Feds Confiscate 4,000 Firearms

Authorities discovered that 4,000 firearm requests were approved in error.  Now they are out to retrieve to the guns that were issued.  One of the guns issued was used to murder 26 people at a Texas church.

The FBI’s notional instant criminal background check system (NICS) processes millions of transactions every year.  But the system has its shortcomings, the background checks must be completed with the 72 hour time limit.  If the check is not completed with that time, the sale will go forward.

Trump Shrinks National Monument Lands

President Trump unveiled a plan to shrink two national monuments as a move for states’ rights.  This will revert lands now controlled by the government to land designated as public use.  Trump referred the act of creating monuments as a federal land grab.

The natural resources defense council countered the plan by telling Trump “We’ll see Trump in court”.  They argued that the Antiquities Act doesn’t permit the president to roll back land protections.  The Antiquities Act is a 1906 law which allows presidents to wall off millions of acres at a time from future development.

Electrical Demand Falls

The good news is that electricity use is going down, the bad news is jobs are being lost.  Over the last 9 months, electricity generation has fallen 2.6% (year over year).  See the attached graph.

Some reasons for the drop are:

The hurricanes that hit can be partially to blame for the drop in August and September.

More efficient heating and air conditioning systems, along with energy efficient lights and the ubiquitous solar panels can account for the decline.  These are not declines for certain months but are yearly declines.

Industries that are energy mega users have been off shored.

As far as the impact of energy companies financials, they have made gains due to more efficient ways of generating electricity.  This, on the face appears to be a good thing, but it led to bankrupting natural gas drillers and coal mines.

Times are changing to be more accepting of ‘green’ energy sources but these sources are not reliable.  As the technology provides more practical and cost efficient ways to manufacture batteries, this will improve.  But the problem at hand is the failing of the companies that generate electricity and maintain the ‘grid’.

For the electricity generation companies, their plan seems to be all in on the electric car so they can improve the energy usage.  Since this industry is reliant on the battery manufacturers, we are back to square one.  In the short term gas is still king but it is changing.  When it comes to companies that generate the electricity, their paradigm is also changing.

Bugs to Control Pests

Brazilian company named Bug Agentes Biologicos or Bug for short have an unique solution to pest control.  They created this company in response to the growing agricultural sector in Brazil and the growing concern over the use of chemical pesticides.

They breed a wasp called trichogramma which eats caterpillars and other pests.  They use drones to spray the wasps over the infested fields and the wasps do the rest.

Moon Express

Moon Express is a company planning to mine material on the moon.  They are committed to complete its first launch next year and they believe they will have human colonies with in five years.

The company is competing for the google lunar XPRIZE which has a $20 million reward for the first private firm to put a spacecraft on the moon, travel 500 meters and transmit high definition video and images back to earth.  The deadline for this prize is March 2018.

Their goal is to mine resources on the moon and send the resources back to earth.  Moon Express has partnered with Rocket Lab.  Rocket Lab makes rockets and Moon Express is using their booster to take its lander to the moon.  Rocket Lab is planning a test for its Electron rocket on December 8.

GoFundme Drops Fee


The fundraising site is dropping the 5% platform fee that is charged to people when they launch personal campaigns.  Instead, they will request for optional tips to generate some revenue.  They may be taking this approach to fend off competing fundraising platforms.

According to GoFundMe, they have timed this change to coincide with the holiday season.  Yesterday, facebook announced that it was cutting the fees on its platform for organizations but personal campaigns are still being charged a fee between 6.9% and 8.8%.

Although they are dropping the platform fee, there will still be the payment processing fee of 2.9%.

Hard Rock Candy pt.2

Ladies and gentlemen,I am happy to inform all interested persons, that I have so far to date, created (drum roll please) 8 lbs.of butter rum hard rock candy…hold the applause…more to come.

Mount Agung Eruption Imminent


Bali officials are preparing for Mt. Agung’s eruption, they have closed the airport and they have ordered the evacuation of villagers living in a high danger zone.  The region is experiencing hundreds of tremors daily.  It is not clear when the eruption will occur, according to Bali’s governor, it could be hours or weeks away, but it is imminent.

The largest concern is the size of the eruption.  If the size is great enough, it will cause global cooling.  Global cooling follows when the volcano expels so much debris into the atmosphere that it works to block the sun’s rays from reaching the earth.  This results in many devastating catastrophes from decreasing global temperatures to major food shortages.  Speaking of cold temperatures, I just read where they are warning England of a polar vortex which they predict will cause many deaths and this is with Mt. Agung yet to erupt.

Who Steemit

Who Started Steemit.com And Who Steemit Questions

Who Started Steemit.com And Who Steemit Questions

Who Steemit

So who really started Steemit.com? Wouldn’t you like to know. Much like bitcoin the real founder of Steemit.com remain a mystery…

Ok so it isn’t a mysterious figure or group that created Steemit.com. Even though many might not know exactly who created it this information is not too hard to find. According to wikipedia which practically knows everything about everything. Steemit was developed by 2 guys who were actually looking at building something else and literally stumbled upon what the steem blockchain and Steemit is today.

Steemit Logo For Steemit

Steemit, Inc. is a privately held company based in New York City and headquartered in Virginia. The company was founded by Ned Scott, and Dan Larimer, creator of BitShares, and EOS. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steemit)

There are many people that champion Steemit and many have left and went to bitconnect which failed in 2018 and was outed as a ponzi scheme. Many of the criticisms around Steemit is perhaps due to the massive white paper that is somewhat contradictory of itself. It was re-written in late 2017 and some consider it so complex that it must be a scheme or scam.

Decentralize.Today published an overview of the platform and blockchain, pointing out how the developers did not allow users to mine Steem and then relaunched the currency to assure centralization (whoever owns the majority of the blockchain can authorize other people’s transactions). Tone Vays said that the system is a Ponzi scheme (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steemit )

I’m one that tends to think that Steemit isn’t a scam but extremely complex. This makes it counterproductive to its own stated goals of being a barrier to entry crypto currency. However, as you look at other crypto currencies available almost all of them are overly complicated and not for your normal web user. Steemit through various portals or platforms as developed many very workable and scaleable apps on its blockchain that are really awesome. So many of the things they are doing are original and a path has to be created in the new space.

Are you looking to find out more about delegating steem power?


Misc Steemit Questions and Jargon

100 Top Secret Steemit Questions Answered

Let’s Look At The Top 100 Secret Steemit Questions And Answer Them.

All Steemit Questions Answered

Let’s Dig Right In And Answer The Top 100 Questions That People Have In Regards To Steemit And Steem! You Ready? Let’s Go..

