where we ultimately setttled into our retirement home, on the island of Samar). This was not an arduous decision. As a matter of fact, once we gave ourselves the green light, it didn’t take me long to pack my complete wardrobe of shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops and like a true sailor, I was ready to get underway on a moment’s notice. And… believe it or not, I still had my Gilligan hat!

After living in the Philippines for just over 4 years full-time, we decided to move to Guam in 2017. We now use our home in Samar as our “retreat” home and travel back and forth as we feel the need. These days we just enjoy life as we take living “One Day at a Time.”

For anyone who may be interested, I’ve been publishing a blog Retired in Samar since 2012 about much of our transition to and living in paradise experiences.  I also have a YouTube Channel, Retired in Samar and am always looking for new subscribers. And now, I can further share my “One Day at a Time” experience with the Stishit community!

Retired in Samar 1.gif


Living Life Between Two Islands

I Got Burned Out Doing Nothing… So I Moved to Another Tropical Island!


Life in the Tropics – It’s All Good.

More than a year has passed since my wife and I re-established a new homestead in Guam. And you know what they say… “How time flies when you’re having fun!” It must be true because it only seems like we just arrived a few weeks ago.

This last December 2017 we went back home to Samar and spent a couple of months there. We enjoyed Christmas and the New Years festivities, a couple birthday celebrations, and a fiesta or three, including our own barangay fiesta. We enjoyed some companionship with some friends during a few get-togethers. I tended to some maintenance issues around the house that needed attention, but mostly I just relaxed and took life one day at a time. I managed to get some video footage while there and hope to get to work on some editing and uploading to my YouTube channel soon. Mostly we just enjoyed the holidays, the pets, the family, and the comforts of our newly designated “retreat” home. I also done a little fishing and caught nothing! You know what they say about fishing: “Your worst day fishing is better than your best day at work!” We returned to Guam around the 3rd week of February and slid right back into our routine of more tropical living!

Matabato Fiesta at Nen's.png
First to arrive at a friends house for Fiesta in Matabato, Calbayog City, Samar.One thing I realized when we returned to the house in the Philippines was that the heat and humidity had begun creeping into the house. Our caretaker runs the aircon for about 4 hours per day to help maintain lower humidity levels inside, but now we know about 6 hours per day (minimum) is needed. I also noticed the mildew starting to form on many of my books and my stamp collection was looking neglected. Aside from all the stamps I have already cataloged and in albums, I still have this accumulation of stamps which completely fills two cigar boxes. I discovered that several (too many) stamps were increasingly beginning to adhere to each other. Once I got them back to Guam, I had to carefully separate them, mostly by soaking them apart. The one thing I will share here is that when living in the Philippines, the heat and humidity can cause many things to deteriorate. And if you are close to the ocean like we are, the salt-laden air will assist in that process… inevitably!

Even though we keep our home climate controlled while we live there, and unless we run the air conditioning sufficiently, moisture will creep in and mildew will begin to appear – because inside the house, with all windows closed, there is no natural air flow. This is our biggest problem. Because we imported all our furniture and household goods, we are careful to keep the house closed up and attempt to manage the dryness with our three air conditioners. Another reason for keeping the house closed up is to keep out unwanted mosquitos and wood destroying insects like termites. Once wooden furniture becomes infested with termites, you might as well call it quits because you will lose that battle. Open windows allow every critter in the Philippines universe to enter the house. And we choose to live in a ‘mosquito free zone’ and to not to live with bugs… or humidity! Period. If youy have ever been anywhere along the southern U.S. coast from Houston, Texas to Naples, Florida, could you imaging spending a summer there without air conditioning? Nope! Even aside from all the protections we put in place, we discovered that we had a septic tank mosquito infestation shortly after our return. My wife was struck down with Dengue Fever from a mosquito bite the second week back in the Philippines. She was down hard for about 5 days with every symptom imaginable. It took two weeks to remedy the septic infestation.

Back to the stamp collection… I was able to save almost all the stamps that were stuck to one another with only loosing a few low-value stamps to actual damage. Anyway, back here on Guam, life goes on with central air conditioning and that is what makes things so comfortable here. Comparing Guam to the Philippines, most everyplace is air-conditioned here… and it is welcomed by all, as opposed to the Philippines where most people (in the province anyway) prefer NOT to live in the colder air. Systems here are also well maintained and some places are downright frigid! In contrast, in the Philippines, I share the joke: “How do you get unwanted guests to leave your house? You just you just turn the air conditioner to “Artic Blast!” That will eliminate all occupants faster than you can open a cold bottle of San Miguel on a hot day!

Passing the Time.

Inside 1.jpg
When we first arrived, there was much to do!When I first arrived in the Philippines, I had plenty to do. I had a house to finish building. Then landscaping filled much of my time. I also brought along my fishing kayak but it became a burden to launch and recover (in our barangay). Due to the low tides, I would need to carry the 65lb Yak (and all fishing gear) nearly two hundred meters to get to water deep enough to paddle and that was just too much work. Along our coast, nearly half of the year experiences higher tides but much rougher waters during the Habagat (SW monsoon). I tried fishing with and without the kayak there but there are so few fish to be caught along the shoreline, I gave up fishing altogether. Then all my gear began to rust badly. I used to take long afternoon motorcycle rides along the coast until I transferred the bike to my brother-in-law. Then we were left with only the car for transportation, which the asawa takes most days. I had my bicycle, which by now had rusted to the point (remember the salt air) where it was not in great shape. I now had my newly finished man-cave where I could spend much of my day in privacy, but that got old real fast… I became too isolated from everyone and everything. Even the dog decided the cool and refreshing aircon was not worth being cooped up and she abandoned me. I stopped making videos when YouTube began their censorship campaign, in addition to all the unjustified copyrite claims I had to deal with on almost every video I produced. Then there were the daily brownouts and piss-poor internet upload speeds that Globe was providing me for my money. I quit playing tennis because it was taking its toll on my knee and shoulder. I even had someone doing all the yard work and washing the car. The bottom line – I had run out of things to do – except for lounging around, eating (in or out) and drinking beer! Doing nothing is not a good rut to be in… for most people. And I definitely got into a rut.

Inside 29.JPG
All finished! Now what?

Meanwhile, Back on Guam

I am back in a place where there are plenty of things to keep me occupied. I returned to playing racquetball and I have been invited by the U.S. Navy’s gym director to submit a proposal to offer racquetball lessons, so that process is in the works. When I’m not playing racquetball, there is snorkeling, diving, fishing, beach combing, golfing (I also retrieved my clubs from the Philippines), and hiking to help me and shopping to help the Mrs. occupy time. We also returned to bowling and are enjoying our second season of the Thursday night league (ironically the league is composed mostly of Filipinos). We have re-discovered shuffleboard (indoor table variety), enjoy attending Guam fiestas, visiting local attractions, and taking morning and evening walks on the mostly litter-free beaches (there is no perfect beach anywhere, some are just cleaner than others). In a nutshell, we are still enjoying the Asian culture, only Guam style! And on rainy days, I can play with my stamps.

Engrossed in Stamps!With all these added activities, I’m surprised I find enough time leftover for blogging! It will be hard to run out of things to do here on this island and we can now look forward to visiting our retreat in the Philippines and enjoy some pure rest and relaxation. Because Guam can wear you out… if you allow it to happen!

Guam Beer.jpg
Did I fail to mention there is always a cold beer to be had in between all there is to do?
Retired in Samar 1.gif


Silver Coins or Silver Rounds





Silver dropped below the $16 level and some are thinking of buying some silver.  There are some main options buyers have other than the image on the coin.  The first decision to be made is whether one should invest in coins or rounds or bullion bar.

When I bought my first piece of silver, I had this same conundrum.  As I found that official country coins cost more than rounds or bullion, so what is the reason.  Coins are minted under a country’s specification where as rounds or bullion are minted by a private concern.  In most cases, if you select a well respected coin dealer there is a minimal chance that you won’t receive the round as advertised but when buying from say an auction site, you do expose yourself to a higher risk.

