Daun Mutiara

Hai sahabat stishitian…semoga tetap bahagia. Hari ini saya ingin berbagi tentang daun mutiara, ini sementara fotonya saja karena saya lg searching manfaatnya. Karena sangat banyak kegunaan nya untuk kesehatan


Rapai Geleng Yang Mendunia

Kita patut bangga selaku masyarakat Aceh. Banyak sekali jenis kesenian Aceh yang begitu mempesona bukan hanya di area lokal namun sampai mancanegara. Salah satunya adalah Tarian Rapai Geleng. Pasti Steemthatians juga tahu bagaimana sambutan masyarakat setiap kali rapai geleng dipertontonkan, selalu diwarnai dengan decak kagum dan sorak sorai kekaguman penonton.

? Melooo182’s Artists Curation Post #4 ? / @Steemartists Promo ?


Greetings fellow steemians!!!

Time for another Artists Curation Post! ?, I created a spinoff for promoting ?? Venezuelan Artists separetedly, yes it’s in spanish, hopefully it will start to get more attention in the following weeks, I also started to run Contests as a way of raising more funds for this venture, you can check it out here I hope it works, if anyone is interested in helping with being jury or sponsor rewards, please leave me a write me in the comment section! ?.
Since this is the 4th instalment of this series, I thought it’s about time I make a proper banner/preview pic, I’m not entirely satisfied with this one, so I’ll probably change it again for next week, you can also leave your opinion about it in the comments if you like, well let’s proceed to the curation.



DISCLAIMER: This post only promotes my TOP 10 favourite artworks posted on Steemit in the last week and haven’t received the attention I think they deserve. I know there are way too many other good art being posted but I cannot put them all here, maybe other curators can make their own posts and cover more ground, that would be awesome ?



The Artists Curation Post will be done weekly and all the earned SBD will be shared in equal parts to the promoted artists, I get to keep the SP and STEEM as reward for the service.?

Week #4 TOP 10…

#1 Totem Animals Part four by @libaws

#2 Psyche by @weltenmenge

#3 Speed Drawing for Album Cover: MODEL M – “Vengeance” by @derosnec


#4 Weekly Drawing Finished and Next Weeks Challenge by @frejafri

#5 New Painting w/progress shots – “Flora Organica” The Mother of Earth by @denniskonstantin

#6 Minions by @itsdatneighbour

#7 Hi Steemit community! by @jeffersonart

#8 Mother Nature – an oil painting by @kathleenscarboro

#9 The Journey of a Refugee by @expressionism

#10 SIAF’s Media Contest Entry ^.^ by @katalinaooma


Support to Artists │My 6 picks 25.03.2018.

These were my TOP 10 for this week, please don’t forget to upvote them while you still can, also you can help by resteeming this post for more visibility.


Cheers Everyone, have an awesome and productive week!!! ?

Previous Curation Post

REWARD FOR ? Melooo182’s Artists Curation Post #3 ? / Unofficial @Steemartists Promo ?
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Original Music – Somehow true – by Darren Claxton

Here’s a track I’ve been working on recently. It has lots of different elements, the guitars, hand claps, percussion and that subtle banjo that appears in the chorus.


Did I once see your eyes
fell apart then realised
plans we made then changed again
just the same, rejuvenate

Won’t you take me home
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Stories old and stories new
the lies but somehow true

Count the cost of a lovers loss
sunny skies, I love your eyes
lost but found I hit the ground
all is still, I had my fill

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Won’t you take me home
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Stories old and stories new
the lies but somehow true

Won’t you take me home
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Did I once see your eyes
fell apart then realised
plans we made then changed again
just the same, rejuvenate rejuvenate

Thanks for listening and supporting me and my music!
The lady in the picture is my partner! the one that took me home and kept me safe and warm!

Wallet Erc 20 or Imtoken Wallet

Hi friends Steemthat.com friends there are some ERC 20 that is allowed, in short, among others Wallet IMToken. I also use this Wallet, I think is simple and practical, suitable for us active smartphone users. If the security problem is certainly fixed, I think if the security is not tested it is unlikely that PlayStor will allow it. That’s a simple logic from me. And here’s some evidence of tokens I’ve received on my MyToken Wallet.

This is proof I have received the STISH tokens…



The Imtoken Wallet is also part of the Ethereum ERC20 swallow
1. Download and install imtoken in playstore.
2. After successful install open its imtoken application.
3. Will appear Own Own Asset .. Click the right shift to the left.
4. Will appear Peer To Peer Transfer .. Click the right shift to the left.
5. Selected Next Generation DApss will appear. Click the right shift to the left.
6. Easy Easy Trade will appear .. click right slider to left.
7. Wellcome To New World will appear.
8. Click Enter Imtoken Will appear Imtoken Your First Digital Asset Wallet.

9. Click Create Wallet.
10. Fill in the Form:
– Wallet name = username
– Password = The contents of the password we want there are uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.
– Repeat the password we created in Repeat Password.
– Password Hint (optional) = second password make 6 numbers we want.
Click Create Wallet.
12. New Wallet Created Succesfully.
13. After the immediate success of Go Back Up Now.
14. Back Up Mnemonic.
15. We are asked the contents of the first password that
We made it.
16. Will appear 12 syllables, immediately we note on paper in sequence or SS (Do not get lost).
17. Click Next ..
18. Enter or click 12 randomly sequential syllables into the provided box.
19. Confirm.
20. Confirm again to delete 12 mnemonic syllables.
21. Click SAVE on top left.
22. Wallet Addres our imtoken success and ready to use.
23. Click on our wallet address under the username we created.

Please Download here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.consenlabs.token. Read carefully.

My Confusion – and My First SteemThat Post!

I tend to be a little slow in figuring things out. That’s what my wife says anyway. I have to remind her that until she can crawl up into my mind to see how things work, she has no idea (she might find a few cobwebs up in there though). I recently realized that posting on Steemit and using the #Steemthat tag will pump your post over to the Steemthat Community Feed (Social Portal), but it does not create a published post on the Steemthat site. You basically publish your post on SteemThat as a separate post just as you would on Steemit, busy.org, etc. But when you post on SteemThat, you earn SteemThat tokens!

You will notice on the main page menu bar, there is the label “Publish” that has two drop down items – 1) My Posts and 2) Publish on Steemit. This is where my confusion eminates from and is why I am posting this writing as my own experiment to see how the site actually handles this post from within. In the past, while SteemThat was evolving, I always thought that if I published on Steemit, it was automatically populated to the SteemThat platform. And it is – it is published on the Social Portal (Community Feed) as a shared event, but not as an original SteemThat post. In order to do that, your Steemit post needs to be tagged #stishit or #stishitshare.

Now, should you choose to earn some SteemThat tokens, simply visit the “My Posts” menu link and publish your post on SteemThat.

So here goes… and now if I head over into “My Posts,” I should find all this… I hope!

                             “All This!”

Guppy fish………very nice

Guppy is also known as Fish. The most widely traveled tropical fish in the world. Because of its small, colorful and easy-to-use, it is known to the aquarium-lovers. The natural limit of Guppy is found in the North-East of South America, nowadays in different countries. They are highly adaptable. May be alive in different conditions and conditions.

Guppy generally lives three to five years in captivity and lives less than the wild environment. Guppy consumes an organic animal and many organic substances found in water. Guppy wife fishes are large in size (2-6 cm) compared to males (1 decimal 5-3 cm).

simple guide on creating an avatar for profile picture

Hey, I just try to share something I do online creating avatar for profile picture online which I think more better than using the real photo. Sometimes without notice some of our photo been used by other internet user to disguise and doing something inappropriate purpose..so this is one of the way to keep yourself safe from those unresponsible person. I keep it short here… I’m take a challenge from @isteemithard to design a profile photo for the contest entry and I have done it and post it on my steemit.. If you want to see more details please visit one of my post on steemit…comments are really apppreciated to improve my work.

