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Stake report: 21.06.2019 – multiple websites

In the previous months I started a power down on multiple websites to help solve some family issues and expenses that I had. Now when a crisis is over I can return to a normal pace and amount my stake where I lack it.

I stopped the power down on all my webs and I listed below which one those are. I listed only the ones in which users can hold stake with an exception of the Uptrennd which still has the points.

I will improve my stake till the end of the summer and make an then see what options for developing my online presence is the best.

webs staked
Whaleshares 10222
Trybe 5039
Bearshares 3574
Jamaa 1161
Weku 643
WeYouMe 512
Creary 444
Smoke 319
Uptrennd 290
Steemit 129
SprtsHub 20
Scorum 13
Golos 11



You can find me in:

|Github | Twitter | Discord | Gab | Memocash | HonestCash 

Steemit | Publish0x | Weku | Golos | Whaleshares | Smoke 

Trybe | Narrative | Uptrennd | Hyperspace | Stish | Creary 

|Jamaa | Bearshares | Minds | AllMe | Cent | Wowapp

blankPoetry blog | Science Fiction Parody | Experimental Music project



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I am publicly anonymous networker with fat record and rotten attitude towards any form of system slavery and similar artificial means of extortion. I also like donuts and coffee. And cats. My favorite color is pink. I hate long walks and have an extreme allergic reaction to bullshit.
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