Since coins are more well known than rounds people are more willing to trade using them.  People are more comfortable when dealing in a piece that they are familiar with.  Some coins also command a numismatic value for various reasons like the age or in some cases there is a flaw when the coin was minted.  The definition of the details on the coin also have a bearing on its numismatic value.  These are some of the main reasons that a coin sells at a premium to rounds or bullion.

I repeatedly mentioned rounds and bullion.  Rounds are just bullion that a shaped as a circle where as bullion (in my usage) refers to silver shaped as rectangles, some refer to these as ingots.

The amount of silver contained in the Silver Eagle is 1 troy ounce and its purity is .999 fine silver.  Rounds can be bought in differing weights and differing purity.  The most common purity is .999 or .9999, there is a small increase in value for the .9999 purity over the .999.

There is a difference other than general acceptance between coins and rounds.  The Silver Eagle is considered legal tender in the US, rounds are not.  But in regards to the Eagle, it has a face value which is much smaller than its melt value.  Currently the melt value is about $16 where as the face value is $1.  While on this subject, the same applies to silver half dollars, silver quarters and silver dimes, if you are fortunate to have any of these.  These coins mostly went out of circulation sometime in the 1960s and they are very hard to find in circulation.  The coins date after about 1964 contain no silver.

The choice you decide on primarily depends on personal preference.  Some points that you might want to research…

The popularity of a coin or round, this will tend to increase the value.  For whatever reason some designs are sought by people which raises the demand for that particular piece which in turn causes the price to rise.

The reliability and past history of the company you deal with.  This is very important, there has been several reports where buyers were scammed by coin dealers.  Some of these scams were non delivery and the product received was determined to be gold plated tungsten.  These buyers may have some recourse but it is easier to do your research before you buy.  Researching a company’s history might include how long have they been in operation, any complaints file against them and blogs that may exist.  Personally, I would that blogs or opinions with a grain of salt as blogger are not always truthful but if many are saying that the company has scammed they, it would be easier to find another dealer.



Octopath Traveler

There are 8 travelers, each one has their different stories.


You will experience all of their stories through the game.


The graphics from my opinion, it looks like chrono trigger but with high resolution assets.


The gameplay is turn based style.


This is some screenshot about the gameplay :


The music is quite good too, even though not on par with final fantasy or kingdom hearts or any big titles from Square Enix.


This is an example of the music for this game :


Overall, this game is looking good, especially if you like J-RPG turn based style.


All images from :


Kingdom Hearts 3

Do you own a playstation 2 in the past?


If the answer is yes, then you probably already know about this game in the past.


Kingdom Hearts(KH) is a collaboration game between Squaresoft(now Square Enix) and Disney.


The first and second series was released on PS2.


The story of KH started from a small island.

There are 3 people in that island : Sora(a young boy), Kairi(a young girl), Riku(a young boy too).

They are friends, but one day their island got invaded by strange creatures known as “Heartless”.


Sora got separated from Riku and Kairi during that invasion and Sora got a weapon called “Keyblade” to fight the heartless.


A strange portal open and Sora went inside that portal.


Soon he arrived in another world and he meet Donald Duck and Goofy.


Donald and Goofy searching for keyblade owner and after they found out Sora is the owner, they decided to start a journey together to find Sora friends.


That’s a bit story from the beginning of this series. Now let’s back to Kingdom Hearts 3.


In KH 3, Sora + Donald + Goofy still fighting heartless together, but they have another enemy this time called “Organization XIII”.


The source of heartless is from Organization XIII, so Sora and friends will do everything to stop them.


There are many new disney characters and disney worlds in KH3 : Toy Story, Monster Inc, Frozen, Pirates of the Carribean and many more.


This is an example of KH3 gameplay video in Pirates of Carribean world :


The gameplay is action RPG, so you only need to chop chop the enemies and make sure enemies can’t chop chop you.


And for the music….


Utada Hikaru is back to give this game an amazing feeling.



This game will be release on 25 January 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One.


All images from :


Justice Kennedy Retires



Kennedy was nominated by Ronald Reagan in 1987 and has been on the bench for over 3 decades.  He is consider to be a conservative but his viewpoint is to the left of Trump’s.  He has indicated that he would be retiring for the last few months.  He has submitted his resignation to be effective on July 31.

Presently the court is comprised of four liberal leaning judges and four conservative judges.  Kennedy was the swing vote on several recent landmark votes by the SCOTUS, like the legalization of same sex marriages, the preservation of Roe v. Wade, the upholding of warrantless wiretapping and the overturning of the handgun ban.

Potential replacements are Brett Kavanaugh, William Pryor, Thomas Hardiman, Amul Thapar, Raymond Kethledge and Amy Coney Barrett.  Since the Republicans hold a 51 – 49 edge in the Senate, a Trump nominee could be approved without any bipartisan support.  Democrats are not happy.


A beautiful morning begins

The picture I made on 15.05.2018 at 07:11 am from my hotel room before I went to breakfast.

Bad Ems is a city located on both sides of the river Lahn in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate and is a state-approved health resort. The history of the city extends to the Roman period.


Its heyday was experienced in the 19th century. For many European monarchs and artists, Bad Ems was considered a summer residence, among others Kaiser Wilhelm I, Tsar Nicholas I and Alexander II, Richard Wagner etc. 






I was here for the meeting. Surely you can also spend some nice days here!

More information, for example holiday, can be found on the five-language website of city and tourism marketing Bad Ems.


Pictures I have made with my iphone X.



Call To Action



Maxine Waters has kicked a hornet’s nest when she called for inciting the public to stalk any of Trump’s cabinet to physical harass them.  Even the leaders of the democrat party have started to distance themselves from her stance.  It was probably due to the potential blowback they would face if the public saw this as a despicable suggestion.

Now a petition has been started to call for the expulsion of Waters.   This maybe the start of the public’s attitude change towards the blatantly unlawful acts of many whom consider themselves to be above the law.  Another indication is the voluminous amounts of sealed indictments, the DOJ release a list numbering 24,500.



The petition was started on June 25 and it currently has amassed 53,023 signatures.  Their goal is 100,000 signatures.  If you are interested in throwing you hat into the ring, here is a link to voice your opinion by signing the petition.


Precious Metal Monkey Hammer





Over the last week, I have watched the prices of metals smashed.  My problem is I do not have an inkling as to why, there has been no apparent reason, the prospects of an imminent world war breaking out is not any higher, no country is in imminent danger of defaulting (although Italy is teetering) and other than Venezuela, Argentina and Italy there are no currencies on the verge of implosion.  So what is the cause behind them hammering down the metals.

I have been noticing that the cryptos are also being smashed.  The only thing I can point to is an unseen ‘black swan’ on the horizon.  The time is certainly ripe as we are in the summer doldrums (for the US).  This is the opportune time for them to put their plan in motion because most of us are in a lull and not really paying attention to the ways of the world.  Historically they act when we are most oblivious, now days most of us are oblivious all the time.

There has been an uptick on the political division causing a huge crevice between the right and the left, in fact it seems that it is pushing people to start the next civil war.  History shows that when the economy is failing the best way to boost the numbers it to perpetrate a war whether a world war or a national war.  They have been and still are inciting a world war in Syria and other parts of the middle east, but so far they have not been successful.  Now their impetus seems to have moved to inciting a national war by pushing the immigration issue and calling for civil uprising against members of the current administration.

Another facet is the ongoing investigation for the ‘Russian collusion’ is failing, the number of political members having sealed indictment levied against them and the number of incumbent politicians resigning.  It should be an interesting upcoming election.  The democrat’s belief they would be recovering control of the senate and the house is definitely in question but the republicans are resigning en masse.  Maybe the illegal migrants will be voted in and the US will once again be the property of Mexico, just a musing but anything seems possible in our dystopic nation.

I also thought it might be related to the Brexit, now assured.  I was not able to tie the two together.  But there may be some connection as over the last year London has been the recipients of large amounts of liabilities for EFPs from the COMEX.  The UK’s ability to cover the metal short contracts with physical is just as doubtful as the US’s ability.  This is solely based on my assumption that there is a minimal amount of actual physical gold remaining in the US’s or the UK’s vaults.  I believe that the physical metals were already shipped to the BRICS countries and the US and UK are left with paper.

I believe this will be one summer that will go down in the history book as the downfall of the western supremacy or should I say hegemony.