Thats it hope you enjoy it..Thanks.




Self~Empowerment: Today’s Self-Communicate – 03/24/18~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:


“I am choosing to move forward with better feelings and emotions! I am deciding on better ideas and solutions to help me! I am choosing to be positive, think positive, talk positive, and feel positive to benefit me! I choose to be better going forward…”

to continue a greater life!

Great day to you, as a great day continues~

Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author

Original: https://edwardftcharfauros.com/2018/03/23/24-9/

How’s Your Steemit Journey So Far? – Are You Glad You Signed Up?


Hello my fellow #plankton, #newbies and #minnows and other larger ocean dwellers!

steemit (2).jpg

This is now my 3rd month on #steemit and I must say it’s been an interesting and very insightful platform of discovery, full of mainly, great quality content and frankly, lovely, creative and helpful people.

So here’s a massive thanks to all the ones that have supported me and my music, tolerated my hyperactive ramblings and quirky ways! 


(Let’s get the negatives out the way first)
Apologies for repeating what has already been said a thousand times regarding this subject but, I’d like to have a little rant to get it off my chest.


There are however, the #plagiarist types among us that think, a simple #copyandpaste with a crappy photo is still an acceptable way of making some #money on #steemit, but thanks to @cheetah bot and the respected users among us, they will be continuously unearthed I’m sure, as well as being flagged by us all that are completely against this ‘anti-creative’ and frankly, irritating shennaigans.


It’s such a simple task to credit the great resources that #google have to offer, by simply adding [Source] Followed by the url to your post inside brackets () 

Thanks to @LLFarms for helping me with this!

Now, I may be wrong with my understanding of this but, think I’m kind of right? so please bare with me.
There are of course,  the other account holders, which seem to have invested huge sums of money in Steem (I wish) that then post 1 picture with a 4 lined paragraph about ‘How nice the view is out of the window’ and somehow, get loads of up-votes and a healthy SBD payday to boot!


The last few weeks have been tough for me.  I was really flagging with all the late nights spent on here and #discord, trying to battle with my own Mental health issues and ridiculous paranoia, working full time in my tutor job with special needs children, and trying to get them through their mock exams, being a father, networking, researching and creating music content for my blog, in the hope that someone with a big influence here could give me a much needed boost and take me under their whale fin.


I’m pleased to say, it did happen, and why did it? for ease, to help me out? why should they? they must of started out as a tiny plankton in this huge ocean that is Steemit when it all started in 2016. Is it that I write decent songs? Or is it because, I take the time to comment on my posts comments left by others?  dip in and out of discord chats? speak to like minded people here?  because after all, it is a social portal and social means to COMMUNICATE with others and COMMUNITY. The sharing of ideas and involving yourself to create some worth is of such importance on Steemit.


Then, on Sunday 11th March I was directed to a web page that I thought was Steemit. In fact, it was a mirror image of Steemit called Steewit

Please do not use your master password to login anywhere because, IT’S A BLOODY NIGHTMARE TRYING TO GET YOUR ACCOUNT BACK.

I wrote a blog all about this on my @darrenclaxton page the day my new account was set up my my good friend @meno

Thanks to my #helpie family here on Steemit for getting me back to where I was with my old @mrbloom account.

I’ve gone from 25 rep to 56 rep in just 14 days which is no mean feat! It’s such a positive reminder for me,  and other new users,  how posting genuine time spent content is of such importance. My music has obviously created some connections and emotive feelings in others,  for them to be so generous and helpful in supporting my journey here.


Isn’t life weird? I mean, let’s compare and contrast here for a moment? Your bank account is hacked, they have your login details, they change them so you are unable to access your hard earned cash. This happens whilst you’re asleep so have  only idea how much has been transferred to some random account on the other side of the planet. So the question remains, would a total stranger set up a new bank account for you and deposit 50 quid (slang for GBP pounds) in there? just to ‘Get you back on your feet’



Would they continue to support you emotionally and keep you feeling positive etc? The answer is a big fat NO! And that is why, my friends, I absolutely love this place! I’d like to think there are other brilliant people out there like our #helpienaut family ? that would support their fellow #steemians if this awful hacking business ever happened to one of their fellow users.




Then I see this tree the other day whilst out walking with my family. It had forced it’s way through the slats of that bench, and I thought to myself, ‘the struggle is real, life is tough, you must remain resilient in an ever changing world which is full of twists, turns and struggles…this tree endeavoured to grow, to push through no matter what and just kept trying to succeed and survive! and that is now how I think of Steemit,  a challenge, some crazy social experiment, a game and frankly, something to look forward to each day.


Thanks for reading my post!
I wanted to just say that, you’re not alone on your steemit journey and that I have total empathy for you if you’re only getting minimal comments, votes and payouts. Those few cents or bucks for our hard earned efforts will pay off in the end…I’m hopeful, and so should you be.

Use the bots on www.steembottracker.com if you want to increase your post visibility, some frown upon this but I really don’t see a problem if used appropriately for good content.


Points to remember:

  • Take your time to post good quality content
  • Credit others when using Google resources
  • Be kind, considerate and helpful
  • Remember why you signed up
  • Stay motivated and focussed
  • Avoid plagarism at every opportunity
  • Sign up to Discord
  • And most importantly of all, HAVE FUN and make friends,  not enemies.

Thanks again and please feel free to leave me a comment, vote or re-steem if you enjoyed this post.


My own.

Sapota has given me by own garden.


This sweet box has given  me by  a church.


Commercial Short Covering

I just checked the gold and silver short positions and it was very telling. There was a massive silver short covering by the commercial hedgers. When you understand that the commercials are the major source of manipulation in the precious metals market, this move is more then telling.

The way it seems the game is played and has been played for several decades, the hedger(s) will put a sizable amount of short contracts on the market. These contracts will move the price of silver down. As the price moves down, the mood of the market will push the price down further. Once the price hit a low the hedger(s) will step in and buy at a lower price than they issued their original short contracts or when physical silver was available, they would buy physical silver.

Recent financial articles have been alluring to the break out of precious metals. Up to now these were all red herrings because the manipulators could and still could move the market as they desired, also known as ‘painting the tape’.

This time I believe it maybe different because now the manipulators are dumping their short positions in a big way. Also rumors are abound with trade wars on the horizon. Economically the world is in shambles, manipulators can play their games when there is money available but the (real) money supplies are at their lowest points ever, so there is little room to play their game. Another issue is more people have realized about the game so it is harder to pull the wool over the public’s eyes.

In conclusion, the hammer may be ready to drop.

Source: kingworldnews.com

Hamparan Sawah

Selamat pagi dunia…semoga tetap bahagia dan semangat menyelesaikan hari ini dengan senyum dan keberhasilan. Saat kecil dulu bermain – main di sawah adalah hal yang sangat menyenangkan apalagi pada saat musim potong atau panen padi. Kami para bocah yang belum penuh akal ini berlarian disekitar pematang sawah sambil bercanda dan tertawa lepas ntah apa yang ada dipikiran kami saat itu. Bertani adalah mata pencaharian orang tua kami saat itu, melihat padi tumbuh sempurna hijau dipandang mata adalah kebahagiaan tersendiri dengan harapan menghasilkan yang terbaik disetiap batangnya karena itu adalah harapan kelangsungan hidup


This is my jasmine plant.Age 4 years.

It defuses more fragrant smell.