  1. What Is Steem? Steem is a digital currency. Steem Is Lighting Fast And Has No Transaction Fees! Extremely Secure.
  2. What Is Steemit? Steemit Is A Blogging Platform That Allows Community Members To Upvote Yoru Content To Determine The Value Of That Content And How Much Steem you receive for your work creating the content. Steemit is a place to create your digital wallet and access your passwords/keys to your wallet. You can also trade Steem on the internal market at https://Steemit.com
  3. How does Steemit Work? The simplest explanation is that the system allows members to create content and determine the value of that content. The rewards pool is a predetermined amount created instead of mined to save the planet. Digital currency like Bitcoin consumes enough electrical power when mining to provide everyone electricity in a small country for a year. Steemit is green, is faster and safer for the environment. Steemit issues a pre-determined amount of digital currency per year to help stabilize the markets.
  4. How Does Steem Have Value? According to their website It is exactly like Steem That Tokens. It is essentially a point system. Because you can buy and sell them on an internal market and they are on a block chain with a ledger people often buy them and hold them in hopes that their value will go up. Steem can also be traded on some exchanges which helps.  There have been video games designed around a similar concept. Where a limited amount or in game resources were available and markets were created where users could trade or buy and sell as they need those resources.
  5. How do some users publish a generic picture from pixabay and get hundreds of dollars? This is often a scam by some people referred to as whales. They will often upvote a bunch of fake accounts that do this and then send all of the rewards back to themselves. Sounds fair right? It isn’t and that is why flagging was created. However whales are scared to flag each other because many of them abuse the system in the same way. Others are just scared of retribution so not much is done about these cheats on the system. However, if a minnow uses a promotion bot to actually spend the currency and send it from one party to another actual party for the trade of goods or services all hell sometimes breaks lose and you might get flagged. So stupid. Just be careful
  6. Why do my posts never get 1.000 In Upvotes and I spend hours and others you can tell copied and pasted someone elses work and have hundreds? Please refer to above about how Steemit works. The community determines who gets how much of the rewards pool. By allowing these people to do this and get huge rewards the community is encouraging this behavior. I highly advise against it but clearly this is the preferred method of work and is highly rewarded by the community. You are better off for the long haul to create original factual content and hope and pray that Steemit Inc puts a stop to these abuses as the community is failing. Over time you will see that many invests hundreds of dollars using promotion upvote bots or the promote post button or by actually paying whales to upvote them.
  7. How do you earn tokens? The best way to earn them is by writing high quality comments and articles that are relevant and that the community agrees with. Sometimes controversial content will do well but rarely is this the case. Some earn by curating which is a fancy word for upvoting. There are strategies that can help and automated services that can assist with this. Curation/Upvoting doesn’t pay very well at all when you are new.
  8. Why do I not have any voting Power? There are a few reasons that this is possible. You lose voting power when you upvote comments or posts. It takes time to re-generate your voting power. This is so people do not just auto Upvote every single post which was allowed early on. Now you can Up-vote at 100% about 10 Times per day and maintain your 100% power. If you upvote to fast your power will drain. As you get more Steem Power you will get a slider bar which will allow you to select your voting power per Upvote. You can then select 10% so effectively multiplying how many upvotes you can cast to 100 per day. The amount of rewards granted per your Upvote is based on your Steem Power Total And Your Power % of Upvote.
  9. Another solid reason you have no power especially if you are 100% sure you have not been up voting is because you signed up for a scam service. Yes there are plenty of places that do not disclose that they use your voting power to upvote their posts and their friends posts and witness posts and their friends posts. It is hard to narrow it down so just visit Steem connect2.0 and remove all authorizations and re-authorize one at a time to find the scammers. You will be shocked at how many of the places you first signed up to that appeared to be helping you with minnow support and followers etc were actually stealing your votes. You didn’t know and they would take advantage of you.
  10. Do people Scam you on Steemit? Be aware that many apps also take a percentage or your earnings because you posted through them. Hey, I’m fine with that, It just needs to be disclosed so that people clearly understand how much they are giving up to be convenient. Most will not care and still use the service. The scammy part is when they increase this without disclosure and you are scratching your head, wondering why you earned 20 in upvotes but only got 10 total received. 25% went to the upvoters/curators and 75% went to you… 7.50 and 2.50 were paid out…. who got the other 10?
  11. Is there an etiquette guide? Yes and No.. Someone I think created one but this really goes against the whole decentralized nature of Steemit. Some things obviously should be immediately stopped. Plagiarism of others works should receive zero rewards if it is a copy and paste situation. Single Image Posts that are just stock images with zero content submitted solely for the purpose of draining the rewards pool should not be allowed. Repeated Spamming of the Same Post Over And Over Should Be No Payouts And The Same With Comment spammers that spam comments then have a bot go and upvote all of those comments. This is ridiculous and hurts the whole platform. That is about all of the rules that should apply to stay true with the original founders visions. All of these other crazy restrictions just lead to people leaving and should not be sanctioned as this isn’t Reddit and most here hate all of the rules and moderators. Just not how most of us roll. The community meaning more than one or two people could come together and flag crazy behavior if they choose to do so. Most have zero balls and would not stand up to a whale for anything. I’m a minnow and could care less. If you are a crap turd draining the rewards pool you are a crap turd no matter what your rank or position in life is. Some people are just crappy selfish people and possible should just be banned and their funds stripped from them and equally allocated back into the pool. 90% vote of all members could force something like this possibly.
  12. What is Steem Power? Steem Power Is Not Steem! Many will try to use the words interchangeably as one does convert to the other but they are not the same thing. It is convenient though to explain it this way. I often do so as to not confuse the crap out of people. Steem Power is really Vests and convertible to Steem via a powerdown. The payout period at the time of the writing is 13 equal payments for the amount you want to power down. I personally after hitting 100 SP stay in Power Down Mode And Use My Steem To Work For Me. This strategy is beta and not discussed as it is my tip secret strategy I’m testing. Most leave it in. If you want some liquidity especially if you bought your Steem and powered it up/ converted it into Vest/ Steem Power then this might be an option to get your initial investment back liquid and once that is complete cancel the power down. I like having half liquid as it doesn’t pay crap as an investment when you are small. You can use your steem to lease delegated steem in chunk for a month and set-up an auto curator and do well when you are a minnow verses leaving it doing crap for you. So far it is working I actually maintain my steem power and get some liquid Steem out. Not bad right?
  13. What Is Steem Power Used For? Why Do I Need Steem Power? This is an excellent question. You need some Steem Power for your account to let you post or comment or upvote I think. Some of this stuff changes from time to time and the docs are often over 1 year old so you know that things have changed since then. Steem Power Serves To Purposes As A User And Several For The Steemit Platform. You win with Steem Power because it determines how awesome your upvote will be for your followers. Since people tend to hang out in similar circles of power the better your upvote power the better upvotes you will receive. This is mainly because smart members realize that you only get about 10 per day so spend them wisely. I would use them all every day if I were you and once you get enough Steem Power to get the slider set your voting power to 10% and cast 100 Upvotes per day. Your Steem Power impacts how much your curation rewards are also. When I have done analysis of the top curators on Steemit There appeared to be 2 strategies deployed. One – Spread It Around Limit Risks And Keep The Amount Of Upvotes Per Day Lower around 10 -20 on average so your upvote power would be highest and hope to garner a lions share of the curation rewards because of this… The other was similar but voting far more often with smaller percentages. Which works best when you have low Steem Power? This is up for debate. Maybe upvoting comments and avoid the post game all together? It is possible.
  14. Should I really build a large following before posting content? I have mixed views on this for several reasons. The more followers doesn’t equate to higher rewards as you would think or as many lead you to believe. The old Quality over Quantity applies here but that also leads to risk as if you tick off a few great followers you might not have the enough support from the other remaining to make it worth your while. Having active followers is essential. This doesn’t mean that they upvote you or comment. By active I mean they actually post and comment more than once a month. If they are regular active users you will win them over one day with high quality content. Or some pictures of half naked bikini babes. Or half Naked Muscular Dudes in Speedos.. I’m joking but these have worked for many just to get noticed. Such a dirty trick.
  15. Should I comment and stuff before I write my first post? Let me level with you. I think this is a good strategy. I had over 200 followers when I wrote my introduction post. I received 0.23 in up-votes and almost quit because I had worked hard commenting. I got paid a whole lot more by providing real comments on the introduce yourself posts than I did writing posts. You do what you want to. If you want to get those hundred plus dollar upvotes having some active followers that will resteem, comment and upvote is a must. Spending a large chunk of SBD on Promotion Upvote Bots and Rallying all of your friends from places like SteemThat.com will help get you there. You need to get your post on the hot page and then spend enough to bust onto the trending page. This can be done if enough natural folks jump on and upvote, comment and resteem. Your friends will want to especially if you let them know you are going to boost the post. They will jump in early and get some good curation rewards. People are always saying you shouldn’t be here just for the money but those same people do a lot of things based on how they benefit the most. You can do the promote post also but this SBD doens’t get put into circulation which is stupid.
  16. Which person that failed economics decided to destroy the SBD from Promote a Post? They might should quit Steemit. A currency dies if it doesn’t have a utility purpose or a store of value. Steem hardly is a great store of value so it needs to be utilized. If it gets created and simply destroyed this can actually deflate the currency.
  17. WHAT IS NSFW? This is an acronym for Not Safe For Work. If you don’t want to see porn you need to make sure this you set to hidden. This is the default but many are not aware of what this means and might turn it to show NSFW and then find their feeds have things they would rather not see.
  18. What is Steem Delegation? This one comes up a lot since we built the first Delegation Tool available for everyone to delegate Steem Power To whoever they like in about 3 seconds. Steem Power Delegation is letting another user borrow it. They don’t actually take possession of it but they get the benefit from it. So if you donate 1000 Steem Power to me I would be able to Upvote 10 members per day at 0.100 if I up-voted each one at 100%. So How Long Does Steem Power Delegation Take To Pay For Itself. There are alot of factors to be considered It is very difficult to break even or earn a profit from leasing Steem Power. Now some companies are leasing larger amounts of Steem Power for the same 1 Steem but it is difficult to win over short distances with this. If you decided to lease Steem Power Delegation from others I advise at minimum send 4 Steem with the number 4 in the memo line. This will allow you to get  a chunk of Steem Power for a month. But before you do this know how to calculate everything and have it automated to upvotes and write posts etc. It takes money make money so the more you have the better off you are to earn some as when you spend more you get more.
  19. Why do I have different payout options and which should I use as a minnow? This is a great question. The 50/50 Option gives you some SBD back along with paying the reward in Steem Power.  This can help you if you plan on using Post Promotion Upvote Bots Or Promote Post. You will generally not break even on the amount of SBD you earn back from this. If you do you did really well. Because you also earned Steem Power that can be converted back into SBD to see what your actual earnings were on a post. The 100% option is often used by people who are just taking their earning straight to the Steem Power Bank essentially. Your funds are locked up for 13 weeks this way. Some says that it shows your commitment to the platform . Who knows what the right way to do it is really. There are many variables you will have to see what works best for you and your style. Declining Payout Means You Will Not Be Rewarded For Writing.
  20. Should I use all 5 tags? Yes 100% always use all 5 tags.
  21. More Will Be Added Soon!