European Banks Using Lehman’s Method



From an article in Bloomberg, big banks may be in worst condition than it appears.  It is very apparent that the banks are swamped with debt but the degree it is camouflaged with accounting tricks is not apparent.


Lehman Brothers tried to covered their highly leveraged position using repos and in 2008 they went belly up, but with Lehman their financial position was not as heavily tied to derivatives.


Repos otherwise known as repurchase agreements are utilized to bring down the bank’s assets as reporting dates approach.  Repos are a slight of hand maneuver where a bank sells an instrument like a bond short term and buys them back.  The bank can borrow using this instrument as collateral.  With fractional lending the money is multiplied as the banking rules only requires them to retain a percentage of the money taken in, the rest may be loaned out.  So the money is multiplied on the books but in actuality it is like printing money.


The money derived from the additional loans is used to cover the money that was received from the sale of the short term bond.  It’s better than the old shell game or three card monte because it involves much larger sums but the swindle is the same.


The game always ends the same.  The banker’s greed pushes them to play the game till a timing error is made and the payments out come due before the payments in are received, this results in a default.


This is the same game that is being played on the COMEX.  They maintain that they have a store of physical precious metals and the issue out loans of these through vehicles like GLD and SLV or short contracts.  In reality, there is only a percentage of actual physical metals backing the multiples of paper agreements so if all the investors holding the paper shorts were to insist on redemption in physical metal, the scheme would collapse.  Most of the holders of the paper contracts would be settled in fiat as per the rules of COMEX.


The unfortunate thing is no one can forecast when the default will occur but it is certain that it will occur.  So everything will appear like business as usual till it isn’t, just like Lehman Brothers.


Calbayog City… It’s Where We Live

This is my first attempt at posting a video to Stishit. This is a YouTube video I did to show fellow expats, who either live in the Philippines or who may be planning on moving to the Philippines, a little bit about our chosen paradise. It is the place where we live… Calbayog City, on the Island of Samar.




Greedfall is an action RPG game in 17th century filled with magic.



<b>Story :</b>


There is a disease with no cure, so people search for a new area to live. They discovered an island called “Teer Fradee”. That island is free from the disease.


Our main character start his journey to that island to find a cure.


<b>Gameplay :</b>


The gameplay looks like The Witcher 3(or Star Wars Knight of The Old Republic from my opinion).


We can use diplomacy first before we chop chop the enemy.


Our actions will affect the story of this game.


We can try to recruit as many people as possible or we can kill as many people as possible, each one will lead to different story.


We can use close range weapons, ranged weapons, magic to fight the enemy.


This game will be release in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC(Steam).


All images from :


Jump Force

Do you want to see goku from dragon ball fighting against naruto?


Or frieza from dragon ball fighting against luffie from one piece?


You can see all of those inside this game.


Jump force will bring many popular manga heroes and villains to fight with each other.



This game is in development by Spike Chunsoft(the developer of Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Budokai series in the past).


So far the trailer only show some characters from naruto, dragon ball, one piece, but there are more characters from many manga in the final version.


The battle format is 3 vs 3 with 3D open area.


This game will be release in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC(Steam).


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I’m Not Alone!


Responding to the “Say What’s On Your Mind” (as asked within this blank text box), I can do just that. I wish I could still do that over on Steemit but… everything I do there now is censored. I just tried to post something there and was basically denied access to posting (masked as a network error). I have known others who are prevented from uploading any new content, even on Dtube, which is a separate platform from Steemit. Even when I post a comment on someone else’s post, I get flagged. When I attempt to upvote someone, it gets blocked, so I can’t even use my voting strength for the good of others. If you are on Steemit, know this… Steemit has become an overly censored and CENTRALIZED platform that is designed to make the early adopters even richer, while minnows and new investors struggle. And when you finally realize what is happening and voice your opinion, your opinion is silenced. When certain whales see something they don’t agree with, they can shut you down at will… it’s that simple. Why?… to protect their self- interest of course! Do your homework… your due dilligence, as this has become the way of #Steemit, CENTRALIZED and CENSORED… so be careful what you say. I am not alone!



Katie Arrington Injured



After her victory over Sanford in the primary election, she was involved in a strange motor vehicle accident which left her hospitalized.  The car Arrington was a passenger in was struck by another vehicle which was heading the wrong way.  The driver of the other vehicle was killed in the collision.

It seems odd that soon after her victory, she is a victim of an accident where a wrong way driver slams into the vehicle she is riding in with so much force that the other driver is killed.  It looks as if some entities were miffed about her winning the nomination.



Looking at the person she defeated may provide some clues.  Sanford was the governor of South Carolina from 2003 to 2011.  In 2009, he mysteriously disappeared and his whereabouts were unknown.  He was gone for about a week, when he resurfaced he admitted that he was in Buenos Aires, Argentina meeting with a woman whom he was having an extramarital affair.

Sounds like the type of politician that the deep state likes to have in power.  It appears that politicians that have skeletons in their closet are easier to manipulate and toe the subversive agenda.  As more politicians are exposed for their underhanded activities, TPTB need to do what they can to keep their benefactors in power.

It is becoming more apparent that people whom buck the system have a short life span.


Smartphone Batteries Spy on User



Researchers have discovered a method to track information users enter on their smart phones.  The method involves monitoring the battery level, they attached a micro controller into the battery to record the levels.

The information is extracted by analyzing the recorded levels and matching it against the amount of power used when pressing individual keys.  They claim that this technique allows hackers to record passwords, identify what sites you visit, when the camera is used and when you make calls.  It doesn’t claim the ability to log the contents of the calls but that is already recorded by other government agencies.

The technique is dangerous to user because it can record passwords and banking account information.  This makes one whom conducts transactions on their phone to be exposed to financial loss.

One way to prevent this is by using the phone when it is connected to the charger.  The power draw will come from the charger and the battery is by passed so the chip that records the battery level will not be able to record the fluctuations in the power usage.


I Have a Plan… and it definitely includes Stishit!

In All Fairness, I need a Harley Davidson. Only One!

The one I want!
I’ve been working on my wife now for years, trying to meld her thought process with mine, laying the groundwork for the day I spring it upon her that it is time for me to buy a Harley Davidson. I’ve had a lifelong dream of owning three big-boy toys and have already accomplished two of them… a sailboat and a motor home. Now that I’m two-for-three, it’s about time to move on it. It’s time for the hat trick… the trifecta… the Harley! It’s almost every man’s (and some women’s) dream that has ever owned a motorcycle to one day own a Harley Davidson. It is that grassroots passion that many of us dream about. It’s about freedom and the self-expression that transcends all cultures. We are adventure-seeking individuals whom aspire to the values that Harley-Davidson stands for – independence, authenticity and the passion for being on the open road. Okay… I live on an island and open roads here don’t exist, but what the hell. I can still have one, can’t I?IMG_7525.JPG
Charlie’s Two ScootersThis morning as we were readying to leave parking lot, my neighbor Charlie was out walking his dog. Charlie was also stationed here on Guam at the same time I was back in the late ’70’s and has been here ever since. He owns TWO Harley’s and they are parked flanking his front door of his ground floor condo. Anyway, as he passed by our car he stopped to chat. He had just got back from visiting his relatives in Tennessee and was telling me how enjoyable it was to get out on the road and do some riding during the cool Spring mornings when the temperatures were in the mid 60’s. I said “Wait! You have a scooter (Harley) there in Tennessee?” and he replied “Yes.” With the sound of certain envy in my voice I affirmed with him “So you have THREE Harley Davidson motorcycles?” and he replied “Yes, consider me to be Harley poor!” We continued talking for another minute or so until his dog decided that we had enough conversation and it was time to go for his walk. As the dog pulled Charlie away from the car, I began backing out of our parking spot and as I rolled up the window I turned to my wife – “Did you hear that? Charlie has three Harley’s!” “THREE” I replied to myself as I looked at her. After a not-so-short pause she says “Yeah, okay three… he doesn’t have a wife either!”

She made a valid point and right then I knew I would do well enough to simply leave it alone. At least for another day! Charlie was no help… I guess I’ll be looking for a new plan of attack!