Peluang Indonesia di Thomas Cup 2018

Hallo, Steemthatians!!  Berikut adalah hasil draw piala Thomas 2018 yang akan dilaksanakan di Thailand pada bulan Mei mendatang. Menurut anda, seberapa besar kans tim Thomas Indonesia tahun ini??

Semangat Pagi

Selamat pagi sahabat stishitian….semoga pagi ini tetap semangat menjemput impian, salam dari bukit kenyataan



Spring Has Finally Sprung! Do you Love Gardening and Permaculture?

Spring has finally sprung here in Derbyshire, UK

I’ve managed to get out into our lovely cottage garden this afternoon to assess the potential damage caused by ‘The Beast From The East’ which hit us two weeks ago.

This adverse #weather forced many parts of the UK to a complete standstill on the Wednesday, and through to the weekend. Schools and businesses had to close and some shops even ran out of supplies for the rest of that week. Now, for those of you used to 10-12 inches 0r 30cm #snow during winter, maybe laughing at this amusing anecodte, but we’re just not geared up for that kind of freakish weather here! It absolutely battered our little rural village, with 2 foot snow drifts, which was overly exagerrated by the 80mph winds which caused face melting blizzard like conditions. We’re a few miles from the nearest main travel route, but Luckily, the snow plough arrived early on the Saturday morning to clear our lane. The garden has survived surprisingly well considering we had some -6c thermometer readings for 5 consecutive days. A few of my outdoor bonsai and some bulbs have perished, and I can live with that. All is good in my horticulture world and I look forward to many more green fingered evenings this#spring and #summer, if I can drag myself away from #Steemit and#Discord for long enough!

The Crocus is one of my favourite first blossoms in spring.

Permaculture has been on my mind recently and I’m finding more and more ways to embrace frugalism and sustainibilty. Composting old fruit and veg and recycling everyday items to use around the garden, have been on my list of priorities last year and going forward ito this growing season.

I now grow our strawberries in these re-purposed nylon builders bags, which are great for keeping those hungry ground dwelling creatures from gorging on these sweet fructose rich fruits!


What is Permaculture?

I was really intrigued about this way of living, after talking to my fellow horticulture friend Huw Richards of @huwsnursery – We met after talking about me writing some instrumental music for his YouTube videos, and how gardening and growning your own food is such an inteseting and rewarding way of life.
Huw has an extensive knowledge of homesteading and permaculture, which you can learn from his very popular YouTube Channel 
But I wanted to know more, so I set about everyones favourite search tool#Google and found a website dedicated to this sustainable way of living.

Here’s some info from the home page of their website –https://www.permaculture.co.uk/what-is-permaculture

Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living. It is a practical method of developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere.
By thinking carefully about the way we use our resources – food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs – it is possible to get much more out of life by using less. We can be more productive for less effort, reaping benefits for our environment and ourselves, for now and for generations to come.

This is the essence of permaculture – the design of an ecologically sound way of living – in our households, gardens, communities and businesses. It is created by cooperating with nature and caring for the earth and its people.

Permaculture is not exclusive – its principles and practice can be used by anyone, anywhere:

City flats, yards and window boxes
Suburban and country houses/gardens
Allotments and smallholdings
Community spaces
Farms and estates
Countryside and conservation areas
Commercial and industrial premises
Educational establishments


Really interesting reading I’m sure you’ll agree. I recommend you visit Huw’s channel and the website I mentioned, as they have so many amazing ideas for us all to try, however large or small, or rural/urban your area is. There’s no excuse not to grow something of your own, to then enjoy natures bounty for yourself.

Our composter full to the brim ready for our wrigglers to do their magic!

New seedlings grown from last years Naga and Birds eye chili fruit,s that I cultivated in our poly-tunnel.

Parsnip seedlings are doing very well under cover too – They tend to be quite a tricky crop to cultivate and car for.

Spring onions benefit from an early sowing under cover – These were sown early January to be transplanted outside after the last frost.

I went all exotic last year and bought some banana seeds online to try at home.
This variety of banana is ‘Musa balbisiana’ and was sown last February. The fruit are between a blue and green colour and are considered inedible because of the seeds they contain. I did read that agriculturists must of cooked and eaten these centuries ago to establish how to modify the heavily cultivated varities we consume today. As you can see, it’s doing really well so far, much to my good lady’s delight of my plants being spread all over the house on any empty windowsill available.

Rhubarb is one our summer favourites and is so easy to grow, as nothing seems to like to eat it! I make a crumble from it by chopping the stalks into chunks and covering with the mixture which is made from flour, sugar and butter –

Recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food


Heat 600ml double cream until steaming but not boiling. Meanwhile, mix together 6 egg yolks, 4 tbsp caster sugar, 2 tsp cornflour and ½ tsp vanilla extract in a bowl. Pour the cream onto the eggs, stirring continuously as you pour. Pour the whole lot back into the saucepan the cream came from and place over a medium heat. Stir until it thickens, about 10 mins, then pass through a sieve and serve.

Another successful trial was to grow one of my favourite fruits, Nectarines! I sowed this seed last March which I got from a fruit that I ate.
you have to carefully crack open the stone to reveal the slim oval shaped seed inside.
I didn’t do anything special to it either, but did purchase a heated propagator for £30 online which has been an amazing investment. It germinates seeds very quickly by keeping them at a constant 21c.

Our cottage was built in the 1850s of Early Victorian England and some of the plants have probably been in the ground a lon long time. This is my favourite sash window which looks kind of bare at the moment as we’re just coming out of winter. I’ll try and grow a grapvine each side on the trellis this year. It’s sheltered and get’s lots of sun too as we have a south facing garden.

The Pansies I sowed in November are now budding nicely.

I also love to upcycle wood, so I made this nesting box. I’ve seen some interested birds hanging around in the tree opposite so they’ll hopefull be moving in soon!

I hope you enjoyed my first indepth gardening post and liked the Rhubarb crumble recipe too!
Let’s get out in our gardens, rooftop spaces and kitchens and grow some food! It’s fun and good for the soul!
Many thanks
Mr Bloom

Yes, I made this chair too!

A Beautiful Accident – Using Different Angles to Capture Colour Tones!


Here’s a simple shot of a bottle on a shelf. To the side, is a plant pot in a jade green colour, the bottle is printed in that glorious purple tone and the lens flare top left was just a beautiful accident.

Here’s my Huawei camera spec for you expert snappers among us.

I got my mobile phone real close to the target and tried to use a macro setting I have on my Huawei P10 smartphone which has an amazing double camera with Leica® Lenses.
Have you ever taken a shot with such an amazing natural lens flare effect before?
This was just one of those #LuckyShot moments.

Thanks for checking out my photography.

Introduce My Self

Hy All …

Have a nice day..

I am Nasir from Aceh, Indonesia and 29 old years..

Food Glorious Food! Frugal Living – Delicious Food on a Budget – Toad In The Hole –

Toad In The Hole – Frugal Living & Delicious Food on a Budget

We’ve been living the #frugal #life for the past 6 months now, after deciding that we were spending far too much of our hard earned cash on overly expensive food, from rip off supermarkets and local shops.
I love to cook, and am the head-chef in our house as well as doing the wekkly ‘Friday Big Shop’ at Aldi. I work full time at a Special Educational Needs school during the week, and rarely get a chance to muster something yummy up of an evening, but I always cook for my little family on a Sunday.


A firm favourite that I cook as voted for by my better half and my kids, is the good ole’ British favourite
‘Toad In The Hole’
Now, to my non-British cousins here, this meal possibly sounds like a weird dish that ‘The Twits’ would make! But rest assured, it’s a delicious and bellyfilling experience that you need to try.