Since we started writing this guide there have been some amazing developments. Now Steemit finally has a frequently asked question section if you can find it.

What Is Steemit

What In The World Is Steem And Steemit?

What Is Steem And What Is Steemit? Both Of These Questions Will Be Answered Here.

Everyone that first hears about Steemit usually asks what it is and what Steem it and how do they work. When there is something new it is best to ask a lot of questions and make sure you understand what something is and how it works. This question and answer sessions isn’t going to throw you a bunch of lines about getting rich on Steem as it has done that for people but that isn’t what it is all about.

What Is Steem? Steem is a digital currency. Steem is a block chain. Steem is a crypto currency. Steem is a semi decentralized digital currency. Steem isn’t a lot of things that you here about online. It isn’t a magic pill. Steem isn’t the cure for being lazy or out of work. Steem isn’t a place. Steem is an idea. Steem is a theory. Steem is a crypto currency that can be traded internally or through exchanges. Steem has zero transfer fees internally p2p. Steem is pretty fast as far as block chains go. Steem is growing but Steem isn’t perfect and Steem still has some flaws to work out. Steem Is Not The Same As Steem Power Though Steem Power Can Be Converted To Steem. SBD is not the same thing as Steem but it can be converted to Steem. Steem is liquid or fluid in the sense that for the most part you can trade it for other currencies using an exchange.

Here are a few great resources to learn more about what a blockchain and what a crypto currency or digital currency is:





What Is Steemit? What Is Steemit.com?

This is the same Question. Steemit and Steemit.com refer to the website https://Steemit.com. Steemit.com is a website that allows bloggers to write articles and earn revenue from a community pool of rewards. Steemit.com is a portal to the block chain. Users that wish to post data to the blockchain to earn rewards can do so using Steemit.com There are other portals to the block chain also that allows members to do many of the same things that Steemit does but better.

Most people will have their first interactions with Steem, unless they are currency traders, will experience it using Steemit.com. You will need a wallet to store your STEEM in and you can get that and your keys/passwords from Steemit.com the easiest. Steemit has many uses also. It is a place to vote for witnesses, trade STEEM or SBD in the Internal Markets. Write Posts On Steemit.com and gain followers. Though alot of this is being built on other platforms that maybe do a better job at handling these tasks.

Steemit allows members a place to experience a writing environment where authors get paid to write. Please don’t blow this way out of proportion. Some posts do great and are often promoted to do so. Others can be of a better quality with a better style but earn pennies if the writer doesn’t have a strong active following and often will not earn much even then if the post is not promoted. There is potential to earn from writing but the best bring their own following and do a lot of things correctly early one to become successful. Steemit is pretty amazing because in some countries a few dollars can feed their family for a day so writing several posts per day for 0.50 SBD each pays the bills. In other developed countries do not expect to get rich but enjoy the experience and who knows…Maybe Steemit Will Explode One Day And Be Worth A Lot!

We Will Look More Into The Rewards Pool and How The CryptoCurrency / Semi Social Media Platform Works In Another Article..



Flat Earth Test

First consider if the earth were flat, how would a shadow look. We assume that as the sun moves (or actually as the earth turns) a shadow will reflect this. So putting a stick in the ground and watching it shadow should give us an idea of whether the earth is round or flat.

This test involves placing sticks at several points around the globe and seeing what shadows they cast. If the earth were flat shouldn’t the shadows all be alike. Since the earth would not be rotating as the globe (an orb), the shadows couldn’t move either so the shadows should all be similar. If you think the flat earth does rotate, it could only rotate like a record on a turntable. If the sun is in a stationary position relative to the earth, the shadows again would move but their length would not shorten because the sun’s position relative to the stick would not change the angle.

This is not an absolute proof that the earth is not flat but it is correct in its assumptions that can be drawn.

Hard Rock Candy

To all who are interested,I generally make hard rock candy for my family. I have a secret that most dont know about. The art to perfect candy is a good pan,right ingredients, correct amount of the ingredients,a candy thermometer,and extremely low humidity. That is primarily the most important thing.

WikimediaImages / Pixabay

Low humidity is the difference between candy that sticks to your teeth and candy that doesn’t. Extremely low humidity causes more moisture to leave the candy quicker, so less sticking.
Thank you for allowing me to post.

Americans Receiving Unordered Chinese Packages

Source: forbes.commohamed1982eg / PixabayWhy are people in China sending random households in America packages? The packages are filled with low cost trinkets and they are received by people whom have not ordered the items. It comes out that it is a practice called brushing and it’s an illegal practice. Brushing is a way companies fraudulently boost their sales and get positive feedback for their products.

Positive feedback is valued because when a company’s product listed on an e-commerce site has a high rating, the sales will be enhanced. Shipping the product is usually very cheap so it cost very little for a company to engage in this practice. It has been found that brushing actually works to increase a company’s sales. A study done by the College of William and Mary, it was found that a company using this technique raised their rankings up to 10 times faster than if not using this ploy.

Low Competition, High Average SBD Payout Steemit Tags for 2017-11-28

DasWortgewand / Pixabay

When you’re looking for post ideas, it’s always good to look for primary post tags that pay well,
yet don’t have that many other posts that will compete with your post.

That way, your post is bound to rank higher (and longer) on the new post category.

Of course, you want to check the categories before posting, just to make sure your post is a good fit with the tag.

I’ve split these tags into two sets, each sorted by

  • Total posts in the category
  • Average SBD/Post as % of the overall median (minimum 125% of median)


Group 1
(500 total posts, >125% of median SBD/post)

Tag Posts Comments Payouts (SBD) Avg. SBD/post median % of Median
witness-category 120 812 132,077.31 1,100.64 61.65 1785.35%
bitshares 410 1825 404,959.02 987.70 61.65 1602.15%
eos 254 571 120,901.34 475.99 61.65 772.10%
curation 472 974 222,220.10 470.81 61.65 763.69%
coinkorea 497 1180 231,766.10 466.33 61.65 756.43%
steemfest 446 1374 188,657.58 423.00 61.65 686.14%
openmic 283 2896 91,504.75 323.34 61.65 524.49%
norway 288 1308 76,089.81 264.20 61.65 428.56%
muksteem 207 630 41,979.52 202.80 61.65 328.96%
persian 118 771 22,719.73 192.54 61.65 312.32%
vlog 389 380 74,292.44 190.98 61.65 309.79%
cannabis 363 525 65,000.98 179.07 61.65 290.46%
minnowbooster 127 1003 19,109.62 150.47 61.65 244.08%
steemit-health 190 1019 28,390.31 149.42 61.65 242.38%
ita 401 1020 59,272.31 147.81 61.65 239.76%
giveaway 442 650 53,693.81 121.48 61.65 197.05%
steemsilvergold 280 2197 26,019.28 92.93 61.65 150.73%
bwphotocontest 325 1183 29,616.92 91.13 61.65 147.82%
myanmar 286 1625 23,623.63 82.60 61.65 133.99%
polish 404 1114 31,414.99 77.76 61.65 126.13%


Group 2
500-999 total posts, >125% of median SBD/post

Tag Posts Comments Payouts (SBD) Avg. SBD/post median % of Median
beyondbitcoin 897 308 617,317.51 688.20 61.65 1116.33%
anarchism 610 226 174,625.35 286.27 61.65 464.36%
marijuana 527 459 145,642.34 276.36 61.65 448.28%
gardening 564 704 150,254.30 266.41 61.65 432.14%
stats 702 130 166,440.78 237.10 61.65 384.59%
homesteading 565 1979 113,079.05 200.14 61.65 324.65%
recipes 774 153 147,878.21 191.06 61.65 309.91%
steemstem 688 856 127,943.60 185.96 61.65 301.65%
teamaustralia 574 439 90,867.36 158.31 61.65 256.79%
help 959 359 128,029.68 133.50 61.65 216.56%
tutorial 818 200 105,643.86 129.15 61.65 209.49%
minnowsupport 788 669 92,393.44 117.25 61.65 190.19%
japanese 770 3387 88,535.80 114.98 61.65 186.51%
economy 641 127 72,950.57 113.81 61.65 184.61%
japan 657 178 73,965.01 112.58 61.65 182.62%
challenge 648 125 67,272.99 103.82 61.65 168.40%
market 887 85 89,189.07 100.55 61.65 163.10%
cooking 836 168 83,054.50 99.35 61.65 161.15%
film 904 247 83,266.33 92.11 61.65 149.41%
finance 919 79 82,553.61 89.83 61.65 145.71%
work 802 108 71,111.02 88.67 61.65 143.83%
space 720 244 63,111.63 87.66 61.65 142.18%
macro 546 308 47,713.85 87.39 61.65 141.75%
steemiteducation 902 1245 77,071.70 85.45 61.65 138.60%
spirituality 761 339 64,790.04 85.14 61.65 138.10%
conspiracy 602 270 51,171.52 85.00 61.65 137.88%
future 739 68 57,862.69 78.30 61.65 127.01%


Hope this helps you to tag your posts to make the most SBD!