It Is Definitely In The Water



After just reading about California senator Feinstein introducing a rogue bill to make felonies committed by immigrants with children, this new story broke concerning another California politician inciting people to harass anyone affiliate with Trump.

Maxine Waters, a democratic representative who has been in office since 2013, has been an outspoken advocate of impeaching Trump.  She has followed the sage advise of not letting a crisis go to waste like Feinstein.  She got on her soapbox to incite people to actively harass any member of Trump’s Cabinet to their legal right to eat at a restaurant, go shopping or be seen in any public venue.  She blatantly advocates for people to prevent members of the Trump team to enjoy a private life.  This is another example of why term limits are so necessary and voter need to make better choices.


Agreed that Trump probably added fuel to her rage by pointing out her likeness to James Brown.  But Waters seems to be dead set on tearing down the establishment based on her personal vendetta.  It is ironic that over her tenure, she has bent several rules to increase her personal or her family’s wealth.  As an example, her daughter has been paid $750,000 to send out campaign mailers.

It appears that there must be something in the California water that is responsible for democratic members to elicit laws that are clearly unconstitutional or display irrational outbursts based on an issue that the majority of people polled blame the parents of the separation of immigrant children from their parents.

I’m sure an enterprising person will soon bottle the California water and market it globally so more people can experience the delusion.


Feinstein Introduces Bill Decriminalizing Crime



Senator Feinstein has introduced a bill which legal experts believe would allow adults whom commit any type of felony in the US to avoid punishment.  The bill would only apply to adults whom have children, this is obviously her attempt to politicize the immigration fiasco.  As another politician said “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

According to attorney Gabriel Malor, this bill would provide that “an agent or officer of a designated agency shall be prohibited from removing a child from his or her parent or legal guardian at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border of the US”.  In his opinion, this suggests that any crimes committed in these areas by people with children will be considered non-crimes.

He goes to point out:

1) The bill places no limitations on the scope of its regulation to agencies that are specifically involved with dealing with border issues.

2) The term “agent or officer” is only partially defined to include contractors, though it otherwise includes every federal employee, potentially including FBI agents, Secret Service agents, and even officers of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

3) The term “child” in the bill is defined as any person under the age of 18 who does not have permanent immigration status. This definition, according to Malor, includes U.S. citizens under the age of 18 because “citizen children by definition have no immigration status, permanent or otherwise.”

4) In seeking to define the geographic area where it would apply, the bill does a very poor job of limiting the scope to “at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border.” Malor says that this includes “almost the entirety of the geographical territory of the United States and the vast majority of people living in it,” seeing as how 200 million people live within 100 miles of a national border.


Feinstein has been a California senator for nearly 3 decades.  This move to introduce a bill that is undeniably flawed just to improve her political image by showing sympathy for the immigrant children being separate from their parent shows the merits that term limits are needed.


I’m new here-my first post

Hello everyone,

I come from Germany and live in a village between Mannheim and Karlsruhe. My interest is in technology and it. Recently also crypto and Co. An interface to the world, I have, no matter where I am, always with it and mostly even several times.


In my spare time I do a lot of cycling through the area or spend a few days at a lake. I can scoop my head free. Often I now also make pictures which I post. I am currently trying to capture my interesting tracks with an action cam. Is unfortunately not so easy! Poor lighting conditions or strong jolt, make a lot of things impossible!

blank Sunrise at the Erlichsee by @jeenger


A seven minute video I have loaded the days on YouTube.

If you want to know more, check out my Blog at Steemit. There I have published some bike tours in my area.

I look forward to our exchange of information.


Agent 5



With news of the participation of many agents as well as leaders of the FBI being complicit in the failed manipulation of the US election process, it may behoove one to educate themselves on the actual purpose of the FBI.  Is this arm of the federal assigned to the task of steering whom is elected?

According to, their mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.  Am I missing something, is there an article in the Constitution that addresses the manipulation of elections?  According to the Constitution, there is no mention of the FBI having the authority to sway votes to manipulate the outcome of any election.  It does make mention that Representatives should be chosen by the People but this was only in reference to members of the House of Representatives.  Could it be that the writers of the Constitution meant for all other elections (other than for Members of the House) to be open to manipulation by other federal arms or well heeled financial backers?

The agent in the photo was referred to as ‘agent 5’, it was discovered that this was a pseudonym for Sally Moyer.  She is an attorney and registered Democrat, she has been employed by the FBI since 2006.  She was on the filter team for the Clinton probe, this team was responsible for determining if information obtained should be considered ‘privileged’ or could be used in the investigation.

We should expect that a government agency, along with any corporation, to perform their duties with at the very least a modicum of fair play as well as unbiasedness.  I attached a list of emails between agent 1 and agent 5 for your review.



On your review of these exchanges, would you conclude that any investigation performed by these agents would be unbiased?  Furthermore, it was determined that agent 1 and agent 5 were romantically link (now I understand that they have married), not that this has any bearing on their obvious dislike for Trump.  I often wonder how people give credence to people just because of their title, such as movie stars, attorneys, politicians and sports figures.



I included this photo to show that attorneys are just average people, without their suits and coiffured hair.

On election day, she texted:  “You think HRC is gonna win right?  You think we should get nails and some boards in case she doesn’t?”, “[Hillary] better win, [o]therwise I’m gonna be walking around with both my guns.  And likely quitting on the spot.”  You need a college education to major in vitriol.

I have concluded that the FBI is failing in it’s mission statement and is a den of manipulating employees sucking off the taxpayers dime.  I have read about some FBI agents that are actually loyal to the Constitution.  It is a shame for the ones whom aren’t are corrupting the agency.

Russians Turning US Bonds Into Gold



The saying is that money moves from weak hands to strong hands, this may sound like a old wives tale until you take the time to look at the movement of value.  As you may know, the US dollar is hardly worth the paper it is printed on.  The value is being shored up by manipulation, this is also true of the stock prices.

One ploy that is employed to shore up the dollar is to hammer the price of precious metals to unsustainable lows.  This practice is being exploited by the Russians, they are using their stockpile of deprecated US bonds to parley them into gold.  They are depositing the bonds in US banks and using their deposits as collateral to purchase physical gold.

If you have been following, the major holders of the US debt are working to divest their holdings but they are divesting in a way that won’t cause the US to implode.  Implosion of the US economy would result in losses that the BRICS wish to avoid until they divest their holdings.

As a follower of the, I can appreciate some being put off by Willie’s brash demeanor but he imparts with what I believe it insightful analysis.  He doesn’t pull punches and although his predictions may not be accurate if judged by a timetable, they are fairly accurate based on trends.  Between Willie and Celente, I get some valuable insight as they both have a good grasp on reading between the lines.  Both are somewhat brash but the main reason I follow them are for the acumen not their personality, I honestly appreciate their fervor and their off the cuff presentations.

It seems that the BRICS are working to stockpile physical assets while the western countries insist on playing with monopoly money.  I’m just PATIENTLY waiting for the Russia or China to play the trump card (no pun intended but the pun is valid).


Resident Evil 2 Remake

Do you play resident evil 2(RE2) on Playstation 1(PS1) around 20 years ago and you want to play again now but with better graphics?


Or maybe you want to try to play RE2, but you can’t stand the pixelated graphics?


Capcom answered those questions with this game.


Resident Evil 2 Remake has the same story like the original game on PS1.


Leon Scott Kennedy is a main character in this game. He is a rookie police officer in the middle of his first day of the job. He arrived in Raccoon City at night to do this job. But the moment he arrived, he found a dead body on the road.


After examined the body, he realized he got surrounded by many zombies.


He try to escape through the bar and he meet Claire Redfield. Claire on the way to find her brother in this town. Two of them found a police car and they escape with that car.


After driving for a while, a zombie show up inside that car, they panicked and lost control of car. The car crashed and suddenly a truck coming their way. They jump out of the car and the game begins.


This is the announcement trailer :


And this is an example of the gameplay :


The camera is not a fixed style like the PS1 anymore now, the camera looks like modern RE games like RE4(third person with shoulder look).


This game will be release on January 25, 2019 for PS4, XBox One, PC(Steam).


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Devil May Cry 5

The story of this game is several years after Devil May Cry 4.