Here’s the ingredients and method for you to try, they are loads of recipes online, but I’ve adapted my own and it works a treat every time! so trust me folks!
Cost breakdown – In GBP ££
All In Ingredients are from Aldi –
8 Cumberland Sausages (72% pork) – £1.39
Plain Flour – 45p 2kg (bulk buy which lasts for weeks)
6 Large Free range Eggs – 89p
Olive Oil – 1l – £2.29
Semi-Skimmed Milk 6 pint – £1.48 (best to buy a large jug in our house @meesterboom
Salt and Pepper – £1.00 together

Preparation time -30 mins to 1 hour
Cooking time – 30 mins to 1 hour
Serves – 2 children & 2 Adults

Preheat your oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.
The hotter the better, which will really help that batter rise!
You will need this equipment
A rectangular glass oven dish (I find that the batter doesn’t stick as much with these)
Weighing scales
a whisk
a measuring Jug with ml/fl oz
And a preheated oven at 200c/400f (Moderatley hot)

Ingredients –
4 eggs
140g/5oz – Plain flour
200ml/7fl oz – Semi- skimmed milk
1 pinch of – Salt and Ground black pepper
8 good quality – Pork sausages
3 tbsp – Olive oil
Optional extra – Dried Mixed herbs and onions.

Here’s how to make the batter – sift the plain flour into a large mixing bowl, then add the salt and pepper for seasoning.
Make a well in the centre of the flour and crack in the eggs. Using a wooden spoon, gradually beat the eggs into the flour then slowly beat in the milk until the batter is the consistency of double cream.

Stir in the mixed herbs, cover and leave to stand for 30 minutes.
Place the sauasages in the dish, drizzle with olive oil and pop into the preheated oven for 10 minutes.
I like to prick holes in them to let the fat out, this will help with the non-sticking process.
Pour the batter over the hot sausages in the oven dish and Immediately return to the oven and cook for 35-40 minutes or until well-risen and golden-brown.

I like serve it with diffent veg each week so today I chose some delicious new potatoes and garden peas, with thick good ole’ Bisto Best gravy!
I also like some hot English mustard on the side for the sausages and mint sauce on the peas.

Straight from the oven! the aromas are mouthwaterngly incredible…I bet you wish you had smellavision!

7. And Most Importantly…ENJOY!!!

I hope you enjoyed my very first cooking blog post here on #Steemthat, and that you’re rushing off to the kitchen right now to cook up this classic ‘Great British’ favourite!
Happy cooking and eating folks


Minuman Segar

Selamat sore semoga kita selalu bahagia.. Dalam beberapa minggu ini cuaca sangat panas dan pastinya jika suplay vitamin dan mineral tidak cukup maka respon tubuh akan sedikit mengalami gangguan, Namun banyak yang terkadang tidak dapat menahan diri untuk menikmati air dengan campuran es batu. Apalagi si kuning ini pastinya sangat menggoda untuk kita seruput…ya namanya es pelangi, kalian pernah coba??

It’s OK Not To Be OK! – Do you have Mental Health Issues?

  1. This is a repost from my @darrenclaxton account on Steemit.
    I felt it necessary to repost this as I’m feeling quite anxious and insignificant at the moment.
    I know it’s just the wave I need to ride, but reading this post that I created last month is helping me through this quagmire of uncertainty.

This following motivational, life coach type message, really resonated with me yesterday.
It’s from a conversation I had with my new found friend @meno

‘Regardless of our understanding of pride
let’s pose the hardest of questions?
let’s say, that you spend the rest of your life
protecting it,
making sure that you never disappoint yourself,
that you stick to your guns, and never show weakness!

Lets imagine you do that…

When the time comes… when it’s over
when you had to eat emotional shit with a silver spoon
to play that game, and you are getting ready to say bye to this world,
Who brings the trophy?

Who says… hey Mr Bloom.. here you go mate… good job
your ego/pride was intact your whole life,
in the 2 minutes you got left to bask in the knowledge, you earned it.

Spoiler! no one… no one does…
Not even you!
The most liberating thing we can do my friend, is let all that go.
We only get one shot… let’s have fun and laugh as much as we can.

Wise words from a very good human being!
Author – @meno

And my other music mate @Krystle for her input.

The biggest issues with mental health, is knowing there is a problem but not knowing what to do or where to focus your energies – mental health is hard for some people to talk about, so thank you for stepping up and sharing your personal experiences with us.
I have found with my own struggles, it really works best for me to do what you did, focus on family and the things worth fighting for – they are the reason to wade through all the shit and find a way to make ourselves feel whole again, it can take time, but with support like you obviously had from your partner it can be done.
You can come out the other side, and having that knowledge is power! knowing there can be an end to the internal struggle and sadness – once you have that, you’re really on the way, even if it happens again, you now know what you need.

Thanks also to my musical mate @Krystle for her superb input!

‘The biggest issues with mental health is, knowing there is a problem, but not knowing what to do or where to focus your energies – mental health is hard for some people to talk about so thank you for stepping up and sharing your personal experiences with us.
I have found with my own struggles, it really works best for me to do what you did, focus on family the things worth fighting for – they are the reason to wade through all the shit and find a way to make ourselves feel whole again, it can take time but with support like you obviously had from your partner.
You can come out the other side and having that knowledge is power, knowing there can be an end to the internal struggle and sadness – once you have that, you’re really on the way, even if it happens again, you’ll now know what you need.
Author – @krystle

During March-April of 2013, I wrote my first 5 track EP ‘Never Grow Old’ which was due for general release later that year. The songs almost wrote themselves and sprung out of me like an emotional whirlwind of emotive feelings and memories of past events. It was a year that saw me play over 50 gigs, various folk festivals and a few radio shows here in England, to promote the pending release of this physical and digital CD. It never really made it further than the few hundred people who bought it at one of those gigs. They were mostly signed copies, so I really hope they’re worth something one day….

Derby Folk festival – October 2013 –

The next part of this story is quite sad, But I feel very passionate about ‘Mental Health’ issues and just want to try and put an end to this overly ‘Taboo’ subject of Anxiety, depression and mental health that so many of us struggle with, and try to hide or act like ‘Nothing is wrong’ the tears of a clown syndrome, as I like to call it. I can only speak from experience and share my thoughts on the matter, and hope that I can reach out and help some of you reading this right now.

I’m lucky that I have music to channel my energy and a loving and supportive family that understand my little quirks and triggers. I’m a very lucky man in that respect but, I fear others are not so lucky , but I want them to realise that, THERE IS always someone willing to listen…Be it ‘The Samaritans’, Your neighbour, a Teacher, Friend or total stranger… Just talk to someone and don’t feel ashamed of how YOU are feeling.


Contact The Samaritans – https://www.samaritans.org/ – UK
Contact The Samaritans – http://samaritansusa.org/ – USA

It sadly culminated in my huge breakdown that November. A feeling of utter disappointment that I hadn’t hit the ‘Big Time’ came crashing down around me, teamed with huge anxiety and fear of never achieving my musical dreams and goals!
However, intertwined within all of this chaotic unchartered territory that I was experiencing, came an extremely beautiful and positive moment in my life. A few weeks before, at the end of October, our beautiful daughter was born (second child) which I swear, kept me strong and saved me from completely sinking into oblivion! My son was only 4 years old at the time, and didn’t really understand why ‘Daddy was so sad’ Thank goodness….I’ll explain to him one day when he’s old enough to understand, and I’ll also let him know how much he helped me to realise how fortunate I really was to have him, his sister and mum.

We can analyse the causes of our mental health issues until the cows come home, but we just need to accept them for what they are, random and sometimes completely Irrational thoughts.