Hawaii Resurrects Cold War Warnings

Source: shtfplan.comRetired air raid sirens are being reactivated due to the threats from North Korea. Ted Tsukiyama, a WWII vet and a Hawaii resident said ‘I suppose that’s necessary as a precaution, but I don’t think North Korea is gonna attack’. But in any event the warnings are being resurrected. Primarily due to the repeated threats voiced by kin jong-un along with the saber rattling response from the president. The equipment was originally installed during WWII as a early warning for the residents of Hawaii. Currently the state is attempting to educate or re-educate its 1.4 million residents on how to prepare for a nuclear attack.

bibianagonzalez / Pixabay

Stealing Cars Without Needing the Keys

Source: dailymail.co.uk Car thieves can break into a car in under a minute by using high tech devices. By using a relay box, the code can be obtained from a nearby key (but not in the thief’s possession) and relay the unlocking code to the car’s on board computer. Once this relay is completed the car will respond by opening the doors. You can purchase a relay box on eBay for a little over $100. Relay theft kits have 2 transmitters / receivers that communicate with each other. One is used to scan for the key and communicate with the key fob to obtain the access code. Once the code is obtained, this relay box will transmitter the code to the other relay box. When the code is received by the second box (located near the target vehicle) it will transmit the code to the car’s onboard computer and the car will unlock. Cars that are equip with keyless entry systems are susceptible to relay theft. One deterrent is to keep the car fob in a metal case. This will ground the signal and prevent it from being read by the relay box. Another is to use conventional devices like the steering wheel lock. As cars get more convenient for the owner, they also get more vulnerable to thieves.

Spain’s Bank Forcing ATM Use

Source: thedailycoin.orgCaixaBank just cut the banks branch hours to 8:15 am to 11 am, less than 3 hours a day. It’s forcing its customers to complete their transactions through the ATM. This is a common trend among the banking industry. The first reason is to reduce the need for human resources. As we have come to know, humans need time off and ATMs don’t. If banks can reduce humans they can reduce expenses related to human frailties, as we can see robots are the future.

As you consider further, you may see that the banks are reducing the number of branches and services that involves human interaction. Is it a harbinger of things to come. Not to be of a ‘doom and gloom’ mentality but why are they collapsing the banking footprint? Perhaps it is related to the growth of cryptocurrencies, since people are gravitating to banking through their cell phone and the need for a physical bank is diminishing or is it due to the end of money (physical dollars) as we know it?

Are we on the verge of banks going the way of the dinosaur (and hopefully the overpaid bankers as well)? As we watch the evolution of the economies, we may be acutely aware that the current system is inviable. Also the way we historically thought of currency or money is rapidly changing. But the future (as it usually is) is not clear and we must do our best and hone our bartering skills.

Facebook Account Hacked

Source: telegraph.co.ukJasbir Mann’s facebook account was compromised and he found more than 100 fraudulent payments adding up to about 12,000 pounds. He admittedly stored his debit card details on the site. Under facebook’s systems once a purchase is made, future authorization for payment will not be requested. He discovered the fraud when he found 110 transactions to a online gambling site which he had never used or visited. He contacted the bank and his card was cancelled. The bank advised him to remove his card information from the website. Initially facebook began to reimburse the monies taken but then the reimbursements stopped. They reimbursed him about 1/2 of the money he lost. He checked his facebook account and initially all the 110 transactions were listed. He contacted facebook and raised a dispute, after this he checked his account and all the transactions were erased from the site. He received messages from facebook requesting more information about the fraudulent payment and referred him to a link which Mr. Mann said “didn’t work”. He complains that Barclays (his bank) nor facebook was very cooperative in assisting him in recovering his money. After 2 months, facebook finally reimbursed him in total.


Wikipedia on the Dark Web

Source: twitter.comEveryone knows what Wikipedia is but how many of you know what the dark web is? In some countries because of their government efforts to throttle access to certain sites, people are not able to access Wikipedia. Alec Muffett, a former facebook security engineer, has ventured on a solution. He has put together an experimental Wikipedia service on the dark web.

This site is a trial and will only be running for a short time. It will be accessible using the Tor browser and it uses its own onion service to encrypt the traffic. The Tor browser routes the packets through a maze of routers to hide the IP of the user. In 2014, Muffett launched an onion service for facebook and released the open source enterprise onion toolkit. This site is not affiliated with the Wikimedia foundation and because it is in the experimental stage, the bugs have not been addressed.

Homeless Man Reward $300,000

Johnny Bobbitt is a homeless vet with a caring heart. He came across Kate McClure, the damsel in distress. She was stranded when her car ran out of gas on the southbound I-94 near Philadelphia. Bobbitt was living near the exit ramp where McClure’s car stalled. He approach the car and told Ms. McClure to stay in the car, lock the doors and he would go get some gas. He walked a few blocks to the gas station and used his last $20 dollars to purchase some gas. He returned and got the car running, Ms. McClure had no money with her and she promised to repay him.

The following day McClure along with her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico sought out Bobbitt near the exit ramp. They thanked Bobbitt for his kindness and repaid him. They returned several times over the next few weeks and again gave him some money. Over this time, they felt a need to provide more assistance considering Bobbitt’s financial state and his thoughtful act. They started a GoFundMe campaign, the effort went viral and has raised over $300,000.

Good for Mr. Bobbitt, Ms. McClure and Mr. D’Amico. We could use more people doing the right thing.

Source: philly.com

Latest Intel Core Processors Have Security Flaws

Intel has confirmed that it’s lastest processor has a vulnerability to remote hacking. The problem is with the onboard ‘Management Engine’. It has multiple holes that could allow remote attacks to run malicious software and get privileged access to take over the computer. This vunerability affects sixth, seventh and eighth generations of the Core chips. Also the Pentium, Celeron, Atom and Xeon chips maybe affected.

The vulnerabilities can allow hackers to load and execute arbitrary code outside the visibility of the user and operating system. Other flaws affect the Management Engine and the Server Platform Services that may give hackers privilege escalation rights.

They have published a detection tool for linux and windows so administrators and users can detect if their system is vulnerable. As of yet, there are no firmware updates available. If you own a recent PC with a Core or Pentium Intel chip you can be fairly certain that your computer is affected.

Budweiser Vows to be First Beer on Mars

Budweiser will be sending barley into space aboard a cargo supply mission. It will remain at the ISS for a month prior to returning to earth. The barley will be analysed by scientist for changes to the seedlings. Ricardo Marques, a Budweiser VP, said ‘Budweiser is always pushing the boundaries of innovation and we are inspired by the collective American Dream to get to Mars. We are excited to begin our research to brew beer for the red planet’.

20 barley seedlings are being sent on the mission and will be housed in special ‘CubeLab’ containers. The hope is to gain knowledge on how zero gravity affects the growth of the plant and what pitfalls might be encountered when they attempt to brew beer during the long trip.

For now, there are only tentative plans for a manned Mars mission but Budweiser wants to be ready for the day.

Bitcoin Miners in China Wary of Government Scrutinyno

Rows of computer cards along with many fans to prevent the cards from overheating are the trademarks of a ‘mining business’. China has emerged the undisputed leader in bitcoin mining, it is home to four of the five largest bitcoin mining operations.

Due to bitcoin’s nature of decentralization and anonymity the Chinese authorities are intensely scrutinizing the business aspects of mining and marketing bitcoin. Chinese authorities have labelled bitcoin a commodity rather than a currency. Thereby, they can exert tighter controls.

Owners of bitcoin businesses are concerned over the increasing governmental overseeing so some are considering moving their businesses out of China. Some likely countries for relocation are Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Russia and the US. Other factor being considered is the cost of power and the reliability of the power.

Cui is a native of Beijing, he sold a broadband internet company and used some of the money to start up a bitcoin mining company. He currently has 100,000 mining machine and the daily electricity costs run more than 1 million yuan. It is very important that the cost to run the machines doesn’t make the business unprofitable. Also if the power is unreliable, the cost of downtime is expensive.