Nero(a main character from Devil May Cry 4) will come back in this game. He has his own devil hunting agency given by dante now.


You can also play as dante(a main character in all devil may cry series since the first series) in this game.


There are 3 playable characters in this game : Nero, Dante, and one mysterious person(no name yet).


This is the official trailer :


This game was developed with RE engine, a same engine that was used on Resident Evil 7.


Get ready to experience the stylish, cool, crazy combos next year.


This game will be release in spring 2019 for PS4, XBox One, PC(Steam).


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It’s All in the Presentation

This response from Inspector General Horowitz is better than a Freudian Slip.  As humans we are prone to expressing what we hold as true by body language.  This fact has been known for a long time.  Ask any card player or negotiator the value of reading body language.

It is a human characteristic that is hard to suppress.  Even if we are capable of suppressing our beliefs verbally, many of us display ‘tells’ that contradict what we voice.  This is somewhat apparent in the video clip.  Mr. Horowitz so to speak chokes on his answer.

Now that it has come to light that those we use to place our trust in lie and not just white lies, it should also be time for the public to consider fitting lie detection devices on politicians when they are speaking in a public forum.  It is true that these devices are not entirely fool proof but it would probably make the speaker have second thoughts about out right lying.


Stop Calling The Cops



Marquette Empowerment, a student organization has started a campaign to advise ‘white folks’ to stop calling the police.  It is quizzical why the group found it important to specify ‘white folks’, sounds sort of racist.  Their campaign doesn’t not go into details of why they placed an emphasis on ‘white folks’ but they tout themselves as focusing on issues like misogyny, transphobia, heterosexism, slut shaming, victim blaming, cissexism, classism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, ableism, racism and any other form of bigotry.

With such a large number of causes they are defending it’s a wonder that they can focus on all of them and still be effective.  It gives the impression that they are a group of snowflakes that have yet to form an opinion but they what to raise the flag that they are empowered to fight on behalf of the oppressed.

That being said, I somewhat side with their campaign to hesitate to get the police involved in some situations that could possibly be handled by other means.  Based on several incidents, the police have a tendency to escalate the problem.



Some situations can be resolve with a bit of common sense and possibly a cooling off period.  Remember your parents giving you a ‘time out’.


Pope Moves to Make Church Welcoming to LGBTQ



The pope has instructed the Vatican to embrace the LGBTQ community and welcome them as members of the church.  Currently the church is experiencing a decrease in its membership as well as the number of people seeking to join the clergy.  This is move is likely in response to the growing number of younger Catholics whom are confronting the church on topics from female priests and abortion to sexuality.  It is also meant to assuage the declining membership.

The topic is set to be discussed at the upcoming bishops’ synod and the World Meeting of Families.

Since the position of the Holy See was occupied by Pope Benedict, there has been a visible change in the direction being taken by the church.  The changes have alienated a large section of the older church members and it is still in doubt if the church’s changing dogma will attract the younger generation.

The actions of Pope Francis are to say the least nontraditional, many of his dictates are being questioned by older parishioners as sacrilegious and not in compliance with the teachings set forth in the Bible.


Daytrader Makes Huge Profit But…



Harouna Traor’e was an employee with Thomson Reuters, he was laid off due to downsizing.  There is some inconsistencies as to his position at Reuters.  According to Valbury attorneys, he was a seasoned market risk analyst at Reuters and according to Traore’s attorneys, he was employed at Reuters to sell analysis software to investors and he had no prior experience in financial markets.  When Traore applied for the  Valbury account, he claims that he embellished his trading experience.

I began this post with the discrepancies regarding Traore’s experience as this is the crux of Valbury’s defense.  Valbury is the brokerage that Traore applied for a trading account.  Traore is claiming that he was using a demonstration version of Valbury Capital’s brokerage platform so he could familiarize himself with the basics of trading.  He subsequently opened an account, depositing 20,000 euros.  He was practicing on what he believed was the demo version and made huge trades.  He later found that it was not the demo and he had amassed a loss of more than 1 million euros.

He was obviously distraught but he did reverse the loss and eventually built a substantial profit of over 10 million euros.  He contacted Valbury to explain his experiences and Valbury claimed that he had breached his contract.  His positions were voided and cancelled.  Considering that the brokerage could not realistically cancel his transactions as they were ‘live’, in essence they just confiscated his profits.

Valbury contends that since Mr. Traore made the trades under the belief that they were on the demo program, they are treating his trading as a ‘manifest error’.  They also allege that Mr. Traore had breached his trading limits.

Mr. Traore’s legal counsel contends that treating the trades as a ‘manifest error’ is spurious because when these trades were exercised, Mr. Traore was fully aware that he was trading ‘live’ and not on the demo program.  Counsel also contends that Valbury should have prevented him from breaching his trading limits.  As Valbury is in sole control of the live platform, it is their responsibility to maintain that trades exceeding a trader’s limits should be barred by the program.

Valbury is attempting to keep this lawsuit to be heard in the French courts by portraying Mr. Traore as a financial services professional rather than an inexperienced colnsumer.  The French courts are more supportive of consumer protection.


Steem is Looking a Little Bearish These Days

Looking at the top 100 coins and tokens on Coin Market Cap this afternoon (+10 GMT), I’m witnessing a sea of green. Out of the top 100 market caps, all but 7 of them are posting advances. Steem is one of the loosers showing a -0.69% loss. Steem’s current value is at about $1.56. The market is looking good for mostly everyone except for those tied up in Steem. Steem began it’s decline nearly a month ago slipping from a high of just over $3.00 to today’s price.

I began my power down last week but now wish I would have done it sooner. There is no telling where it will go. Hopefully back up, but with such an unfriendly environment happening over there, the social climate is not favorable.

Maybe they should change their name to SteemSpat!



7-day Steem price trend.


blank                                                     blank


Spanish Students Evicted For Migrants



The ship full of migrants from Africa which was refused docking in Italy and Malta was given permission to dock in Spain.  The Aquarius was granted by the newly appointed socialist prime minister, Pedro Sanchez.

To house the migrants, students at the La Florida dormitory in Alicante were asked to vacant their rooms which the students have paid 750 euros a month for rent.  The student were given 24 hours to leave and the provisional government promised to cover the students’ expenses and find new temporary accommodations for them.  One student’s mother said that the students were told that it was for their safety they were being asked to vacate as the refugees would have many diseases which would pose a health risk to the students.

The students made it know that they were not unsympathetic to the plight of the refugees but questioned why they were inconvenienced as it will affect their studies.

What the students have learned by this is a good education on how the government is so supportive of the citizen’s well being.  How the elected ones consider the rights of their citizens subservient to the rights of refugees.  How they should put their full faith in the decisions set out by the government.  I wonder what accommodations will be found for these displaced students.  The government will probably charge them a reduced fee to live on the Aquarius.

Now that Spain has opened their arms to the refugees, the Spanish citizens show be on the look out for alternate lodging as over the weekend Italy refused two more ships full of migrants.


Asian Nation Dumps Dollar and Yuan



A neighbor of China, Kygyzstan has been amassing a sizable gold reserve in relation to the size of their country.  They have international reserves of about $2 billion and they have stockpiled about 16% of this reserve in gold, their goal is to build the percentage to 50%.

The country’s Central Bank Governor said “The rules of the game are changing.  It doesn’t matter what currencies we have in our reserves;  dollars, yuan or rubles all make us vulnerable”.  The governor probably makes this assessment based on what occurred in 2015 when the country’s currency (som) fell to record lows due to the devaluation of the Russian ruble.  After that, the country increased its gold reserves from 8 to 15%.

Kyrgyzstan’s largest export is gold, the country mines a large amount of gold.  The governor believes it is far more prudent to maintain the mined gold in the country’s reserve instead of exporting it.  The stored gold can be converted into the currency they need for trade.

This is likely to be a growing trend as the currency wars and the trade wars escalate among the countries of the world.  It is the opinion of some that precious metals are real wealth and fiat dollars are just representations of precious metals.  As the economies of the world’s countries move towards collapse, more pundits are moving to the conclusion that precious metals are the real wealth.

It is true that one can not eat gold or silver but it is more likely that someone would be more willing to trade for gold and silver than fiat currencies.


