Spanish Students Evicted For Migrants


The ship full of migrants from Africa which was refused docking in Italy and Malta was given permission to dock in Spain.  The Aquarius was granted by the newly appointed socialist prime minister, Pedro Sanchez.

To house the migrants, students at the La Florida dormitory in Alicante were asked to vacant their rooms which the students have paid 750 euros a month for rent.  The student were given 24 hours to leave and the provisional government promised to cover the students’ expenses and find new temporary accommodations for them.  One student’s mother said that the students were told that it was for their safety they were being asked to vacate as the refugees would have many diseases which would pose a health risk to the students.

The students made it know that they were not unsympathetic to the plight of the refugees but questioned why they were inconvenienced as it will affect their studies.

What the students have learned by this is a good education on how the government is so supportive of the citizen’s well being.  How the elected ones consider the rights of their citizens subservient to the rights of refugees.  How they should put their full faith in the decisions set out by the government.  I wonder what accommodations will be found for these displaced students.  The government will probably charge them a reduced fee to live on the Aquarius.

Now that Spain has opened their arms to the refugees, the Spanish citizens show be on the look out for alternate lodging as over the weekend Italy refused two more ships full of migrants.

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