Leaves are Miracle Mulch

Source: offthegridnews.com


Free mulch is falling right now, as the trees drop their leaves you can reap in a good source of organic nutrients for your garden. Leaves provide several uses:

Compost: shredded leaves can be added to the existing compost pile or be the beginning of a compost pile.

Leaf mold: leaves left to sit for a time will begin to grow mold. Adding these to your compost will help soil building by adding nutrients.

Mulch: mulch is very useful in a number of ways. It retains moisture, limits weed growth and in is useful in controlling the soil temperature.

Leaves absorb about 50% of the nutrients that the tree produces during the summer. When added to the soil or using as mulch, the leaves return these nutrients back to the soil. As an added benefit, they encourage worms and micro organisms to do their work to the soil. They work to lighten the soil which in turn allows the soil to help root growth and aids in the percolation of water. Good percolation reduces the compaction of the soil.

If you experience freezing temperature during the winter and you grow plants that can thrive during the cold weather, leaves can be used to protect them from frost and freezing. It will act as a blanket protecting them from the elements.

Fluorescent Frog

Source: popsci.com

This is the South American polka dot tree frog, it fluoresces. Fluorescence does not mean that it can glow in the dark, it is a property that reflects an ultraviolet (or black light) wavelength. Things that glow in the dark possess a property called phosphorescence, this material gets energized from a light source and dissipates this stored energy over a period of time.

Another way animals or insects can glow is by bioluminescence. This differs from phosphorescence and fluorescence, it causes the glowing effect by a chemical reaction between an enzyme and a pigment in the creature. This reaction produces the energy that causes it to glow. Fireflies glow from bioluminescence.

Bitcoin $31 Million Hack

Source: bloomberg.com

On Tuesday, the company behind Tether announced that the exchange was attacked and tokens from the Tether Treasury wallet were sent to an unauthorized bitcoin address. Tether is a cryptocurrency used by bitcoin exchanges to facilitate trades with fiat currencies. Tether has a market capitalization of $675 million and is ranked as the world’s 20th most valuable virtual currency. The tokens are pegged to fiat currencies allowing users to store and transfer globally and instantly. The company behind Tether said that the tokens are 100% backed by fiat currencies.

Bitcoin’s value took a hit, about $500 but it rebounded later in the day. Bitcoin reached a high of $8,339 in New York trading. So it appears that the hack, although significant, was short term. The hack did fuel the claims that cryptocurrencies maybe too insecure to be consider for use as a mainstream financial trading instrument.


MasterCard to Provide Gold-Backed Debit Card

Source: trunews.com

Glint is a fintech startup that is teaming up with the financial service industry to setup the first challenger to cryptocurrencies. They are proposing a debit card which will be backed by physical (not paper) gold.

The partnership between Lloyds Banking Group and MasterCard are creating an app that allows people to load their credit card with various currencies which can be used to buy a portion of a physical gold bar. Customers can select whether to pay in a currency or gold when they are making a transaction.

From Glint’s website it states:

‘Gold is the most reliable store of value – Glint is the only way to spend it. Through our innovative app, Mastercard, and banking integration, you can use gold as money in every sense of the word. It’s entirely liquid yet still gives the same reassurance and universal recognition it always has. We’re taking gold out of the vaults and putting it into your hands.’

Glint works outside of the banking system with allocated gold reserves in secure, independent vaults and allows for real time exchanges. Users can send physical gold or money in any of 90 world currencies via email, text messages or bank transfer.

Upsurge in Earthquake for 2018

Source: theguardian.com






Scientists are predicting a huge increase in the number of earthquakes next year. They believe variations in the speed of the earth’s rotation could trigger the seismic activity especially in tropical regions. Even though the fluctuations in rotation are small, they could cause the release of vast amounts of underground energy.

Rebecca Bendick and Roger Bilham presented a paper outlining the link between earth’s rotation and seismic activity. In their study, they looked at EQs of magnitude 7 and greater since 1900. They found 5 periods where there were significantly higher numbers of large EQs, in these periods there were 25 to 30 EQs during the year and the rest of the time the average number was about 15 EQs.

They measured the earth’s rotation by means of an atomic clock. They found a correlation between the periods of high intensity EQs and the change in the rotation. Bilham said ‘The earth is offering us a five year heads up on future EQs’.

The earth’s rotation began one of its periodic slowdowns more that four years ago thus Bilham said ‘The inference is clear, next year we should see a signigicant increase in the number of severe EQs. We could easily have 20 a year starting in 2018.’

Based on the uptick in EQs being reported within the past few months, they maybe on to something.

Steem Piston Tutorial – Accounts

Assumptions: You have Python3 installed with Steem Piston libraries

Good evening. Today, I will give you a quick tutorial on how to gather account metadata from the Steem blockchain. It’s really quite simple.

1. First obtain the account object into a variable.

>>> from piston.account import Account
>>> account= Account(“trump3t”)

2. From there, you can use the dir command to get a list of attributes and methods. There is a lot of helpful information.

>>> dir(account)
3. Now, we will access the data we want. In this case, I will be getting the Steem Power of the account.

>>> account.sp


This is my first tutorial on Steemthat and I plan on creating more advanced tutorials down the road. Hope you enjoyed!

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Police Can Request DNA Without Consent


Source: twitter.com

Lately DNA testing services have been advertising to test your DNA so you can more accurately determine your lineage / ancestry. I understand why people are interested in their heritage and would like to find out more information regarding their past history. Unfortunately I don’t think these people are aware of what this information can and most likely is being used for. A similar case is when people provided their family tree information along with photos to facebook. If you have followed what has been going on with facebook you will realize providing this information that appears to be innocuous ultimately comes back to bit you. Once it is posted, it is too late to take it back.

Police can in the event you are suspected (not indicted) of a crime or if you have a warrant, they can request access to your DNA profile from both Ancestry and 23andMe websites. I believe 23andMe says it doesn’t comply with such requests but why would you take the chance?

In addition, police can request information on your relatives that can provide them information about you in a circuitous fashion.

In summary, you PAY these companies to process your DNA and willingly provide them with a sample. Now you just made some of your private information public. I don’t follow the logic. In the case of the facebook user they volunteer this information so they are a little more frugal but also foolish. Are you aware of some news stories where people applied for a job and were told that they got the job only to be let go a short time later because their employer found something deleterious on their facebook page?

Source: rt.com

Feds Considering NIRP

The president and CEO of the US federal reserve bank out of San Francisco, John Williams indicated the the US may look at NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy). In his opening statement at the 2 day conference on Asian economic policy he said ‘We will all be better able to contain the next economic recession if we develop approaches that succeed even when many countries are simultaneously constrained by the lower bound, and that means taking into account the nature of monetary policy spillovers’.

He added ‘Strategies that central banks should consider including not only the bond buying and forward guidance used widely in the last recession, but also negative interest rates that was used in some non US countries, as well as untried tools including so called price level targeting or nominal income targeting. Central banks may also want to consider setting a higher inflation target.’

If NIRP is enacted, that would be a major impetus for the precious metals. The reason is that precious metals are a store of wealth. It is true that precious metals do not earn a yield or pay interest but if the alternative (money in the bank) has a negative interest then the money stored in the bank loses money over time and precious metals will not. Precious metals have been beaten down in price to keep the naked shorts from exploding. If savers / investors begin to pull their money from the banks some of it will likely be placed in the metals and the price will rise. Undoubtedly the bankers (commercials) will try to stem the tide by issuing more paper metal contracts (naked shorts) but eventually the market will demand delivery in actual metal and not fiat currency. Not if but when this occurs the price of the metals will go exponential.

Some will say that the money will flow in the stock market and I agree but the stock market is overvalued now and the influx of more money will exacerbate this. If you are in doubt of the market being overvalued, I urge you to take a look at the P/E (price/earnings) ratios. Some money will flow into the crypto market, again I agree but remember the selling point of the cryptos is that there is a cap on how many can be mined. If you can’t afford a bitcoin now when the influx happens you will be looking at being able to afford one one millionth of one. By the way, I am an advocate of cryptos but I am cautious because it is not a tangible asset.

Man Buried With Cheese Steak

Richard Lussi was 76 when he passed away of heart complications on October 10. Throughout his life he was enamored with Pat’s cheese steak so much so that he would drive from his Pennsylvania home for more than 2 hours to get to Pat’s King of Steaks. Pat’s was founded in 1930 and is credited with being the originator of the cheese steak. Mr. Lussi said the sandwich was so good that he want to eat it in the afterlife. He was quoted ‘What do you think (I want)? Pat’s cheese steak! Pat’s wiz – with no onions because they’ll come back to haunt me’.