? Melooo182’s Artists Curation Post #15 ? / @Steemartists Promo ?


Greetings fellow steemians!!!

So here we have again another selection for a new week…I got a job contract for 6 months as illustrator asistant, with CDA and everything…will have me extra busy but with a bit moar money yay, or at least a fixed salary for the next 6 months which is most welcome hehe…


Lets continue with this week’s curation, If you like the post please consider resteeming to spread the word and increase notoriety ? TY.


CLARIFYING NOTICE: This post only promotes my TOP 10 favourite artworks posted on Steemit in the last week(s?) and haven’t received the attention I think they deserve. I know there are way too many other good art being posted but I cannot put them all here, maybe other curators can make their own posts and cover more ground, that would be awesome.?


The Artists Curation Post will be done weekly and all the earned SBD will be shared in equal parts to the promoted artists, I get to keep the SP and STEEM as reward for the service.?


Week #15 TOP 10…

#1 “White peony and strawberry” by @sweettais




#3 Unicorns Universe by @artbynadine


#4 Silent Guardians – Making of by @patschwork


#5 Intersection by @montiljo


#6 The Green Fairy (La Fee Verte) my Steampunk illustration, WIP and background story by @yidneth


#7 D Art-Man The Hero who fights for Art Come and Draw Contest #6 | Creando un Héroe del Arte by @jorgeddln


#8 Entry for Mr.M Art Contest #7/Week’s Theme: Musicians & Dancers by @anomt


#9 OC Alagart Sadmore WIP – 03 by @katalinaooma


#10 My Latest Digital Painting – Natasha Akasha by @mushroomdreams



Other Awesome Art worth checking

Support to Artists │My 6 picks 13.06.2018. – by @megy.fine.arts

Steemit Art gallery – Week #32 – My experience in Chinese painting – by @prostosun

Dimensional Traveler – by @astraeir

? Mr.M Art Contest #7 ✏️JUNGKOOK (BTS) ? – by @dusoleil

Yellow moon – by @jungwatercolor

Little pig painted in oil – by @normazaro

The Urals landscape – by @voronenka


These were my TOP 10 for this week, please don’t forget to upvote them while you still can, also you can help by resteeming this post for more visibility.?

Thanks to the @steemartists crew @spaceginger, @jillustrations, @zeroooc, @veryspider and @zeitgleich. As well to @lilyraabe and @thenewalchemists, and the @c-squared crew and their awesome curation efforts.

Cheers Everyone, have an awesome and productive week!!!?


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As I said last week, I would be awarding a @steembasicincome share to one of the artists in the TOP 10 list selected randomly each week.
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This time’s lucky winner is @montiljo!
Congrats to him!!! ???



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Introducing STISH and Stishit!



Here is my most recent contribution to Stishit (submitted for publishing).

What is STISH?
According to the Urban Dictionary, Stish is defined as “chill.” STISH on the other hand is a “cryptographic currency,” or cryptocurrency for short. It is a form of currency that only exists digitally (like Bitcoin), that usually has no central issuing or regulating authority, like a bank.

Cryptocurrency uses this decentralized “blockchain” system to record transactions and manage the issuance of new units. The “cryptography” of it all is to simply prevent counterfeiting and fraudulent transactions. Cryptocurrencies use blockchains to order and validate transactions. Blockchains are a natural fit and the best (and perhaps only) way to maintain a consensus about the state of a record among a decentralized, trustless network. In summary, posting to the blockchain it is like writing a check from your checkbook, and having multiple accountants verify your math and your checkbook balance for accuracy.

How Is Cryptocurrency Valued?
A Cryptocurrency has value because people think it has value. Just like fiat currency, people believe that it has value therefore it does. Is it backed by any physical asset? Nope. Just like fiat currency is no longer backed by gold. While there might be several factors that determine the value of cryptocurrency, the most important is utility and supply and demand. Some cryptocurrencies like STISH are also valued based upon a proof of work (POW) system whereby it takes work to create the currency, therefore it has value.

Stishit is a social media platform where members earn rewards that easily convert to the digital cryptocurrency STISH. Because many people are now getting involved with cryptocurrency for the first time, we created an entry-level platform that makes learning about cryptocurrencies easy.

Do you like Facebook but hate that you are doing all the work and they get all the profits? Is Twitter or Snapchat your go to app but you feel like it is missing something? Are you posting on Instagram and building a massive following but think to yourself, “Wow, I take all of the pictures and do all of the work and these guys get all of the money!” If you think that it just doesn’t seem fair, you are not alone. Have you ever thought that perhaps maybe they could all share the wealth with their content creators that make their platforms so great! Don’t count on it.

On Stishit, members essentially do the same things as they would on any other social media platform and they are rewarded with a digital token that can be exchanged for #stish. It can be exchanged for cash or traded for the cryptocurrency of their choice, even Bitcoin. Thousands of people have already joined our new and innovative community and are already earning!

The way we see it, Social media shouldn’t take up your valuable time without some reward. Earn it, Buy It, Trade It. Live the Stishit social way where people chill and enjoy life. STISH is Cryptocurrency made easy by Stishit. Get your STISH today!


Strzok Escorted Out of FBI Building



Since  the OIG report surfaced, more is being leaked to the public about the chicanery going on behind the closed doors of the FBI.  Based on Strzok being escorted out of the FBI building on Friday, the investigation maybe bearing fruit.

Rest assured the public at large is waiting to see some results as it has been a long time since many have already been convicted in the public’s eye but none have been convicted.  After the tweets between Strzok and Page, how is any kind of defense possible.  Page quitting prior to the release of the OIG report also tends to incriminate their activities.

Aitan Goelman, Strzok’s attorney made a statement “Pete has steadfastly played by the rules and respected the process, and yet he continues to be the target of unfounded personal attacks, political games and inappropriate information leaks”.  In regards to Strzok’s ‘playing by the rules’ one must understand that the rules were likely Comey’s rules and not FBI rules.  Goelman also complains of ‘impartiality of the disciplinary process, which now appears tainted by political influence’, how is this even relevant?  Now the his client is about to be judged of trying to take part in a coup to undermine the president, this attorney complains that the rules Strzok ignored are tainted?  One must scratch their heads in amazement of this attorney’s chutzpah.

All that is left to do is to sit back and hope that some justice prevails.


Stishit is Upon Us!

Well, this pretty much sums up what the pole at Master Binkley’s house is going to look like soon. Better get some solar panels to go along with it!



An Evening in the Tropics

It’s really difficult to work on Stishit stuff and ignore this… Besides, my merlot is also getting in the way!


Evening Thunderstorm offshore.

Stish cryptocurrency

What Does A Cryptocurrency Alt Token Economy Actually Look Like?

The year is 2020 and many if not all of the worlds government backed fiat currencies have collapsed.

Paper money guaranteed by nothing other than a crooked government’s word is worthless. In the age of technology anti-brainwashing tactics are implemented and people around the world wake up. Being controlled no more by government backed phony baloney money but rather choosing real freedom and cryptocurrency also known as digital or alt currency, governments are forced to serve the people who now control the world’s wealth.

Stish cryptocurrency

Coins and tokens are traded among individuals without fees from banks or artificial manipulations. Without taxation people find they can afford to live comfortably in this new token economy. Governments are forced to pick multiple digital currency to adopt in order to operate as their national currencies have collapsed.

Honest tokens and currencies lead the way of this Utopian token economy. This might sound like a nghtmare to some and for those involved in many alt currencies it is a revolution of technology that restores freedom to the world.

What does a real token economy look like and how would it impact your day to day life?

For our discussion today we will make a few assumptions.  All cryptocurrencies are thus digital currencies but not all digital currencies are cryptocurrencies unless they adhere to cryptographic fundamentals. Paypal doesn’t meet the requirements of a cryptocurrency and some alt coins or alt tokens might not either.

Often people refer to bitcoin and ethereum as a cryptocurrency when describing their currency but we all know these are powerful distributed ledgers and blockchains that in theory are decentralized though we now know that decentralized forces tend to become more and more centralized over time.

For this article and discussion about what a token economy looks like in 2020 we will consider cryptocurrencies that have a distributed public ledger that use fundamental cryptographic rules for their blockchain and include both coins that have their own chain and tokens that run on the backs of sophisticated blockchains a part of this new global economy.