Source – https://me.me/i/the-best-seven-doctors-stuff-1-sunshine-2-air-3-10495328

I had failed my family somehow, maybe it was the aftermath of such an amazing summer?, or the fact that I had finally addressed a lot of heart ache and bad feeling towards certain people?, or maybe, just maybe, some self realisation that I had messed up so many things in my past relationships, with my Ex girlfriend and estranged mother.
When I say ‘Messed Up’ what I really mean is, letting THEM control MY feelings towards THEM and strive to make them happy or accept me for who I am! but you know what? we should never let anyone dictate to us in this way, force us to accept their love, time and energy or indeed , control how ‘they want us to be.


Source – http://www.lovethispic.com/image/161159/i-am-happy-to-be-me

By the following April I had undertaken Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Counselling sessions to alleviate those anxious feelings, thoughts of being a failure or third rate citizen, and it REALLY helped…
Months and a few years ticked by and I slowly managed to drag my self away from that mind-set, with the help of my now partner and close family members! It’s been a bumpy ride full of tears and laughter, but now, mainly laughter and happiness.


My Family
The Rocks – The Ones That Hold Me Up –

You can hear a track from the EP here on Dsound:
Stay tuned for the next track which I’ll be posting soon…

‘Slowed by Notes’

Thanks for taking the time to read this short post and for listening to the song.
Stay safe and remember, someone is always listening.
Much love


This is the smile I try to wear now! Not the fake one I used to know, wear yours with pride too –

Pisang Coklat Crispy

Hai sahabat stishitian…saya mau share resep pisang coklat nih bisa buat cemilan nanti sore lho…


1 bungkus kulit lumpia (saya guna kulit yang dibuat sendiri)
5 buah pisang raja
Mises ceres
Susu coklat

Cara Membuat

Pisang raja dibagi menjadi 2 bagian, letakkan diatas kulit lumpia tambahkan ceres dan susu kemudian gulung dan goreng dalam minyak panas hingga kecoklatan. Siap untuk dinikmati bersama secangkir teh hangat

Intel Claims Hardware Chip Fix

Intel’s chip coming out later this year will have improved changes at the hardware / architecture level which will correct the flaw that allowed the Spectre and Meltdown viruses to affect the computer with Intel CPUs.

Source: techcrunch.com

They determined that the virus Spectre has three variants. The new chips will protect against variant 2 and variant 3 (known as Meltdown) but they haven’t cracked variant 1. The redesigned the processor by creating a partition and introducing new levels of protection, this works against variants 1 and 2. This new design will be incorporated in the 8th generation Core and the Cascade Lake Xeon.

Regarding hardware fix for variant 1, they are still working on a solution. As for existing CPUs, there has already been software patches released. They will continue to release updates when and if they discover new fixes. They advise users to keep there software up to date.

Source: techcrunch.com


Season of water melons.

Oakland Mayor Complicity

Last month Oakland mayor, Libby Schaaf informed illegal immigrants of a planned secret raid being staged by ICE. According to ICE officials, her actions allow for the escape of as many as 800 illegal immigrants. She later tweeted her reasons for getting out the word, below is the tweet.

Libby Schaaf

Verified account

Follow Follow @LibbySchaaf
I do not regret sharing this information. It is Oakland’s legal right to be a sanctuary city and we have not broken any laws. We believe our community is safer when families stay together.

She may have to eat a little crow as three of the illegal immigrants whom avoided capture didn’t follow through making the city safer. They have been re-arrested for new crimes.

After her actions she was lambasted by Trump as well as Sessions. Per Sessions, “How dare you! How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open borders agenda”. Trump said “What the mayor of Oakland did the other day was a disgrace”. Trump also contemplated pulling ICE from California.

Regarding the three arrested, one was a Mexican national arrested for robbery and gun crimes whom was released despite an ICE detainer request. Another was a Mexican national whom was arrested for DUI, he was deported three times and had a prior conviction for false imprisonment, DUI and battery of a spouse. The third was a Mexican national who was arrested for corporal injury of a spouse, he was deported twice and had prior convictions for drug possession, hit and run, DUIs, possession of narcotic equipment and a parole violation.

The Justice Department said it is reviewing Schaaf’s actions but has yet to make an announcement.

Source: foxnews.com

In a related story from the ocregister.com, Los Alamitos, CA has voted to rescind their title as a sanctuary city. The Los Alamitos City Council voted 4-1 to do away with the title. The one nay vote was cast by Mark Chirco because he feared that it would lead to future litigation.
Source: ocregister.com

✏️ Original Artwork Compilation ? #4


Hello Again SteemThat!

And now my most recent artwork compilation and entry for the Steemit Creative Curration Show. Comprise all my artworks from the past 2 weeks, will keep posting these here in stishit from now on so expect another one like this in 2 weeks from now ?.
Thanks to @isaria for hosting this show ?

Ok so here we start from oldest to newest:

? Artposting ? / Aquamarine Dreadlocks ? ??

⭐ “Waiting for the bus” Mr.M’s Art on BeScouted

✏ Sketching on Steepshot ? / Portrait Commission #1 ?

✏ Sketching on Steepshot ? / Portrait Commission #2 ?

✏ Sketching on Steepshot ? / Portrait Commission #3 ?

✏ Sketching on Steepshot ? / Portrait Commission #4 ?

✏ Sketching on Steepshot ? / Portrait Commission #5 ?

✏ Artposting on Steepshot ? / “Follow the White Rabbit” ? ?

✏ Artposting on Steepshot ? / Human relations are hard… ?

Thanks for your time, I hope you have enjoyed my art ?
Have an Awesome Week!!! ? cheers! until next post! ?

Previous Artwork Compilation
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✏️ Original Artwork Compilation ? #3



✏️ Original Artwork Compilation ? #2


Hello SteemThat!

Here is my 2nd Artwork Compilation, these were done between Jan 29 and Feb 11, as stated in my previous post these are biweekly compilations of my own original artwork as well as served as entry for the Steemit Creative Curration Show run by @isaria on the Minnow Support Project server.

? Artposting on Steepshot ? / ? Kraneostea #1 ?

? Artposting on Steepshot ? / ? Kraneostea #2 ?

? Artposting on Steepshot ? / Portrait of @inber / Draw a steemian contest

? Artposting on Steepshot ? / …Waiting for the bus…?

? Artposting ✏ / ?…Plaza de la Paz…? ??

With sound on Dtube

? Artposting ✏ / Vicios… (animated) ?

With sound on Dtube

? Artposting ✏ / “Qing Soldier” (DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST – Week 7 – Color Challenge)

Thanks again to everyone who’s been appreciating my art, Steemit is really a marvellous venue for showing your art to the world and even get some some revenue for it ???

Previous Artwork Compilation

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Questions arising from beginner steemit

Because I joined steemit, many questions I generate from new members
either directly when gathered with members of steemit or indirectly. From that question then allow me to ask directly in this pistingan. Question as follows: is it a pure steemit platform for social media or business media 100% …?
what percent of the steemian read every post?
How Does Steem Power Affect Reward?
this question often arises from new members, as many new members who generate interesting posts with original images are not getting the appropriate rewards for the award given.

which lets you read posts, whether many I post or I am all affected by the steam power that we have.

There are many things that can be used to support a person, steemit is a free place to be creative and people are free to choose.

✏️ Original Artwork Compilation ? #1


Hello SteemThat!

I am Melooo182 aka “Mr.M Art” and I’ve been doing these compilation posts in steemit, showing my original artwork every 2 weeks, most of these I’ve already shared here on stishit through the Upvote Help Group but well why not try to go to a broader audience using the platform public posts ?.
The following collection was published on steemit the last week of January, this was also my entry for the Steemit Creative Curration Show run by @isaria on the Minnow Support Project server.