Dominic Lussi, his son, in keeping with his father’s desire for the cheese steak bought 2 sandwiches and placed them in his father’s coffin. Dominic said “We were just going to get one but my pop always said, ‘If you’re going to Pat’s, you always get two'”.

Rest in peace and enjoy those cheese steaks Mr. Lussi.

Toxic Algae Nationwide

Algae plumes are cropping up throughout the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, the Snake River (Idaho), the Finger Lakes (New York) and in California’s Central Valley. The main cause is due to the fertilizer run off from farms. Last year in Florida, the governor declared a state of emergency and closed the beaches when the algae bloom spread from Lake Okeechobee to nearby estuaries. This year the effect to the Gulf of Mexico were the biggest on record. Within the past decade, there has been reported outbreaks in every state.

The health affects are devastating. Todd Steele was competing in a fishing tournament on Lake Erie. After the competition he was driving home when he felt lightheaded and nauseous. The following morning he was too dizzy to stand and his overheated body was covered with hives. He said ‘It attacked my immune system and shut down my body’s ability to sweat. If I wasn’t a healthy 51 year old and had some type of medical condition, it could have killed me’.

Sea life is also being affected because the rapid growth of algae causes the oxygen levels in the water to deplete. Fish and other marine life in the water die off due to the lack of oxygen.

Physical Gold Shortage

Although the price does not reflect it, there is a severe shortage of gold at the refiner’s level. If one looks closely at the movement in the spot price, you might see when the feds raised the interest the price drop was not sustained. Normally after an interest rate hike, the dollar rises and precious metals go lower. Another tell tale sign is large amount of paper contracts required to force the price of the precious metals to go down.

Jim Rickards has discovered on recent trips to China and Switzerland that the refiners are experiencing difficulty in sourcing the raw metal, so much so that they have a waiting list of buyers. Recent news article reveal that the amount of gold mined is falling and some mining companies have been forced to shut down due to financial troubles. This will exacerbate the supply of the metal, compounding the shortage.

Source: silverdoctors.com

Baked Cheesy Chicken Kiev

Source: azcentral.com

Recipe by: Jack Schwarz


1 cup panko-style breadcrumbs
3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1 cup melted butter
3 large chicken breasts, halved (about 2 pounds)
1/2 white wine or apple juice
1/4 chopped green onion or parsley garnish


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Combine bread crumbs, cheese, garlic powder and thyme.
Thoroughly coat chicken in melted butter.
Sprinkle crumb mixture over chicken.
Bake for 50 minutes.
Pour white wine or apple juice over chicken and bake another 5 minutes.
Garnish with green onions or parsley.

I have heard of chicken Kiev but I have never tried it. I found this recipe in the Phoenix paper so I figured it’s time to give it try. I am off to the store to get the needed ingredients and I plan on making this for dinner. I hope I can make it taste as good as it looks.

I the mean time, I would like to share the recipe with you.

Bitcoin Surges in Zimbabwe

Bitcoin is trading at $13,500 in Zimbabwe, this is almost double the value it is trading on international exchanges. After the military seized power the demand for bitcoin surged.

Golix, a local exchange reports that since the news of the coup hit the price of bitcoin rose about 10%. Over the last month this exchange had $1 million bitcoin transactions compared to $10,000 transactions for the whole of 2016.

You may recall that Zimbabwe is the country that issued a $100 trillion note because of the country’s hyperinflation. Since 2009, Zimbabwe abandoned its own currency and has been using foreign currencies for their transactions.

California Sued Over Weed Killer

California is being sued by monsanto and US farm groups for issuing cancer warnings on the glyphosate herbicide. California has added glyphosate (the main ingredient in roundup) to the list of cancer causing chemicals. This came after the IARC (WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer) ruled glyphosate a carcinogen. The IARC also warned that usage of some of monsanto’s products, including roundup, could cause Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, autism and cancer.

These farm groups along with monsanto claim that glyphosate does not cause cancer and the warning label should be considered a violation of the First Amendment. monsanto’s vice president of global strategy, scott partridge stated ‘Such warnings would equate to compelled false speech, directly violate the First Amendment, and generate unwarranted public concern and confusion’.

Please refer to this other post regarding monsanto:


Indestructible GoPro

Erik Storm is a tour group guide at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. While he was conducting a tour, he placed his GoPro down and the camera was swallowed up by a lava flow.

His first thought was the camera was toast but GoPro claims that their cameras are indestructible. So now to put their claim to the test. The camera was chiseled out of the cooled lava flow.

Once he got home, he chiseled off the remaining lava rock off the camera and he discovered that the wifi light was still flashing. He was able to download the video captured when the lava flow swallowed the camera.

He proved GoPro’s claim. The temperature of flowing lava is about 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Fukushima Cover Up

Keeping cancers a secret is one way they are covering up the seriousness of the radiation. They are enforcing the cover up for economic reasons.

Some of the talking points:

*** The majority of 2 million inhabitants of Fukushima have been encouraged to accept living with radioactive contamination so to protect the economic and security interests.

*** Shiina Chieko, a resident of Fukushima stated that people have adopted denial as a way to cope with the present danger. She cited her sister-in-law ignoring her son’s continuous nosebleeds.

*** Yokota Asami returned to Fukushima in September of 2011. When she expresses her concerns over the radiation dangers she is met with derision. Her son has also been victimized. In his high school, he voiced his objection regarding eating local grown foods in their school lunches and he opted to avoid participating in any outdoors activities to lessen his exposure to the outdoor radiation. When the time came to his high school exam the principal told him that those whom take breaks won’t pass. He failed the exam, he asked to see the exam and found he had a score high enough to have passed.

*** Yokota Asami also stated that pediatricians tell their patients with thyroid cancer to keep it a secret.

*** Mrs. Asami’s statement have been collaborated by Mr. Okoshi whom is also a resident. His two daughters experienced miscarriages and Mr. Okoshi discovered that doctors are advising women living in the area to abort presumably to avoid miscarriages and defects.

Having followed this story since its inception, I noted that Hawaii (closest state to Fukushima) news has down played the radiation affects to the islands. Recently the news has penned articles to the contrary. Here’s a link to one –

— University of Hawaii research shows radiation in Hawaii soil 2016 as bad as 7 prefectures in Japan 2 weeks after Fukushima

Perhaps the cat is out of the bag.

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The Hallowed Body: Restoring Our Experience to Its Actual Source and Substance of Mindfulness

We as a whole recall favored minutes in which our actual nature of unadulterated and unified and widespread Cognizance reverberates in the passionate, material and sexy levels of understanding. At that point, our body feels straightforward, without fringes, impregnated with an unpretentious nature of vibratory affect ability. He feels less individual however is personally imparted to all that is refined.

Notwithstanding, for the majority of us, the body has been profoundly and economically adapted by the conviction that “I” alludes to an individual and constrained individual, situated in a body, isolate from others and from the outside world. In this manner, the body feeling is moored in an arrangement of redundant psychosomatic propensities, which makes a feeling of quality, thickness, passionate dormancy and withdrawal intended to approve and propagate the “me” projection the picture that appears to be live in the inside, with the spotless and future past anyplace. The dynamism acquired from such a body is represented by mind boggling and convincing motivations to secure safeguard or attest.

In this manner, the psyche of the body appears to wind up noticeably the shell or pen in which “I” appears to live and things “I” am by all accounts done, while the genuine “I” of unified Cognizance appears to have it was lessened to control, impediment and fracture.

When we stir to our actual nature of Awareness within the sight of an instructor or educating, we present our sane and sound personality to the unadulterated light of the knowledge that is its source and substance.

With an open and boundless Cognizance as our imperceptible reference, we tune in and comprehend that the standard awareness that sees what is seen right now, “I”, isn’t contained in a body or situated in time and the space. We hear and comprehend that the “I” is the Open Awareness in which all experience emerges and breaks down, including contemplation, sentiments, emotions, and observations (psyche, body, and the world). We tune in and comprehend that this Cognizance isn’t an apparent ordeal, be that as it may, it is she who sees all involvement, and it isn’t a question, notwithstanding, she is at the core of all understanding as her lone and imperceptible substance.

Be that as it may, it is vital to develop our investigation to incorporate the level of emotions, sensations, physicality and recognition. By having our spot as a field of Open Awareness in which all experience emerges, we hear our experience of the body straightforwardly, concerning the first run through, without marks, with no intercession of the past or any program for what’s to come. We take as much time as necessary, dropping beneath the limit of balanced involvement, enabling idea to unwind out of sight while opening to the stream of material sensation and the unpretentious vibration that is our actual substantial experience. We are welcome to see and feel that the body courses through me, the Awareness, similar to any involvement.