A New Hierarchy Evolves With Technology

Bitcoin being essentially the first blockchain based digital currency of the modern times with a strong user base and global reach peaks, as other crypo currency blockchains innovate and create real scale-ability. Out with the old, though not forgotten or obsoleted and in with some new immutable, decentralized, distributed ledgers than can handle thousands or translations per second. These types of currencies are required to really grow the whole underlying network of a token economy. Bitcoin or Litecoin might indeed simply be the storage point for grouped hash transactional data. With their value being adjusted to what they are, sears and kmart respectively.

How many people will get mad about the above statement and miss the teeth of this article? Not everyone will be able to swallow the truth and they will ride out the waves of change to their $10 per coin sell off.

Crypto currencies such as  EOS, Ethereum, Waves, and others will pierce and divide and unite a future of currencies. There will even be currencies and blockchain technology that will merger in such a way to form super chains. One of these super-exchanges is already starting to get established at  To see a superexchange ahead of superchain tech is pretty impressive. People have never seen a super chain before but I have. I have seen these super chains in 2020. Unstoppable are the super chains of the future.

The token economy is driven not by fear and desperation but by freedom. The amount of wealth that will be created for people from crypto and alt tokens is without a doubt the largest creation of wealth the world has ever seen. This wealth created by the token economy is literally shifted from the wealthiest and government elites to the masses in months not years. The people never knew they could all live this well until the token economy takes over.

People will earn their living not just buying and selling crypto currency. Trading currencies will be  a way to earn but will be a very small way to earn revenues. With several companies already creating digital cryptocurrency rewards platforms for doing work or tasks many people might simply make their living from various activities that can be monetized with cryptocurrency.

Getting existing social media platforms to reward members with crypto…This would be the winning combination for mass adoption. However most of these companies have balked at doing anything but building their own rewards based crypto currency if they go down this road at all. There are some adoption issues with regards to crypto currency and rewards abased interactions for social media. The company Stishit and https:/ have seen this first hand and are working on solutions to some of the adoption challenges.

Not everyone is technology savvy. They are familiar with credit cards and debit cards but often do not understand the terminology or technical jargon of blockchain heads. Stishit is working on ways to make the entry into cryptocurrencies even easier and also remove some of the un-needed jargon.  For instance just call a Private Active Key what it is….A Super Strong Password…

Why can’t I buy crypto directly from your website? Now you can on Stishit. You can buy the crypto currency Stish and you can also earn some of it by being an early adopter. Stish is way ahead of it’s time bringing traditional web based retail to cryptocurrency is sweet. Better than this is allow people to purchase Stish at angel pricing no matter what quantity they purchase. To help further distribute the currency, Stishit is offering rewards based content creation through blogging and micro blogging in a combination social portal that mimics the best of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. Why not monetize content that you worked hard to create?

Think of the future crypto currency economy as alot of small, midside, and large cryptocurrencies being towns and communities. Each providing the needs of it’s members and creating community based micro economies that fuel a collective freedom revolution. This has never been done before because technology has never existed like it does today. All of the communities like Stishit will be able to trade their currencies on decentralized exchanges for store of value currencies. Eventually all of the smaller currencies grow and push values of the whole Crypto currency GDP up so high that people are begging employers to pay them in a crypro currency verses Government issued currency.

The future crypto currency token driven economy is going to restore the power and wealth to the people all around the world. It is truly special times that we live in.

MasterStishit Will Be Rebranding And Streamlining. perhaps had an identity crises. Wanting to do more and be more than perhaps it should be and could be. We have a solid plan to help people grow and be a part of a crypto currency revolution. is a great website and the concept is new and different. The challenge really has been in conveying what we do and how people can get involved.

As we look to the past we can see several mistakes that we made. During beta testing we tried many different things and gathered a ton of data not on members but on our policies and how they impacted the use of the website. We tested so much stuff that it is un real how much we have learned. One thing is clear from almost all people who used the website. When we spoke to people there were always the same questions that would pop up in conversation. When we met with financial investors and people who were interested in getting involved in our project almost all would ask why are you tying yourself to Steemit? Don’t you do something similar but better? This came up  more times than I would like to remember. Having to explain steemit is complicated where explaining was easy.

We reached out to some industry professionals and have been given some serious critical feedback. Most all of the mistakes admittedly were decisions that I made and often without the proper planning that was truly needed. When we first decided to build the website it was just going to be an information website that talked about our bots on Steemit and how people could use them. We could also handle customer service issues off chain so at to not bloat the chain with unnecessary comments etc. We had great intentions.

Over time we discovered that not all people on the platform had the same intentions we had. We encountered aggressive bullying, people who would essentially do and try anything to take advantage of the Steemit systems. Over time without any serious corrections to the system we have lost confidence in the economy they attempted to create. For that reason we will be making some changes to our platform with regards to Steemit and our branding etc. One reason that has helped us know we are doing the right thing is the new TOS from Steemit and the rampant abuse from such a small portion of the active total users. It appears that once all of the good folks are gone all that is left is the bottom of the barrel folks. I know many people will hang on until the end as they have put their life savings into the platform and I wish them well. Perhaps if enough people stay they can turn things around. I’m not confident they know how to do so or can at this point. will rebrand the website around the cryptocurrency Stish. We developed Stish on the Ethereum blockchain as Steemit still hasn’t released the ability to build and create currency on its chain called SMT’s though they had a date of Early 2018. With virtually no updates from them even though they own a blogging platform we found it careless to not update members and users with feature requests news and updates news. As we rebrand the website to cut ties with Steem and Steemit please be aware that some information you come across over the next few days or weeks may not reflect the future direction of the platform. We are working around the clock to update the pages and posts and will unveil all of the new easy to follow details in the coming weeks. We have an amazing platform that can now standalone on it’s on two feet and grow the community you thought you were a part of on other platforms.

Have you ever regretted not jumping on the Bitcoin elevator when it was still on the ground floor? What if you could create your own Bitcoin? Well, you can’t, but you can be a part of something similar and get in on the ground floor. Introducing STISH! A free cryptocurrency earned on the Stishit platform. Many people are now getting involved with cryptocurrency for the first time, through the Stishit (SteemThat) social media platform where members earn rewards that easily convert to the digital cryptocurrency STISH. Stishit makes learning about cryptocurrencies easy. You can keep your STISH or trade it for any cryptocurrency you like, even Bitcoin.

Do you love facebook but hate that you are doing all the work and they get all the profits? Is Twitter your go to app but you feel like it is missing something? Are you posting on instagram and building a massive following but think to yourself, “Wow, I take all of the pictures and do all of the work and these guys get all of the money!” If you think that it just doesn’t seem fair, you are not alone. Ever thought that perhaps maybe they could all share the wealth with their content creators that make their platforms great! Don’t count on it.

On Stishit, members essentially do the same things as they would on any other social media platform and they are rewarded with a digital token that can be exchanged or traded for the cryptocurrency of their choice. Thousands of people have already joined our new and innovative community and are already earning!


The way we see it, Social media shouldn’t take up all your time without some reward. Earn it, Buy It, Trade It. Live the Stishit social way where people chill and enjoy life. STISH is Cryptocurrency made easy by Stishit. Get your STISH today!


Friday’s Magnitude of Paper Dumped



Semantics is frequently ignored when people discuss precious metals.  It is important to precisely describe the difference between physical and paper when one speaks about the metals.  The COMEX is a market consisting of paper contracts and the price quoted is only relevant to the price of the paper contracts.

The problem exist that this price is seen by the majority of people as the price of physical gold and silver and the price is easily manipulated.  This is precisely what occurred on Friday.  Over a 60 minute period about 90,300 contracts were dumped on the COMEX, these contracts are equivalent to 9.03 million ounces of gold but remember not physical gold.

If one examines COMEX, there was reportedly a total of 9.01 million ounces of gold of which only 507,453 ounces were listed as available for trading.  There are 2 categories in COMEX, registered and eligible.  Only registered is available for trading.

