Speech Fee for hillary is Down 90%

All her antics are coming home to roost, her speaking fee which use to be in the $250,000 or more range now are in the $25,000 range. In my opinion, that is too high. In all honesty, if you were forced to listen to her would you pay?

She recently was offered $25,000 from Rutgers. The event will be hosted by the Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics and it is sold out.

It is unfathomable how ignorant people are. With all the news on her criminal acts coming to light, how can people support her. I understand how mistakes and moral faux pas can be overlooked but at some point a line should be drawn.

Some may say I’m jumping to conclusions, but how much evidence is necessary to draw a conclusion. I apologize for the rant but we are being proved to be a depraved populous. I’m not just addressing the US but all the countries of the world. Please educate yourself on events taking place worldwide.

A highlight is Venezuela, North Korea, Greece, Canada and the USA. All countries are experiencing economic strife but more importantly is moral strife. IMO we have lost the moral war and we are facing the consequences. Even for those of you whom are not religious, fair is always fair. What has been taking place worldwide is not fair.



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