✏ Sketching on Steepshot ? / ?Sk8tin’ Gal??

✏ Sketching on Steepshot ? / ? “The Purple Lady” ?

? Artposting on Steepshot ? / “Elf Greek Goddess”

✏ Sketching on Steepshot ? / East Asian Cutie

✏ Artposting on Steepshot ? / “Lu is in the Sky with Diamonds”

Thank you very much to everyone who has been supporting my artwork, it really means a lot to me ?

Those that follow my blog I also hope you have been enjoying my resteems and are not being annoyed with too much art hehe, there are so many talented artists here on steemit who deserve more exposure, if you’re an artists consider joining the community of @steemartists as well as the @stishit both are support groups that are still very new but we can grow together to be much more and harvest greater benefits.

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With our harmonious Nature

With our harmonious Nature

The sea and the lush forest and its contents
This is ours which God entrusted to be preserved
Must agree that we keep on guarding it
Because with suberdaya we must be authoritative

The forest of life is very beautiful and wise
Here we embrace together
And the oceans are the forests o

With our harmonious Nature

I was on the west coast of Aceh at dusk. Take in the tranquil blue sea views

f our friendship
Do not face us
For the instinct of a wolf
Because of need and defense
Both are very meaningful

Do not be polluted by lust
Narrows down in an effort to get …
It can still be handled
But if the sea and the terumbukarang destroyed
Disposal of deadly waste disposal waste
Fish looted blindly
The mountain was empty
The forest was damaged where the fire
Large poho trees in the harvest are replaced with coconuts
All kinds of animals lose their place
They will surely berrefolusi
Chaos will happen everywhere
The peaceful comfort changes the scenery.

There must be a way with the deal to always be firm

“At sunset
A charming moon appeared
And a beautiful star
Beautiful light shines in the world
But the beautiful light was defeated by someone
Someone with a heart and a smile tie
One element with another element
Someone who carries sincere love
Someone who gives white love
Will human beings appreciate in the sense of gratitude
All forms of your creation ..
is it a dream
Man does not want to tie himself with balance ..
What is the hope of the full moon?
Do not get too high
Nature and animals want simple love only
We just want to follow it
This togetherness is forever ”

“We have agreed to start all this,
At a time deep in the womb
There we have kicked to take care of this world
But do not be as good as we end up unilaterally ..
We promise to fight for this togetherness,
But there are some greedy uptake without approval …
Although our sense of belonging is bound to each other.
Why do not we travel in God’s way
We still remember the promise of the deal
Why now we do not
Harmonious with nature and animals
Not saying anything .. ”
Is a simple word
which is a relief to the soul
Four regular mail
But widened the heart
It shines on our faces
Providing opportunity
to love nature
To grow back “-

? Melooo182’s Artists Curation Post #3 ? / @Steemartists Promo ?

Greetings SteemThat!!!

Good news!!!, @spaceginger returned briefly and granted admins privileges to other staff members in order to keep the group properly running in case one of the admins is busy away from Steemit/Discord, not sure about this, but it could possibly mean we could keep @steemartists account more active in the future.
However since this post series has had some mild success, I will continue with it and in fact I’m looking for perhaps making it twice a week or something, still have to think how I would go on that, as even with a post template this takes some time to prepare as well a choosing the artworks to be featured, for example this week’s selection was quite hard one, so many awesome artworks and had to pick just 10. Well I’ll figure out something ? now let’s proceed with the curation.



DISCLAIMER: This post only promotes my TOP 10 favourite artworks posted on Steemit in the last week and haven’t received the attention I think they deserve. I know there are way too many other good art being posted but I cannot put them all here, maybe other curators can make their own posts and cover more ground, that would be awesome ?



The Artists Curation Post will be done weekly and all the earned SBD will be shared in equal parts to the promoted artists, I get to keep the SP and STEEM as reward for the service.?

Week #3 TOP 10…

#1 Murloc fan art by @theartofrez

#2 Art Book – Concept Art for Video Game by @mimoartes

#3 Drawing A Girl Behind the Torn Paper By Using Charcoal by @huslein.slash

#4 by @milenamilak

#5 The Techno-Templar: A surreal, sci-fi comic #17 by @haedre

#6 Drawing Life #6 : More scribbles from me by @livvu

#7 VIENNA DREAM. painting. 2015. by @romanie

#8 Looking Back at Your Art: Best but not the Best by @jacinta.sevilla

#9 ? Bird – watercolor in progress / from Life tangled by @jungwatercolor

#10 Cover for POLIS: The Trial of Socrates by @stahlberg


10 Unbelievable Artists You’ve Never Heard Of. (Part 6)

These were my TOP 10 for this week, please don’t forget to upvote them while you still can, also you can help by resteeming this post for more visibility.


Cheers Everyone, have an awesome and productive week!!! ?

Previous Curation Post (SteemThat)

REWARD FOR ? Melooo182’s Artists Curation Post #2 ? / Unofficial @Steemartists Promo ?
SBD 1.641
STEEM 0.044

@elenasteem 0.164
@chillingotter 0.164
@midlet 0.164
@miyata1987 0.164
@ladymaharet 0.164
@sibr.hus 0.164
@svdsdragunov 0.164
@adelepazani 0.164
@berien 0.164
@zeitlini 0.164

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? Melooo182’s Artists Curation Post #2 ? / @Steemartists Promo ?

Hello again SteemThat!!!

Week #1 Promo Post only gathered a bit less than $2, It fell from it’s highest $2.66 due to falling prices of STEEM which apparently crippled the reward pool drastically reducing the earnings of every post, either way I still continued with this series since @spaceginger hadn’t returned yet to steemit/discord, thus the @steemartists account had remained idle ?, I also started to seek sponsoring for delegations or small SP donations so Steem Artists curators can gain a bit more punch with their upvotes, I know this will not be so quick nor easy to find but we’ll make it somehow ?


This post will only promote my TOP 10 favourite artworks posted on Steemit in the last week and haven’t received the attention I think they deserve (this was originally posted on steemit 1 week ago). I know there are way too many other good art being posted but I cannot put them all here, maybe other curators can make their own posts and cover more ground, that would be awesome ?


The Artists Curation Post will be done weekly and all the earned SBD will be shared in equal parts to the promoted artists, I get to keep the SP as reward for the service.?

Week #2 TOP 10…

#1 Digital painting “how to” of beach (Give away) by @zeitlini

#2 Nacridan’s “Underwoods’ Horror” by @berien

#3 original watercolor painting – Steem Girl (WITH STEPS) ? by @adelepazani

#4 “A gift from an artist” Happy 8-th of March by @svdsdragunov

#5 project Cryptozoology: fig.10 “Kauraruku” by @sibr.hus

#6 Wonder Woman Sketch by @ladymaharet

#7 I drew the beautiful Zara Larsson by @miyata1987

#8 A Portrait and Convo by @midlet

#9 Apocalypse by @chillingotter

#10 My new digital picture -Horse Freese. creation process: photos and videos by @elenasteem

These were my TOP 10 for that week, please don’t forget to give them support in their newest artworks if you like them.
Cheers Everyone, have an awesome and productive week!!! ?

Previous Curation Post


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? Melooo182’s Artists Curation Post #1 ? / @Steemartists Promo

Hello SteemThat!!!

Since @steemartists steemit account was quite inactive for the past month and even while I’ve been inviting many new great artists to the group, they haven’t been properly promoted nor voted by the account. So I thought I would make my own promotion post ?, sure I don’t have the steempower to vote them generously as they deserve but maybe this post can help to give them more visibility and more upvotes to their way.