Since the traders using COMEX rarely take actual delivery of the physical metal, the COMEX market should not be relied on to provide a realistic price of the physical metal.  The manipulated price provides some buyers to obtain physical metals at a lower price but buyers wishing to secure large quantities will probably not be able to find a seller because the physical supply is limited – again remember that the supply listed on the COMEX is paper not physical.

It has been long awaited for the COMEX to default when the holders of the futures contracts which come due request delivery and the COMEX is unable to provide the physical.  When this occurs it is speculated that the price of actual physical metals will soar in price.


Email With Insight



After Friday’s monkey hammering on the metals, I was seeking other people’s opinion on what caused the beating.  There was, in my opinion, no obvious reason for the massive volume of paper contracts floated on the COMEX which resulted in the price drop.





I came across this email submitted to and found it to have many valid points.

“Unfortunately it’s starting to look like truth doesn’t matter and restoring rule of law or money with store of value will not happen. My own conviction is that maybe the 5g network has to be in place in the US before the plug is pulled. And then the blockchain money controlled by Central Bankers will be all powered up to turn on and off full spectrum.

China and Russia seem to be complicit in the construct of this world order scheme, and clearly they are already benefitting with what everyone claims is their long game to not crash the US dollar or market and win by attrition. My previous belief was China and Russia would reinstate the physical metals markets as the price discovery mechanism. For the last few months I have put that belief into question and began considering other details that would counter my belief. Somehow my cognitive awareness is telling me that the Ponzi scheme will end but not like I envisioned.

When it ends, all countries will have been complicit in the means and the end from day one. And hardly anyone is going to get away without being caught without their pants down or without a shackle around their ankle. All one can do is their best to eat healthy food, drink clean and pure water, breathe clean air, avoid the fire of big Pharma, protect themselves from EMF and continue to question the truth, even if to the rest of the world truth doesn’t matter.”

I’m sure many of you have your own opinions on the beating, here are some of mine.  Just to mention, these are just opinions.  The comment on the 5g network is valid, as this network will increase the speed along with other nefarious features.  The network requires much added infrastructure which translates into increased costs.  To pull the plug before this system is complete would inhibit their ability to hack the mobile network and due to the additional costs, they might have to print more money to pay for the towers required.

Regarding the involvement of China and Russia, I am in total agreement.  I would wish that their motives are to restore a stable currencies backed by precious metals but one cannot be certain of their overall plans.  There is the possibility that they will vent some of their anger to destroy the western hegemony.

Lastly, the point that all countries will be affected is on point.  There is no way that the new financial and political changes will not alter how global trade is transacted in the future.  I anticipate that the countries which have been living high on the hog for the past decades will have a rude awakening.  The only thing that that can not be taken away is one’s knowledge.



MM Photography Series: “Path”

**Could You guess where this picture was taken? Example how we don’t need the landscape to be covered in trees and plants to be beautiful.  As I consider green to be calming, red has its own warmness that can somehow give out the feeling of being on another planet.**



This image consists of three planes placed in the front ground, middle and background. Light colored plant in front makes most of the main focus and front ground. Middle part of the picture is the biggest one made up from red ground that dominates most of the picture. Because of the background light and blue sky we can almost have the feeling of shadows and silhouettes separating the planes. Nice details to this picture are clouds, path and the plants.  Bright, warm and different.



*Walking on the same path people have walked before can make you feel safer and calmer and it is easier that way, but you will not find anything new. Those are the tracks worn out long  time ago.*



…ah, Yes.. taken on the main island of Tenerife.











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Obama Dressed as Satan



This picture was leaked this weekend and has gone viral.  The photo is a disturbing shot of Obama dressed up like satan.  It was uploaded on instagram by Annemarie Hope, with the caption ‘Class and Grace, You are my favorite’.

A search of Annemarie shows her to be an artist known for illustrating satanic churches.  Soon after it was posted, for unknown reasons she deleted the post.  She was questioned by her followers as to why it was deleted and she said ‘too much hate and not enough support’.

The skeptics worked to determine if the picture was photoshopped but they have found not been able to find any anomalies.


Looks Like I’m Not Bernie’s Only Fan!

Bernie Sanders… the politician? No, the other one… the “Fragile Minded Steemit Troll.”

After much consideration, as I have previously mentioned, I will be leaving Steemit. I will not close my account but will go pretty much inactive. As a “hate’tee” of the Great and Powerful Oz berniesanders, I really don’t wish to stick around and be subjected to his absurd foolery. But in the name of what little good I can do, I shine a light on him once in awhile… For the good of Steemit!

I did a little carrousing yesterday and found a few tidbits of drama between the “Almighty One” and his serfs. It didn’t take much searching to find the following:

In the post linked below, @studgriffin points out both the irony and hypocracy of the “Scamming” Spam Fighter himself, berniesanders, aka nextgencrypto (@abusereports).

The following quick and dirty post is just that… a quick snag of over $15 from the rewards pool – courtesy of yup, you guessed it “sanders” and his bucket of trolls. Here, he attacks @mmmmkkkk311 for pointing out the obvious, then upvotes his own low-effort content with some of his more popular personalities. And he refers to it as FUN?

In yet another post, @jparty comes to the defense of @noganoo for his religious beliefs. I’m not really privy to what has been going on on this front but sanders knows no boundaries when it comes to insulting people. Now, I’m not one who practices any organized religion, but I will defend a person’s right to do so.

Here is a snippet found in the above post which defines berniesanders:


Here is a comment by The Dollar Vigilante extracted from a Jeff Berwick post going back 2 years:
“Sounds like the definition of a Feudal system. So does everybody basically have to blow @berniesanders on a regular basis to make any money on here? I have to say I am very dis-enchanted with what I’ve seen on Steemit. If this is the future of crypto, ugghhh.. We’ve replaced a handful of oligarchs who own the real political-economy with a handful of obligarchs who own the crypto economy. They set the rules. They shut people down. How is this different form the default world? It appears worse to me because there is ZERO accountability and they are totally anonymous.

Its ironic that he goes by the name bernie sanders, a socialist, when sounds like he is promoting tyranny.”

Here, @noganoo calls out sanders for being one of the biggest scammers on Steemit, and then schmoozes up to him in the end. WTF?

Some people make the argument that Steemit is free market, and all Steemians should be allowed to earn as much as they can without worrying about reprisal or the greater good of the community. I would agree that STEEMIT is a free market and that STEEMIANS should be rewarded for their good efforts within the ecosystem as well as for the quality or value of content they produce. I also agree that authors should not have to worry about reprisal from other users based upon the creation of content that is **not morally objectionable** and **breaks no laws**, but they should worry about reprisal if post earnings exceed what the community or any member of the community views as acceptable and fair. The other side of that argument should extend to anyone who abusively flags or acts otherwise in a dictatorial manner – such as a communist trying to exert dominance over free speech and the internet. I also attest that excessive post rewards that are achieved by doing so through deceptive practices are unethical and could be illicit and should be immediately addressed as soon as identified. Practices like this detract from the health and well being of the Steemit ecosystem, and do nothing but erode the confidence of of all good Steemians.


          Is Steemit broken? Some say yes!

Disputes over post rewards are specifically outlined by STEEMIT policy as an acceptable reason for flagging a post, specifically if it violates the TOS para 14.1.1. *Use of our Services in any manner that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect, or inhibit other users from fully enjoying our Services, or that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the functioning of our Services in any manner. 14.1.2 also is germane in that it covers *Fraud*.

This is where I and many others have a problem with sanders – where he hides behind another man’s name and masquerades as an enforcer of good, when in actuality he practices unjustified and abusive flagging behaviors, upvoting of low effort content, and as clearly evidenced, self-voting from who knows how many accounts (some people claim as many as 70 accounts). All the while, he promotes his moral integrity in creating systems to flag other abusers and those he dislikes while maintaining the idea that he is “reporting abuse”. His demeanor is atrocious, his language is indecent, and his attitude is supercilious.


I have been thorough in my search on Steemit and have yet to find any “Disclaimer” or “Full Disclosure” issued by sanders that outlines and justifies the inner workings of the “AbuseReports” Bot.  And if this bot is being operated for the good of the Steemit public AND for profit, then this practitioner should be held to the highest ethical standards and accountability by providing such full disclosure. Which he does not.

After all, it is still the people’s rewards pool, not his!

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