At the point when the gathering of the body is open, uninvolved and worldwide, it is as though the body, similar to an alarmed creature, felt an unqualified welcome to go out away from any confining influence space.

In this adoring and well-disposed field, the body is stripped and normally starts to discharge what had been held and like itself: solidified division living vitality as layers of constriction and strain in the phone, skeletal and apprehensive body

As the body separates, the weight of the “I” that lives in its layers comes back to the opening of the Cognizance.

Little by little, the body is without left to open, unwind and join the opening that encompasses it. It is as though every inclination and each sensation as an offering comes back to the imperceptible holy place of Cognizance, recounting its actual story in transit. After some time, this permits a smooth and regular realignment with the understanding that the basic idea of the body is this exceptionally opening.

Over and over in this investigation, for which we can utilize guided reflection, stances, representations, development and breathing, we are directed to see and feel that we can not by any stretch of the imagination say that a sensation shows up in “my “body, similarly as a sound does not show up on the planet and you cannot discover an idea in a head. Or maybe, we see that sensation, thought, and sound show up inside me, the uncontained open cognizance with no individual presence isolate from a mental or bodily world.

Over and over, we understand that, similar to sounds and musings, sensations and substantial sensations are of an inconspicuous sort. They are not strong or substantial; they cannot be kept up or measured. They are fairly similar to vibrating waves that shows up.

Article Source: https://virily.com/lifestyle/hallowed-body-restoring-experience-actual-source-substance-mindfulness/

A Man is Just Constrained by the Considerations He Picks

A large number of the conditions in a man’s life are regularly delivered by him or without anyone else’s input.

I trust that each of us makes our own luckiness, regardless of whether great or awful. Intentionally, or unwittingly, we may eventually have created our own conditions, attractive or unfortunate, regardless of whether in our real well-being or in different conditions.

A significant number of these conditions in our lives, regardless of whether good or horrible, are resolved to a vast degree by our convictions.

You can not acknowledge that. You could resemble many individuals I’ve gotten with who come up with together reasons. Rationalizing and accusing just makes us the casualty. There is positively no energy to assume the part of a casualty.

I realize that every one encounters our own particular individual victories and disappointments as a result of our convictions.

Our convictions unquestionably decide the nature of our lives. The measure of cash we procure is controlled by our convictions. Each of us wins the salary we make today due to the convictions we hold. Basically in light of the fact that the sum we have restricted to win. Perhaps we could win five, ten, twenty times or increasingly in the event that we didn’t constrain ourselves to our convictions.

Wouldn’t you say it’s valid? Clearly you know individuals who acquire considerably more than you who don’t have your training, your aptitudes or your knowledge. All in all, for what reason do they acquire more than you?

One’s conviction framework is at last in charge of whether they carry on with an effective life or not. At that point, it would be useful for each of us to comprehend singular convictions.

Begin with our musings our contemplations are what our conviction framework is comprised of, and it is our convictions that eventually manage the result of every territory of our lives.

Your actual convictions are a whole of all your gathered encounters for the duration of your life. Make your desires for future encounters, and your desires are close to your present speculation design.

Your considerations have taken you to where you are at the present time. Be that as it may, you are not constrained to the life you now live. It has been acknowledged by you as the best thing you can do as of now. Each time you are prepared to go past the present confinements throughout your life, you can do that by picking distinctive musings.

Since there are tremendous supplies of potential inside you, you are extremely fit for doing whatever you propose (as long as it is inside God’s will for you). You should simply choose what you can do. What’s more, once you’ve concluded that you can do it, it’s astounding how your mind begins to find how.

The “how” is the simple part. It is the “trusting” part that makes the vast majority bumble.

Jesus said in Check 9:23, “Everything is workable for him who accepts.”

You are just restricted by your convictions, and it is your contemplations that make up your convictions. Subsequently, it bodes well to pick better contemplations. It is totally under your control. Pick contemplations that add to progress and not disappointment, or a mentality of “make due with”.

In the event that you truly need to proceed with your life, you can do it in the event that you wish.

Settle on a choice today to assume full liability for where you are. Choose from this minute on that you will pick considerations that add to a fruitful life and dispose of all musings of uncertainty, dread and incredulity. The Expression of God says: “Everything that is simply, decent, unadulterated, valuable, great witness, ethicalness and commend, ponders this” (Philippians 4: 8).

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Environment of the Soul

The sun rises. The sun sets. In the middle of, we tend the garden of our soul. Each word expressed, thought framed, and activity started affects the ground of our being. Through associations with our self, others, creation, and the holy, we shape the environment of our soul. With each nurturing demonstration our biology twists and we develop our associations on the planet.

The environment of our soul can be a verdant garden or a dry betray. For the most part it shows some place in the middle of the two. Its condition relies on our mindfulness and our capacity to be careful. When we concentrate on past second thoughts or damages, we regularly starve our association with others. We put some distance between our self. The same is genuine when we are forward centered around stresses and dreams. By living in the past or going after the future, we disregard to develop connections in the without further ado. Rather than being a place that twists, the biology of our soul loads with scourged regions. Through mindfulness, our cursed regions wind up plainly rich.

When we know, we are invigorated to discover routes for the ground of our being to prosper. Rather than walking through the ordinary, we see the world through the focal points of the remarkable. We act with careful sympathy. The cursed ranges throughout our life mend. We move into a condition of hyper awareness where hues seem wealthier, sounds clearer, surface more recognizable. Living at the time, we are alive in ways that prod us to live in association. The more we work on being at the time, the less demanding it is for us to keep up a careful position.

In a position of hyper awareness we see associations and see life designs. For instance, we may have sentiments of unease when we are with somebody. It might just be after the connection that we a “moment of clarity” in which we perceive the base of our unease. We may be astounded to find it has nothing to do with the other individual and everything to do with our woundedness. Once mindful, we can prune the scourge and support our garden in ways that recuperate our injuries.

Epiphanies are translations of messages transferred when in a condition of hyper awareness. We increase comprehension of our self and our reality. This understanding shapes a more genuine individual reality. We distinguish our fantasies and perceive how we anticipate them onto the world. For instance, we may hold the fantasy that we are unlovable. Trusting our self to be unlovable might be anticipated on our cooperation with others. This makes a cold scourge in our garden. When we never again hold this as truth, the prolific replaces the scourge.

Regardless of the possibility that we can’t free all dreams from the biology of our soul, through consciousness of this falseness we encounter the world in altogether different ways. Rather than tolerating all deceptions as evident — like trusting that we are unlovable — we are persistent for the triggers that fortify this conviction. Seeing the impetuses, we dive profoundly into the genuine center of our being each time we pick not to acknowledge these misrepresentations.

Recognizing the feelings of dread at the dream’s root gives us energy of decision. We can keep on believing the deception or we can search for reality holed up behind it. Tolerating reality, we can re script our reactions. Each time we re frame our encounters, our perspective turns out to be more genuine. With expanded validness, those things we hold hallowed turn out to be more observable.

We perceive the consecrated as existing in those things that we hold in profound veneration. Through this acknowledgment, we see the world as uncommon. Our life mirrors the ponder and amazement of creation. The nature of our soul ends up plainly dynamic, purposeful, associated. Never again discrete, we look for approaches to be in extending associations with our self, others, the hallowed, and all of creation.

Numerous profound experts make windows through which we peer in to the remarkable. Thomas Merton, in Guesses of a Liable Spectator, shared his popular epiphany at the Intersection of Fourth and Walnut in Louisville, Kentucky. He saw that everybody was “sparkling like the sun.” In any case, this isn’t the main epiphany that Thomas Merton shares. In the same way as other otherworldly experts, he gives moving epiphanies inside his composed words. Merton’s discernment in New Seeds of Consideration welcomes us into a universe of the remarkable.

Quite a bit of our life we spend unconscious. This does not imply that we don’t have epiphanies. Or maybe, we are not ready to those moments of clarity. Notwithstanding when we are deliberately unfit to distinguish the bits of knowledge settled in our epiphanies, we don’t generally miss these minutes. Indeed, we may react to these diamonds of internal shrewdness unknowingly.

Each time we react, our nature of the soul thrives. We may see the excellence of a dawn, in any case, just later amid reflection, do we perceive the message innate in its magnificence. The dawn may sow the seeds of expectation in our life. The greater part of our connection with others through the span of the day might be impressions of that expectation.

Understanding that we are reliant prompts a more prominent familiarity with the condition of our environment of the soul. When we comprehend that our life is intended to be spent in group, we all the more effortlessly perceive the aim behind each of our associations. At that point, utilizing an instrument of mindfulness, reflection, we distinguish how our associations add to the thriving or the scourge of our soul’s environment. We possess the ways we make a curse in the ground of our being and, with clearness, evacuate these it. Fantasies gone, our activities deliberately recognize the sacrosanct in our garden. Our nature of the soul turns into an impression of our valid self.