This features my own personal list of favourite artworks posted on Steemit in the last 7 days that haven’t been paid out yet (this was originally posted on steemit 2 weeks ago), I’ll be doing this promotion post weekly (already week #3) and I’ll share the earned SBD by the steemit post to the artists promoted in even shares.

And so we begin…

#1 “Herceg Novi” /oil painting/ +etude by @alexkorolart

#2 The process from today’s portrait painting – original oil painting by @mayasky

#3 They can hear you breathing – Making of [EN/DE] by @patschwork

#4 Joy! a painting in progress. by @kathleenscarboro

#5 Sami hijacking of mining vehicle in protest. Kiruna, northern sweden by @goldenpillow

#6 My Artwork #1: THE ESSENCE OF BEING A WOMAN by @geeyang15

#7 ? Original Charcoal Painting by @adelepazani

#8 more DaDa work 🙂 by @alexandravart

#9 ??‍? Some more artwork for a competitor in IFC ☺ by @yeszuzia

#10 Azur Owl Shaman – Drawitbetter Contest [English/Español] by @basileonardo

Well those were my 10 hand picked for week #1, if you like their artwork you can go and check their steemit profiles and give them some support ?, now I have to give thanks to the whole Steem Artists community, it has really become a home for me with really wonderful artists and nice people in general.Cheers Everyone, have an awesome week!


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Traffic From Venezuela Is Through The Roof Looking For Crypto

Cryptocurrency Is Changing The World And The Idea Of Monetary Exchange.

With Stish Being New There Is No Better Time Than Now To Get Involved In The Movement. This might be why people from Venezuela are looking for ways to hide their fiat from their government officials and why many are buying crypto currencies like Stish. With many buying Bitcoin and Ethereum so that they have a means of still buying goods and services as their currency collapses other nations have been able to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum to prop up their whole economy.

Not many people have thought about how fiat currencies are being forced upon people often for governments to take advantage of people without having anything backing the value other than the force of the government. When the people lose trust in government promises people lose confidence in the currency. This can happen and has happened to many world nations and their currencies. No government of currency is too big to fail when it is backed by nothing. Fiat is a latin world that basically means a currency circulating by force. As governments often issue un regulated amounts of currency with nothing backing it sometimes the value crashes leaving people starving with no way to provide for their families.


Whole nations which have these issues could actually switch to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stish, as a temporary or hybrid measure to continue government operations. Stish is able to be sent electronically much like fiat currency. It is unique as it cannot be created out of thin air. The white paper was clear in that only 10,100,000 Stish tokens can ever be created. Stish runs on the award winning Ethereum blockchain. Miners that do work for Ethereum also do the work To verify and process Stish transactions.

The best thing about Stish is that there is no one in your way to stop you from paying someone else with Stish. You can simply send Stish using your web browser and Meta Mask to anyones ERC20 Ethereum Wallet Address. These wallet addresses are like your bank account number and can be created with Meta Mask! This is what makes Stish so easy to use and adopt for payments. Anyone can add the support tools for the Ethereum Blockchain and have access to Stish from anywhere in the world.

Whether Stish or some other cryptocurrency people from many countries like Venezuela or other struggling economies can benefit from the adoption of digital currency. The governments and the people individually should look into adopting Stish or another cryptocurrency to help upright the ship. There is a lot of trust built into the cryptocurrency Stish. Even though it is new and primarily used as a digital currency there will be even more development in the future for version 2.0 the next generation of SteemThat.com and Stish.

With over 2 billion people who do not have bank accounts and many do not in Valenzuela crypto currency just makes sense. Nigeria is a great example of people who have taken their own future into their hands with many getting involved into Bitcoin and some now getting a position in Stish. This article is not financial advice and you should seek the services of a competent professional. There are tons of uses of cryptocurrency that will change the world and Stish is just getting started working in partnership with SteemThat.com and the social portal.

People can store their funds in Stish and make purchases between people from around the world. Stish is easy to purchase and get started using. Stish is can be purchased with debit or credit cards or Ethereum. Trade Your Stish On Radex Now! https://radex.ai/welcome

Major solar storms causing anxiety fatigue powerful energys shifts march 16th-26th/

Hello Dear ones…
Just to let you inform of what is going on on Mother Earth..

Cosmic energy has been at an alarmingly high intensity for some weeks now, and it is likely that many people are feeling frazzled and exhausted.

Are you feeling those kind of things in your life actually?


> Pressure headaches and general aches and pains, mainly in the stomach (solar plexus) area.

> Flushed, dizzy, or nauseous.

> Having difficulty focusing, experiencing confusion, or having a “foggy mind.”

> Feelings of intense hunger or thirst.

> Extreme fatigue, exhaustion, lack of energy, insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns.

> Seemingly out-the-blue bouts of irritability, frustration, sadness, nervousness, anger, worry, fear, grief, and overwhelm.

> Heightened awareness, enhanced intuition, having insights that seem to appear out of nowhere.

>Premonitions, intense dreams, or nightmares.

> Physiological symptoms may manifest, such as, flu-like symptoms, ear ringing, or aches and pains.

> Frequent anxiety, stress, or feeling panicky without clear reason.

> Temporary loss of memories, forgetting things, misplacing items.

> Seeing and feeling energy such as orbs, sparks, or flashes of light, noticing energy warming the palms of hands.

> Appreciation that all life is sacred.

> Noticing synchronicities, i.e., certain number patterns reappearing.

> More consciously aware of other people’s energy fields and highly sensitive to negativity.

> Wanting to spend time alone, introspection.

You can read the entire article for more informations about that following the link here >>>> https://www.elephantjournal.com/2018/03/major-solar-storms-causing-anxiety-fatigue-powerful-energy-shifts-march-16th-26th/

Don’t worry.. be happy .. the world is changing for a better one <3

with all my love
Kalhiade ((d(^_^)b))


Hello my friends

I will like to encourage all of you to use an app name it autosteem and in the section of fanbase right in the middle on the top it will appear to you a box where you can search for your fan you want to upvote every time he make a post (it´s recomended to configure to upvote when the post is 30min later, this way you can earn the 100% of the curation made by the post) then we go to setting and configure it, with 100% power weight and 30min post old and save.

If we use this tool to create a circle as I told you then we can have upvotes automaticly and only the friends who you have in the mentioned circle.

SpaceX Making Money Move

SpaceX is securing a $500 million line of credit through Fidelity to fund its plan to create an inexpensive internet service. Existing shareholders are also creating several special purpose financial vehicles to sell shares on the secondary market. These offerings could raise an additional $500 million. These share are reportedly selling for between $160 and $170.

Talks with the US Air Force will possibly generate $290 million in contracts for SpaceX. This money will likely be used to get 3 global positioning system satellites into orbit by the end of 2020. There is ongoing talks with private investors and commercial space companies. Some of the companies are Blue Origin, Virgin Orbit, Rocket Lab, Relativity Space and SpinLaunch. The talks will likely reduce the cost of launching payloads into space. Talks with satellite companies will reduce the costs for building the equipment for monitoring and communication technologies.

The race to build a space based infrastructure in not only heating up in the US. A Japanese company, ispace announced a $90 million first round of funding for the development of a lunar lander and two lunar missions by 2020.

Source: techcrunch.com

Source: giphy.com

7 days beauty routine

How To Get Glowing Skin In A Week

Day 1

Starting today, CTM is your new religion. While most people are aware of the Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing routine, it still is majorly underrated. If you haven’t been doing it already, today is when you start, and once you do, you’ll not want to stop.

Your face is always collecting dirt from the pollution and dust it is exposed to, and the dead skin and natural oils that accumulate on it. Using a gentle cleanser to remove this buildup will unclog your pores, preventing issues like acne. The choice of cleanser depends on your skin type and what suits it best.
Using a toner after proper cleansing will ensure that no residual oil or dust remains on the surface. Natural toners like rose water, green tea, and white vinegar work well to restore your skin’s pH balance while tightening your pores. End the routine with a good moisturizer.
This is the base of any skin care routine.

Follow this up by applying a brightening face pack onto your face. You can whip up your own pack with ingredients like papaya, lemon, honey, milk, and tomatoes, which are readily available in most kitchens.

You need to remove any makeup you have on before you go to bed. Your skin needs to breathe at night, which is impossible with makeup on.
A good way to remove makeup would be to apply a few drops of baby oil on your face and gently massage it for a couple of minutes.

Once the makeup has come loose, you can dab it off with a cotton pad, towel, or tissue.
End your day by repeating the CTM method. Finish with your regular moisturizer and a good serum. If you have dry skin, it would be a good idea to switch up to satin pillow covers that will minimize moisture loss. Always try to sleep on your back with your face up and invest in a good humidifier to keep your face hydrated.

Day 2

Your second day should focus on improving the health of your skin by controlling what you consume. Your skin can only work with what it has in terms of nutrition. While external care is crucial, internal care cannot be neglected. Eating right is a sure shot way to get skin that glows with health.
Follow up your morning cleanse-tone-moisturize routine with the application of a fruit mask. Fruit masks are easily prepared and applied. You can use ingredients suited to your skin type such as bananas for dry skin, and strawberries for oily skin.
This is an excellent way to brighten up your face without using chemicals.
Keep yourself hydrated by consuming water and nutrition packed beverages throughout the day. This will help control the production of oil on your face and also tighten your pores.
Remove your makeup and end your day with the CTM method and your night-time skin care routine.

Day 3

On the third day you will be exfoliating to remove any dead skin. This will leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant. It will also make your skin more receptive to the other treatments it will be receiving.
Cleanse your face with an exfoliating scrub or a face sponge. Scrub off the dead skin cells to reveal the healthy layer of skin underneath.
After the exfoliation, tone and moisturize your skin to keep this new layer protected from drying out. You can apply a face mask post exfoliation as your skin will be more receptive to nourishment.
Never forget to use sunscreen when you are about to step out into the sun. This will keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays that can cause damage to your skin.

Day 4

By the fourth day, you will notice visible results in the form of improved skin texture, and your face, on the whole, will radiate health. However, this doesn’t mean you get to ease up on the routine.
Wash your face with your regular cleanser and then steam it. This will help open up your pores and allow for some deep cleansing action. Once you have steamed your face for about 10 minutes, follow it up by applying a clay mask that will draw any dirt out. Optionally, you could use a combination of honey and oatmeal. Once this is done, rinse off the mask and tone your face by dabbing it with a cotton pad that is soaked in rose water. This will help re-seal your pores. Finish with your moisturizer.

Day 5

Massage your face with some aloe vera gel post-CTM. This will improve the blood circulation to your face and nourish your skin. It will also help flush out toxins. If there are dark circles under your eyes, always use an under eye serum. This will make them fade over time and also add radiance to your face.
After the massage, apply your regular moisturizer or day cream.

Day 6

Tomato and Lemon mask: Ingredients
1/2 ripe tomato
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
Blend 1/2 a tomato into a smooth puree. Combine the tomato puree with 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice. Using a clean cotton ball, apply the mixture all over your face. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. When the time is up, rinse off with cold water. Pat dry. Apply a drop of olive oil to moisturize.
Ideally, you should be exfoliating your skin twice a week to keep it healthy and radiant. Follow the exfoliating steps from day 3, and follow it up by toning and moisturizing.
Regular intake of water and fluids like soups and juices is essential throughout the week as a hydrated body equals healthy skin.

Day 7
It is time to indulge and give yourself another fruit facial. Follow the CTM method in the morning as well as in the evening.
Keep drinking water or healthy beverages throughout the day to maintain the elasticity of your skin.
Following these instructions will have your skin glowing with health right from day 1. By day 7, your face will appear soft, radiant, clear, and you will be on top of your face-care game. This doesn’t mean that you stop caring for your skin. Following the CTM method every day, exfoliating your skin twice a week, and treating it with natural face masks a couple of times a week are essential for maintaining skin health. It might seem like a lot of work, but fret not!

Never too late

If you have ever felt like it’s too late to follow your dreams, that it’s too late to discover and live a life of purpose, then you might be setting your own limitations and creating your own mental prision.

There is this story I was told a long time ago, that I like to tell when explaining this perspective, at the end of the day we seem to learn better with stories and in my case this has been no different.

The story talks about a young man who was studying to be a doctor in a prestigious university. He was one of those young minds full of thirst, but at the same time full of fears and insecurity.

On his first day of class as he walked to the first hour, he kept on thinking to himself how he had to ace all his classes, how he had no time to waste, how he had to be a doctor in less than 7 years, because he did not want to waste his youth just studying.


As he walked to the first class he noticed an old man standing by the door who started to walk into the classroom as well, he look at the old man and said “Good Morning professor”without much hesitation the old man replied “Ohhh no young man, I’m a new student just like you”.

“But how old are you?” replied the young man almost in shock, but without hesitation and with a smile on his face the older gentleman replied “I’ve just turned 73 this month…. “The young man of the story could not believe his eyes and ears so he asked, just to confirm “Are you studying medicine too? and again with a smile the old man replied “Yes of course, I always wanted to be a Doctor and now It’s time to follow that dream”.

After a few seconds of akward silence the young man just had to open his mouth one more time “But… you will be 80 by the time you become a Doctor, it takes seven years at least”. The old man one again with a gentle tone and gesture said “In seven years I’ll be 80 regardless if I follow my dream or if I don’t… 

apa yang akan kita tulis malam ini

mengapa harus bingung dalam mengerjakan tugas, tuliskan saja kegiatan yang sedang kamu lakukan, kesan dan pesan,kendala perbaikan

Beda menyontek dengan meniru

Menyontek menyalin pekerjaan orang lain seolah-olah itu adalah pekerjaannya,

Meniru melakukan tindakan yang sama dengan seseorang,dengan tujuan mendapatkan hasil yang baik seperti orang yang kita tirukan

Venezuela 4,000 Percent Hyperinflation

Source: zerohedge.com

It is painful to read about the dire problems in Venezuela. A cup of coffee now cost 75,000 bolivars up from 1,800 bolivars, that rise took just over a year. That’s an increase of 4,067%.

This is a textbook example of what happens when your government loses control over their economy. It can happen in many ways, one way is by printing money at will. I expect that soon the American dollar will go the route of the bolivar.

Bremmer Rodrigues owns a bakery just outside of Caracas, he says that he doesn’t know how to get rid of the bags of bills that is collected at his shop. Every day he takes in hundreds of thousands of bolivars. He hides the bills in boxes so he can get them to the bank to deposit.

The bolivar is so devalued that $5 is equivalent to a brick load of bills. ATMs need to refilled hourly due to the amount of bills needed to be dispensed just for a small amount of cash. Merchants no longer count money when a transaction is made, they weigh the money. Basic purchases take hundreds of bills, shoppers stuff piles of bills into gym bags when shopping and storekeeper stash thousands of bills into box and drawers.

Whatsapp reports that the price for a kilogram of ham costs 1,480,000 bolivars. At one deli, they stopped ordering ham when their scales can’t calculate the cost. Their scales only have six digits and they ran into problems when they tried to fix the scale so it could calculate the price. A kilogram is approximately 2 pounds.