Through this deliberate cultivating, we make a prolific space for development inside the four parts of our self: our body, brain, soul, and feelings. Never again substance to live with even a little cursed plot, our picked activities and words better reflect our identity. Through mindfulness, we forestall inauthentic words, activities, and considerations. We incorporate data got through our moving epiphanies into our present minute. As we commend the numerous ways the consecrated exhibits throughout our life, the nature of our soul thrives.

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Ordinary Measures You Should Take To Lift Fearlessness

Indeed, even the best pioneers need confidence at beyond any doubt times. Boosting confidence isn’t a static quality; rather, it’s a mentality that requires push to keep up once the going gets unpleasant. It ought to be learned, polished and down somewhat like the other ability. However, once you ace it, you might be adjusted for the higher.

Act the Part.

Your visual correspondence will immediately exhibit boosting confidence, or it will shout uncertainty. Blessing yourself in an exceedingly strategy that says you’re ready to ace or take charge of any situation. On the off chance that you look regard and act the half you mean to prevail in, you’ll not exclusively grope to speed; people can have far more trust in you yet.

Hold your head high, remain up straight, and tenderly take your shoulders back to adjust your spine and appearance specifically at the inverse individual once communicating. Keep away from a limp affirmation and keep up sensible eye to eye connection while some individual is conversing with you.

Talk confidently.

Whenever you hear your most loved speaker, be aware of the strategy he or she conveys a discourse. A superb speaker talks with certainty, in an exceedingly enduring, Sapphic tone. Instead of the ums and ahs that intrude on stream, they utilize delays underscoring thoughts.

Embrace relate confident, however not forceful, technique for talking that shows your boosting confidence. You may feel your vanity start to rise. To be considered important, maintain a strategic distance from sharp, anxious gab or twittering chuckles in your discourse. People can hear you extra with consideration after they see the pioneer emanate from among you.

Think and act completely.

Positive vitality winds up in positive results, along these lines set your psyche to the dynamic part of any situation, keeping away from the negative self-talk that may on the grounds that you to feel less regard. Grin, chuckle and encircle yourself with cheerful, positive people. You’ll feel higher and thusly the people with whom you’re utilized can favor your organization.

Keep an inclination diary to incite yourself of the high purposes of your day and your achievements. You may build up extra peace and certainty after you zone unit in an exceedingly appreciative perspective.

Make a move.

There’s extra to being regard than just anyway you look. You need to act the half. Stroll up to a trespasser at a systems’ administration occasion, or make due with a venture you’d customarily dismiss. It will in the long run help to boost confidence and in a matter of seconds it’ll move toward becoming propensity.

Inaction breeds uncertainty and stress, though activity breeds certainty and valor. As partner work out, scribble your qualities and shortcomings. The overall population can instruct you to figure on your shortcomings, however utilize what you have and make the most your qualities. When you set extra vitality into your positive attributes, your certainty can start to radiate through.

Be Prepared.

Keep in mind the 5 P’s: Earlier arranging counteracts poor execution. The more prepared you’re simply the boosting regard will feel concerning your experience and capacity. Planning can help you abstain from getting stumbled up by life’s shocking glitches.

Get the hang of all that you’ll have the capacity to concerning your exchange, your subject material, your objectives and what drives you towards progress. Before you start an assignment, first envision anyway you wish to feel once you’ve finished it. Try not to endeavor to achieve an extreme measure of rapidly. Split muddled assignments up into little, chomp measure, sensible things.


Approaches To Engage Ladies

For a very long time conceivable, ladies have been precluded an assortment from claiming rights and have been leveled as assistants and not members in any endeavor. In spite of the way that the pattern has now transformed, it has not achieved the proposed level to influence ladies and men to measure up to. Customarily, it was said that a lady’s place is in the kitchen and that she is just there to serve her better half and dependably take care of him. In any case, the reality of the situation is that ladies ought to be given equivalent open doors simply like their male partners.

Ladies strengthening has been coming to fruition in many nations and has contributed a great deal in thinking of ladies rights. Despite the fact that sexual orientation based brutality is still broadly rehearsed, considerable advances have been taken to end the bad habit, particularly in created nations. However much should be done to engage lady. There are feasible approaches to enable lady which include:

Give Ladies Authority Positions

Ladies are known to be the best pioneers yet they are constantly denied these possibilities in light of their sexual orientation. At the point when a lady is given an initiative position, she will be a column to other ladies and help champion their rights. The general public will likewise observe her potential and tend to pick up certainty and consider ladies to be a piece of the advancement and not only a partner. By ladies driving, it will likewise give young ladies an eagerness to figure out how to be future pioneers and to battle for these positions without dread of segregation

Accord Ladies and Young ladies Rise to Instruction Openings

An informed lady is a star to the whole group and furthermore a good example to other ladies and young ladies. The most ideal approach to engage a lady is to offer her training simply like their male partners. In a few groups, they don’t instruct ladies and are just given out for marriage at a young age and thusly are abused. An informed lady will know her rights and will constantly champion for the privileges of other ladies.

Offer Help to Ladies and Young ladies in Emergency

Various young ladies are subjected to mishandle, sex trafficking, kid work and numerous other horrendous things which are against their rights. It is vital to offer help to such young ladies by disposing of youngster work, sex trafficking and different acts that corrupt the young lady kid. It is additionally critical to secure ladies and young ladies by offering them directing, therapeutic help when required, and others. This will enable young ladies and ladies to develop to wind up plainly trustworthy and regarded individuals from the general public.

Regard and Esteem Ladies

Another approach to enable lady is to give her aggregate regard and dependably esteem all that they do. This will give them energy to keep doing their best realizing that their work is being valued. This may incorporate tuning in to them, gaining from them, empowering their enthusiasm and some more.

End Sexual orientation Based Savagery

Physical or sexual viciousness is the most noticeably awful type of savagery and mishandle to a lady. It incredibly disheartens a lady and brings down her potential and even contribution at work. By completion brutality against ladies, they will get a potential and mettle to air their perspectives and give thoughts on the most proficient method to run the general public.

It is apparent that ladies offer the best arrangements, counsel, thoughts and even suppositions and in this manner missing their part being developed is a major blow. Engaging the ladies is enabling the whole society prompting incredible advancement.


You decide to React

Decisions flourish. Infrequently decisions perplex us, while at different circumstances, certain decisions are fairly self-evident. Any way you approach the subject, decisions show chances to either exceed expectations or obstruct. As individuals, we were blessed by our Maker with the energy of decision. It is one of the components that separate people from creatures. A few people settle on these decisions or choices more effectively than others.

Every day, we should choose how we will spend our valuable twenty-four hours and manage all that the world presents to us. We pick how we will be influenced by both ordinary events and those that are substantially more uncommon. Regardless of whether intentionally or unwittingly, we decide to either respond or react. These are not the same, for one is negative and one is certain. Which we pick may significantly affect our life and conceivably those near us.

Responding to outside impacts, for the most part outside our ability to control is for the most part a negative decision. Responding infers that we have given charge of the circumstance to somebody or something different. We surrender our info and any control in the issue. We are presently helpless before the circumstance and are compelled to be in response mode where we are continually evading shots and using incredible measures of vitality just to remain above water. In responding to a circumstance, we don’t foresee what is to come since we are excessively bustling dealing with the present. The future at that point shocks us and the entire chaos starts once more.

Reacting to a circumstance is a positive decision. It is the inverse of responding. It is proactive and envisions what is yet to come. Reacting is gone before by thought and frequently supplication. In reacting, we assume responsibility and have summoned over how the circumstance impacts us. We additionally have control over how it influences us inside. We settle on the level of individual effect.

Our lives, families, vocations and other regular exercises and interests are working dangerously fast and show up now and again to quicken. One thing is for sure, the past times of lounging around on the entryway patio each night tuning in to the compelling force of nature are away for a significant number of us. The pace of life in Mayberry, as sound and peaceful as no doubt, is shockingly a relic of past times. We live on the road to success.

Most regions of life give us decisions. We should pick either to react or respond to conditions. We pick regardless of whether to stress. Figure out how to know that you have a decision in these issues. Discover that there are ways that you can manage everything either emphatically or adversely. Discover that your decisions may impact your extremely well being, both physical and mental. Discover that there will be costs related with poor decisions, stressing and antagonism when all is said in done. These may incorporate social, money related, and genuine feelings of serenity and time costs. Surely, the aggregate cost related with negative decisions is too high.

Discover that emphatically reacting to conditions in life will fundamentally lessen or dispose of stress and add to your general great well being and prosperity. Discover satisfaction in life. Be upbeat.